FLYCOIN – Innovative Bitcoin ATM kiosk for digital money

FLYCOIN is a combination of several devices into one that could allow anyone to turn physical cash into digital money

FLYCOIN – this is the new kiosk model developed and produced by PARTTEAM  & OEMKIOSKS Group that is an agnostic equippment because it can run any software application for the digital money operation.

Bitcoin is a revolutionary decentralized digital cash system that uses a peer to peer network to transfer money anywhere in the world, instantly, at practically no cost.

Bitcoin ATM’s and Bitcoin Kiosks are revolutionizing the way people buy and sell bitcoins and PARTTEAM developed a new bitcoin kiosk that is an Agnostic Device.

What this means is that this new Bitcoin kiosk will run any Bitcoin software application from any company in the world. Its like a OEM Bitcoin Kiosk that will allow any Bitcoin operator to run their own software applications, as converting cash into bitcoins, check bitcoin credits, print bitcoin QRCodes identification, etc.

This machines, designed and manufactured in Portugal by PARTTEAM, looks like a typical ATM or mini payment kiosk, and they have the main function to turn physical cash into digital money (bitcoins, paypal, etc).

PARTTEAM GROUP PORTUGAL is pleased to announce this new fantastic product to the market and will enable the immediate execution of orders from interested customers at

This new type of device will revolutionize the Bitcoin market, with an “open” Bitcoin kiosk (ATM similar type) which will allow to any company develop their own digital cash software application.

PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS is a European (Portugal) based company, one of the major world manufacturers of multimedia kiosks and outdoor digital enclosures with more than 95 standard models.
Specialists in manufacturing bespoke solutions, for either indoor or outdoors, with a unique experience in developing digital kiosks, atm’s, multimedia kiosks and digital billboards for indoor and outdoor 24/7 operation.