Smart Stadium : Using technology to improve football stadiums

Soccer of the future has as main objective to explain how can take advantage of the technology in football stadiums.

A lot has been said about the digital age and how it can generate new sales. In soccer, the possibility of improving the experience to the adept has become a challenge, which influences soccer teams to develop tactics and strategies that directly influence the relationship with their fans.

Provide a powerful experience

The experience of an adept in a stadium, using technology, can be completely transformed, establishing new and advantageous opportunities for the players involved in the sporting phenomenon.

There are several tools that allow you to positively arouse people’s interest. The stadiums can use digital kiosks for fans to become more involved in the experience. And by creating a better experience for the adept, this can happen in the increase of the satisfaction, that will convert in more visits to the stadium.

1. Digital Signage 

This is the ideal marketing tool for any stadium. Digital signage can be used in different stadium locations with various functionalities.

What happens when we combine the functionality of digital signage software with an interactive kiosk ? We get an extremely innovative and appealing concept that continues to revolutionize the way soccer teams communicate with their fans.

Digital Signage Stadium

Image – NOMYU Landscape Version

For the purpose of sponsoring and disseminating information, the LED panel is a good way to bring products and brands to the viewers. This is the ideal tool to increase awareness, engagement and interactivity with the public.

Modernization of Vip Area with digital displays

Vip Areas are places usually frequented by celebrities, sports experts or people who simply choose to pay a certain specific value for the Vip Area. They are more expensive places than the stands and therefore, managers of soccer teams have in particular attention to the comfort and modernity in these places.

Camarotes Displays

Image – Vip Area Estádio do Dragão, FC Porto

Digital displays are an added value in the Vip Areas, because they allow the visualization of the games in real time and also the transmission of advertising.

2. Access Control 

Multimedia kiosks allow you to control and manage accesses, from people in / out, viewing schedules, general information, card reader, attendance management, ticket validators, etc.

With capacity for integration of external access control systems: tourniquets with biometric validation, RFID, etc.

Controlo de Acessos para Estádios de Futebol

Image – Multimedia kiosks for control and manage accesses

Innovative Ticketing Management Solution

Sports Ticket Management Software is a global solution for sports institutions. A platform of safety and versatility that allows a global management of any sporting entity. With this Software you can save time, money and optimize valuable resources for football stadium managers.

3.  Self-Service Kiosks

Automate the Payment Process

The self-service service has revolutionized the experience of supporters in stadiums. The operating mode is simple, functional and provides a more autonomous and comfortable service. Self-service kiosks are ideal for reducing queues and organizing the flow of people. In addition, they allow supporters to move freely.

These kiosks can both be used for the purchase of tickets for the games, as well as for the bars and restaurants of stadiums.


Image –Self-Service kiosks for Tickets

4. ClusterWall

According to a study by Tower Watson with more than 300 organizations, successful companies and organizations are concerned with improving internal communication, adopting new tools and investing in ways to communicate better with their teams.

ClusterWall is the ideal solution for the dissemination of content and important information to the general public (fans) or privately for the departments of the soccer team. With a fully integrated design and the possibility of flexible configurations, the platform facilitates the connection and collaboration among individuals, groups and organizations.

Visitor Registration System

Optimization of the management process of visits in stadiums, museums and sports venues

Mupi Digital Estadios

Image – Digital Billboard Stylo with ClusterWall

ClusterWall in Stadium Changing Room

Internal communication between players, coaches, managers and committees

Balnearios ClusterWall

Image – ClusterWall in changing room

5. Digital Marketing to promote Soccer

The Internet “boom”, about 20 years ago, has changed the way people communicate. The technological advances, have dictated an approximation between the soccer team and the adept.

At present, soccer teams have many more ways of producing content and interacting with their supporters. The websites are constantly evolving, social networks have become a fundamental tool, the campaigns are increasingly innovative and aim for the absolute well-being of the adept, giving him reasons to be able to vibrate with the team.

Social Media

In a study by Catalyst (2013), it was found that almost 70% of fans who engage or follow sports brands and organizations in social networks are willing to buy, comment or share their content.

Fans involved with the club through social networks are more likely to adopt future behaviors, such as going to more games in stadiums.


Many people talk about influencers. However, what does it mean to be a digital influencer ? And how does it work in sports? We know that influence is not only a matter of scope but also a matter of depth and intensity of the relationship between the influencer and the adept.

But who are the best influencers? Obviously depends on the objectives of the team, which in certain cases may be awareness and traffic.  

Cristiano Ronaldo considered one of the major influencers of the present time

In conclusion, the adept should be the most important target for soccer teams and managers. With the evolution of the new technologies it is necessary to modernize the stadiums, having as main objective, to provide fantastic and engaging experiences to the fans, who are increasingly demanding and communicative.

PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS has been adapting to an increasingly competitive market over the years and knows the weaknesses and needs of the industry. We have a set of technological solutions that meet the demands of fans and above all, provide unforgettable moments and interactive experiences.