The Relation Between Millennials and Self-Service Kiosks

What do Millennials and self-service kiosks have in common ? How is this new type of consumer ? What has led brands and companies to bet on self-service kiosks ?

In this age of independence, self-confidence and entrepreneurship, self-service has been changing industry and business. The Millennials generation has been the number one supporter of personalized and autonomous service.

Industry is adapting and at the same time reinventing itself. It became urgent, the implementation of new technologies in commerce, restaurants, health, etc.
Millennials are global, connected, thirsting for new experiences and they compare the cost and benefit of products. They don’t even care to pay more, but they demand quality products, services with excellence and quick and effective answers.

Who are the Millennials ?


Generation Y, also known as Millennials, defends globalism and wants to shape the future. Since they arrived in the early 1980s, Millennials have completely changed their mode of consumption.

The millennium generation, as the Y’s are also known, make new technologies an integral part of their personal identities and use it to establish relationships.

According to a study by Western Union, Millennials from 15 countries are united by the belief in globalization, they want the freedom to experience the opportunities it offers and to play a role in shaping the future using technology.

This study, which involves over 10,000 Millennials, further reveals that the generation is confident that globalization will make the world a better place for themselves and others and are committed to leading this change.

Millennials are transforming the economy and forcing some traditional sectors to reinvent themselves

Millennials grew in a more urbanized environment, surrounded by more technology such as the use of computers and smartphones, which also influenced their training, gaining access to more information and knowledge.

About 93% of Millennials access the Internet on a daily basis and their actions are usually: checking emails, listening to music, accessing websites and “abusing” social networks, according to a survey conducted by Statista. This multifunctional generation also finds in the digital environment a form of income and the entrepreneurial spirit makes it look for innovations in all sectors.

The possibility of shopping through the Internet, has created a profile of more demanding customer and who knows how to demand a special treatment.

Self-Service emerges as a key requirement for generation Y

According to the “One Tough Customer” report produced by EY, Millennials are the most self-educated generation in history. They value unique and personalized micro-experiences.


Image Case Study – Self-service digital kiosks improve customer experience

Whether it’s on the web, on the smartphone or in the stores, the Y-generation requires a perfect shopping experience. And it is up to brands, companies and organizations to facilitate search and efficiency in services through the use of new technologies and tools.

The self-service service, can connect customers and consumers with the product, responding accurately and effectively. Studies show that 73% of Millennials value their time and that is one of the key factors in increasing service satisfaction.

For example, recently, PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS was a technological partner of the project developed by LEVOO and responsible for the design, assembly and production of self-service digital kiosks for the Alegro Alfragide shopping center, located in Carnaxide, Lisbon.

Selfservice Restaurantes Millenials

Available in the catering area of ​​Alegro, these self-service kiosks allow a more efficient management of requests and, above all, greater autonomy and shorter waiting times. This experience has had surprising and very positive results.

  • Significant revenue increase by more than 20%
  • Integration in more than 30 restaurants
  • More than 30,000 commercial transactions
  • Average Ticket Increase by more than 23%

Surprising, it’s true. This proves that a good self-service strategy should improve and not replace the assisted service.

Millennials: the generation of digital consumers that prioritize the experience

Millennials consumers want brands and services that provide them with a complete package of effective technologies for a memorable and unique experience. The branches of the banking institutions have become obsolete with this generation that only uses homebanking.

It has also been verified, the closure of several stores of electronic equipment or traditional clothing, for the preference that Millennials increasingly present, on e-commerce. The changes are drastic and adaptation is needed.

Quiosque Self-Service Supermercados

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The self-service kiosks developed by PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS, adapt to different industries and sectors. Continuous innovation in technology will only increase the capabilities of digital kiosks and their ability to improve consumer experiences.

There is a new paradigm for restaurants !

Self-service digital kiosks for QSR restaurants are part of the future and are one of the new global trends. There are:

  • 75% ecological because they avoid the excessive paper waste.
  • 99% more organization, consumers organize better, order time is shorter and
  • huge queues are avoided.
  • 64% more experience, and there has been an increase in customer satisfaction
  • 72% more personalization and autonomy.

Millennials like to customize their orders and restaurants are incorporating customer centralization into their operations.


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Kiosks with self-service payments make it possible to differentiate between competitors and bring enormous benefits to both, the customer and the service provider, in terms of flexibility and time reduction control.

Summarizing, Millennials consumers want to relate to brands, services and organizations that prioritize, value, and are relevant. The key is building a good relationship with this generation, being collaborative and working on interaction, autonomy and effectiveness.

The Portuguese company PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS is a worldwide references in the development and manufacture of multimedia kiosks, self-service equipment, digital billboards, interactive tables and other digital solutions for all types of sectors and industries.

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