Smart Cities: Technology Provides Interactivity to Citizens

The development of new technologies has increased interactivity in the daily lives of citizens. Innovative solutions in different areas of the urban environment have been updated, with the objective of optimizing relations between the community and the public and private services existing today.

This new scenario has changed the way we communicate and interact, directing cities, to a concept that goes beyond the technological development itself, where interactivity is the great ally of the population.

Smart Cities 

The concept of Smart Cities emerges in this context, being identified as cities where technological information tools are applied with the objective of providing infrastructure and technological resources to improve, facilitate and make cities more autonomous and sustainable.

But the success for a city to become truly intelligent lies in the importance of its inhabitants as main sources of information.

With the alignment of the latest trends in design, functionality and technology, PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS has emerged with an alternative to traditional ways of transmitting information, creating YPortal, an application that has the main advantage of contributing to the reduction of costs of production and distribution of this information and which translates into added value for any city and consequently for citizens.

This YPortal software integrated in the multimedia kiosks and digital billboards of PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS, supports the digital transformation of the Smart Cities and relates citizens with cities, municipalities, town councils, services, etc.

In the age of technology, accessibility to information is a deciding factor before an audience that is increasingly seeking information.

This application performs innovative features that meet the technological trends we currently live and at the same time provide relevant information that the user is looking for.

Innovation, be it in technical, creative or in the scope of development and processes, added to the knowledge accumulated over the years, is today a differentiating factor of PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS and a prerequisite in everything that we do and we develop. The YPortal application is no exception.

PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS digital multimedia kiosks and billboards with YPortal software can provide users with unique experiences, transmitting and adding feelings of joy and satisfaction to users, who can quickly access information they want and even discover new situations that were not waiting.

More than simply transmitting information, it is possible in this software to manage and monitor operations through the advanced remote control system – THE BRAIN.

This ECU (electronic control unit) has “intelligence” through algorithms and preprogrammed functions that allow you to make autonomous decisions that further increase YPortal capabilities.

Smart Cities: Technology Provides Interactivity to Citizens

Image Case Study – Tourism information kiosk promotes Municipality

YPORTAL software for Interactive Digital Billboards  provides the information citizens and tourists need !

In intelligent cities, the focus is also on the formation of the intelligent citizen who is the one who becomes the producer of information and content.

The mayors know the importance of interacting and responding quickly and effectively to the needs of citizens and tourists. Not only cities, but also town councils, have adopted the YPORTAL platform to handle huge amounts of data and provide more value to the community and citizens.

Information in the tourism sector continues to be fundamental and PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS has emerged with an alternative to the traditional ways of transmitting information, creating YPORTAL, an application whose main advantage is to contribute to the reduction of costs of production and distribution of this information.

And PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS cannot ignore the fact that they are very helpful to people living with disabilities. This digital interactive billboards can be a great tool for delivering information to physical,  hearing and visually impaired persons.  More and more cities around the world wants to become accessible tourism cities and every stakeholders should be aware that its a goal and objective to provide the best solutions to visitors or tourists  that are looking for accessible ways to discover cities.

That is why PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS  study the ergonomics and thoughtful placement of equippments and peripherals and also consider alternative pointing devices or interaction methods like providing a headphone jack on the equippment, allowing users to change the volume, or offering visual cues or messages along with audio tones and messages.  YPORTAL software can  be developed to provide audio or tactile responses , display pictures and high contrast colors and texts and produce sounds that are useful to users. So, any visually disabled person can listen to the information while those who cannot hear can simply look at the photos or sign language videos understand the message.

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photo credits: ENAT – European Network for Accessible Tourism.

The integration of technology with the routine of daily life is what makes it essential.

Smart Cities: Technology Provides Interactivity to Citizens

Image Digital Network of WiFi Billboards – Urbiotic WiFi

Innovative organizations such as PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS are constantly reflecting on and imagining ways to harness technology as much as possible to increase the quality of life for the community.

Some of these benefits are:
– Increasing the quality of life of citizens;
– Automation of manual processes;
– Effective participation of people, through the interactivity and dynamism that the YPortal transmits;
– Ease in the execution of tasks;
– Development of tourism, hotel and restaurant industry;
– Speed ​​of information transmission;
– Provides entertainment;
– Adaptation to new technological mechanisms.

The technology itself is something that is constantly evolving and will certainly bring new benefits to society by providing tools in a practical, fast and efficient way.