Technology and Health: Saving lives in waiting rooms

Health care institutions and services can save lives in waiting rooms. New technologies can reduce this risk factor, allowing healthcare entities to change the way they deal with patients.

A good manager must understand that quality care is one of the main factors of patient satisfaction and loyalty, so it is important to look for innovative ways to improve these activities.

Delay in care is part of the routine of health services and is usually considered a natural phenomenon. There is waiting to make appointments, there is waiting when a doctor forwards another specialist, there is waiting to perform exams and the patient who is normally ill, finds himself in this addictive waiting cycle.

It is a management problem, it is necessary to manage times between the various steps involved in the care of patients. The work done in the search for quality in care involves knowing how to inform, guide and accompany the patient, in all phases of care.

Waiting Rooms: Healing Spaces

Waiting rooms in health care are very important places. The shorter the time the patient has to wait for care, obviously better, but often this situation is inevitable and the patient has to wait.

Salas de Espera : Espaços de Cura

These spaces are the first experience that patients have and need to be cozy and comfortable. Experts point out that one of the biggest problems for the recovery of the patient’s health is hospital stress, and that in large part, the physical environment is one of the responsible for its aggravation.

In 1980, Roger Ulrich, one of the most respected specialist in the area, found that patients who looked at nature through the bedroom windows, spent less time in the hospital, took fewer pain medications, and did not need nurses.

Therefore, it can be said that the physical environment of the health services interfere in the therapeutic treatment of the patient, and may affect the recovery of the same. It is extremely important that health managers design spaces for healing, think of environments of peace, comfort, where stress levels can be minimized, without crowds, queues, noises, light, etc.

The goal is not to make the client stay longer in the waiting room, but rather to turn that moment of waiting into a more positive, light and perhaps even satisfactory experience for the patient.

What patients expect from care  

For patients, the main factor of promotion for a health institution is the quality of care. According to Global Health Care Outlook, the top priority for patients is personalized care, including clear and responsive communication.

Gestão de filas na Santa Casa da Misericórdia em Barcelos

Image Case Study – Queue management in Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Barcelos 

According to Deloitte, a better patient experience can help institutions achieve better results in internal and financial operations.

Also a Mckinsey study, explains that patients expect all institutions to offer:

  • Good customer service
  • Meeting service expectations
  • Make their lives easier
  • Value in terms of service

Technology to optimize processes

The watch is a high precision instrument that measures the passage of time. In any environment and space, time exists in three ways: real time, perceived time, and a combination of both.

Having patience and knowing how to wait is not an easy task and in health services can be a decisive factor. The health services must provide pleasant moments in the waiting rooms. It is necessary to convert the waiting rooms into cozy places where the patient does not wait , but awaits for his turn.

A great patient experience depends on rigorous and professional processes, a journey that begins before the examination room and lasts for a long time, with a personalized and attentive follow-up.

An attractive and cost-effective patient experience is built with clinical efficiency, patient satisfaction, and level of employee involvement during care.

Using technology to improve the processes and services offered to the population should be a top priority for health care institutions and services. Although the role is still a reality for some hospitals, the digitization process has already begun to impact hospital care.

Cintramédica escolhe quiosque DINK para sistema de atendimento

Image Case Study – Cintramedica chooses the dink kiosk for the customer service system

Provide incredible experiences 

170 leaders and Marketing influencers were consulted for a survey for Marketing Charts , on the five key attributes for an incredible experience, the answers were:

75% – Quick answers to problems and requests

55% – Consistent experience across all channels

52% – Team with knowledge needed to meet any consumer need, at any time

46% – Clear and consistent messages across the various communication channels

37% – A person to talk, regardless of place or time

With intelligent technology, the experience of the patient and those who work at the front line of the relationship – employees, doctors, nurses, staff, etc. – become integrated throughout the entity’s process.

5 fundamental attributes for an incredible experience

Queue Management

Intelligent queue management can be the key to the success of convenient, personalized service.

Over the years, PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS has adapted to changes in the health sector. The QMAGINE division by PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS presents a wide range of technology solutions that respond to all types of health care institutions and services needs: queue management, corporate tv, digital signage, menu boards, video walls, among other services.

Imagem Caso Prático – Atendimento ao utente nos Serviços de Saúde : Check-in Automático

Image Case Study – Customer Service in Health Services: Automatic Check-in

These systems ensure:

  • Increased patient satisfaction
  • Reduced perception of waiting time
  • Centralized management of services
  • Optimizing employee productivity
  • Modernizing the space, making it more pleasant
  • Priority Attendance
  • Collection of statistical data

If the goal is to modernize patient care processes, rather than using software, the technology needs to be smart enough to provide an effective and simple response. QMAGINE queuing management systems provide efficient service through ticket dispensing kiosks, such as through a mobile application, which quickly and intuitively facilitates and optimizes call management / queuing.


Health Promotion with Corporate TV 

In health institutions and services, the time patients remain in waiting rooms is an excellent opportunity to promote health. Currently, audiovisual content is consumed on a large scale. The trend of the video, expands and diversifies through different channels, coinciding with the great peak of social networks.

Viewing content through Corporate TV QMAGINE with tips and information relevant to health, may be important to the patient. In addition, this system will develop an educational and preventive health practice in favor of humanization in waiting spaces.

Corporate TV

Image Case Study – Digital Signage Systems Improve Health Services

The Corporate TV QMAGINE system allows you to offer entertainment, whether through movies, documentaries or even something more visual like shows. You can also view content linked to an RSS feed that automatically updates, releasing news or relevant information.

“Occupied time feels shorter than unoccupied time” – David Maister, Psychologist

The use of multimedia kiosks or interactive supports in the health sector is a fundamental element in the continuous innovation of entities, companies and processes. Regardless of the need of each patient, no one likes to waste time. Therefore, it is extremely important that the service be provided in an attentive way to the public and effectively in the shortest possible time.

QMAGINE Queue Management Systems and PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS self-service kiosks, combined with the company’s different software, provide a complete solution for quick and intuitive customer service.

Save lives and provide patient well-being through a complete and effective health care solution.