LOOK ON THE BRIGHT SIDE – The higher the nits. The brighter the display.

Digital Signage has been widely used, turning the traditional trading platform into something more creative and attractive. The display is one of the most important components and one of the most difficult to explain and understand.

On sunny days, the brightness and reflections caused by different environments can become a problem. For this reason, an outdoor display’s brightness is the one thing that truly sets it apart from an indoor display.

Luminance is measured in Candelas per meter squared (Cd/m2), a unit commonly referred to as nits. The higher the nit spec the brighter the display.

Our engineers and technical research succeeded in reducing the layer of air in construction, approaching the glass to the display. This kind of unique constrution provides less reflection and a clear view, even with intense sun exposure. By reducing the layer of air, we are able to increase the responsiveness of the screen and to reduce the Paralax efects.

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