Our kiosks are extremely technologically advanced, mainly because integrating a bespoke ECU (electronic control unit) that insure systems and electronic components are always operational, with remote web managment control.

One of the most innovative features of our kiosks is undoubtedly the advanced remote control system THE BRAIN.

With The Brain system is possible to receive status information of the devices through SMS or through the webportal The Brain.


This allows authorized users (ex: technical staff) to receive at mobile phone or smartphone alerts and also operate on the devices installed in the kiosk through SMS. As example, a simple SMS with the text “Display Off” will turn off the display of a particular kiosk.

In case of emergency, self-protection procedures, such disconneting display or cpu, hvac stops and starts, power off entire system, with automatic failure notifications (email or sms) will ensure that the system is more reliable and secure as possible.


This ECU besides possessing “intelligence” through algorithms and pre-programmed functions that allow to make decisions autonomously, is connected through the network to a web portal that further enhances the capabilities of this device.

The webportal THE BRAIN is a fantastic tool for managing and monitoring, which allows not only perform monitoring functions and reception status of all the components that are installed in each kiosk, as ontime also perform actions on all equipment which is connected the ECU in each kiosk.

THE BRAIN webportal has a set of graphical visualization tools and pie charts that allow for a quick and intuitive way to realize the state status of each component in a particular kiosk or in a group of kiosks.


Our kiosks can integrate multiple sensors that provide realtime information about the critical components of the equipment.

This sensors are named IngeniSensys and they are connected to THE BRAIN hardware, sending updated informations to the online webportal THE BRAIN.

In this webportal its possible to configure actions and notifications based on the status of each IngeniSensys.