How Technology is Changing the Fitness Industry ?


Technological evolution will not stop, as will the demands and behavior of consumers in the fitness industry.

Practicing sport and being healthy is increasingly a concern for citizens. There are those who say that “it is a trend”, but the truth is that the main indicator of this trend has been the increase of members of gyms.

Overall, there is a greater concern about health and well-being. On the one hand, we have a population that is aging and wants to live with more quality of life and on the other, we have the younger population, which has been more alert to health and wellness issues.

About the Fitness and Digital Consumer

Sobre o Consumidor de Fitness e o Ginásio

Image Case Study – Fitness Up Paços de Ferreira 

A new scenario emerges, where technology invades health clubs and gyms, providing innovation and new perspectives for classrooms. Citizens are more connected and use new technological gadgets that help them achieve desired performance and goals for their health and well-being.

The first contact between a health club or gymnasium and its potential clients has occurred mainly through the internet. This change of attitude and paradigm has led many health clubs and gyms to invest in new technologies in the market. The aim is to attract and retain new members.

Providing a good consumer experience has become a priority for managers of the Fitness market. Differentiation turns out to be the “key” to success.

Technology for Health Clubs and Gyms

With regard to information and communication systems, society is increasingly using traditional information media.

The adaptation to this type of technological systems by the citizens is fast and has excellent feedback. Communication is no longer limited to simple texts, it is now possible to combine images, sounds and even videos in order to get users attention in a natural way.

It is possible to provide autonomy to consumers and managers of the Fitness industry ! But how ?

Quiosques Self-Service Fitness

Image Case Study – Fitness Up Braga

Thinking about health clubs and gyms, PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS develops multimedia kiosks that can integrate different functionalities and softwares, with the aim of automating processes and services.

Access Control

PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS develops and manufactures equipment that allows the installation of software with the strict control of accesses (entries and exits of members), with information alerts, taking into account the members that are enrolled, the time of access before and after school, among others.

Controlo de Acessos Ginásios

Image Case Study – Fitness Up Paços de Ferreira 

In addition, studies indicate that the use of multimedia kiosks reduces the perception of waiting time by about 35%.

Shower Management 

The PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS kiosks associated with the QMAGINE GYM software allow health club and gym managers to have effective shower management, through backoffice, to set the activation time, the cost of showers and the statistics of the baths taken.

The users of the gym can also see the state of the showers and know whether or not they are to be used. So, select which shower you want to use.

Gestão Chuveiros Ginásios

Image Case Study – Fitness Up Paços de Ferreira 

Multimedia kiosks play an increasingly important role in the autonomy of the users.

In addition to these two features, there are others such as:

  • Locker Control
  • Cards and Payment Plans
  • Management of membership
  • Time Management
  • Class Booking
  • Notices and Information
  • Documents and Billing

PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS interactive kiosks can be installed software and applications developed by PARTTEAM interconnected with professional software, dedicated to the management of gyms and health clubs. This creates a userfriendly interactive environment that will provide customers with a simple, quick and intuitive experience.

Kiosks and Digital Billboards – Digital Signage 

Digital Signage or Corporate TV systems can have many features in health clubs and gyms.

Digital Signage Ginasios

Image Case Study – Fitness Up Paços de Ferreira 

The main propose is usually the dissemination and presentation of information and contents related to the gymnasium. This tool is mainly used in an appealing way, usually obtaining surprising results to the public. In addition to minimizing the use of traditional signage, digital signage allows cost reduction and provides a more modern and attractive environment.

It is also possible to integrate a system of georeferentiation / wayfinding, in the kiosks and digital billboards, allowing the provision of a map with the location of the different rooms and places of the gyms.

Quiosque para Ginásios

Image – Galla Kiosk Double Side for Gym

Citizens are beginning to get used to dealing with new technologies on a daily basis and with products that allow them to take control of operations. Digital self-service kiosks with payment systems allow the purchase of products or services to be carried out autonomously.

Virtual Class – QMAGINE GYM

QMAGINE GYM virtual classes are a new concept of classes with support in projected videos. This solution allows to synchronize to the second several classes, in a virtual room. With QMAGINE GYM software, group lessons will be pre-scheduled and projected on time.

Aulas Virtuais para Ginásios

Image Case Study – Fitness Up Paços de Ferreira 

This innovation allows for a greater amount and diversity of group classes per week in order to allow greater flexibility of schedule for all members.

Everyone is winning! !

It’s true, with the implementation of these technologies everyone wins. Users become more autonomous and get a much more positive and interactive experience, lowering gaming complaints and dropout rates.

On the other hand, managers increase the circulation of people in the gym, the loyalty of the members of the gym, provide a more pleasant moment and autonomy, save money, eliminate printing and design costs, manage content automatically and in real time.

Watch the video about the project that we elaborated for the Fitness Up gym in Paços de Ferreira

Technology advances and it is imperative that managers computerize and modernize their spaces and working environments. This is an investment that brings back more positive results !

Use the innovation in your favor and keep your position prominent in an increasingly competitive market.