Digital Signage and Social Media : The Best of Two Worlds

In a society with a fast pace of life, Digital Signage allows companies and brands to communicate more in a differentiated way and adapt their message to the place, public and moment.

The Internet is a platform that allows immediate access to all information, providing entertainment, culture and communication without geographical boundaries. The century in which we live has been marked by the development of new technologies. Companies and brands face new challenges on a daily basis. Today, winning and engaging with the public has become a more difficult task.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin are some of the social networks used daily and that today, they have become important tools in the divulgation of brands, events, promotions and other information.

The Development

According to a recent study by MarketsAndMarkets, the Digital Signage market was valued at $ 16.88 billion in 2015 and is expected to reach $ 27.34 billion in 2022, with a growth rate of 6.7% between 2016 and 2022.

Digital Signage besides being a modern communication solution brings countless advantages to the most diverse market segments. Using Digital Signage transforms spaces, making them more modern, innovative and attractive.

Social networks are a recent phenomenon. According to the study by Marktest Consulting – Portuguese and Social Networks 2017 – Facebook is the most important social network in Portugal:

  • 91% of users say spontaneously, in first place, to know Facebook
  • 96% have a Facebook account
  • 74% say it’s the social network they use the most
  • 58% say it’s their favorite social network

However, there are new social networks to emerge as the Instagram that is today one of the most known networks and with greater penetration in the global world.

The integration of Social Networks in Digital Signage presents a natural evolution, since the two media complement each other. But what are the benefits of these two media together? What is the best way to do this?   There are several ways to achieve positive results with a digital marketing strategy that involves the implementation of social networks in digital billboards, multimedia kiosks, interactive displays, etc.

Social Networking Event NOS ALIVE

Image – Digital Billboards for NOS ALIVE

1 – Experience Economy 

Millennials co-exist daily with the advances of technology, adopting them. They have a huge desire for new experiences and movement. For this generation, happiness does not lie in the possession of goods, but in experiences.

The promotion of sharing in social networks, for example with the use of hashtags, is already a practice relatively disseminated and valued by this group. Being a generation with a very significant share of the population, this means that the economy of experience is in great growth.

Events, shops, restaurants, hotels and even offices, incorporate more and more social networks, displaying different contents such as tweets, instagram photographs, etc. The world of social networks is broad and complex. There are terms like “post”, “link”, “like” and several others, which are used to simplify content.

2 – Real Time Content

With each passing day, there are more connected users, who use social networks to get to know new products and launches, receive notifications of promotions and special discounts, etc.

Twitter Kiosk Sinalização Digital

Image –  MEDIAX Kiosk and Twitter

Custom messaging in real time is the future of marketing. Digital Signage and social networks allow this. At events for example, participants are already accustomed to “tweet” about conferences and lectures. PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS interactive digital kiosks and billboards allow the display of these contents and keep visitors involved at all times.

3 – The Power of Hashtag 

Cris Messina was the great enthusiast of using hashtags and proposed to the Twitter network (the first social network to implement the hashtag) to categorize subjects through hashtags. However, this proposal was treated with great disbelief by Twitter. Faced with one of the biggest fires that hit the city of San Diego in the United States in 2007, Cris Messina saw a great opportunity to prove the power of using a hashtag. And at that moment, he created the #sandiegofire hashtag that was used by Twitter users to share their testimonials about the disaster.

Twitter Digital Signage

And since then, hashtags have run the digital world. Currently, for example, they allow you to generate metrics that tell you how many shares were made in a given time period. This data also allows you to immediately analyze the results of a real-time action or campaign.

4 – Excellent Comment Platform

Dave McClure notes that “the first 10 years of the Internet revolution have focused primarily on connecting computers to the World Wide Web. But the next 10 years will focus essentially on connecting people to each other.”

Companies should understand what leads consumers to share, and to transfer knowledge to others, about new products and services. ClusterWall is the ideal solution for the modern desktop. Developed by PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS and with a fully integrated design, the platform facilitates the connection and collaboration among individuals, groups and organizations.

Rede Social ClusterWall

Image – Social Network ClusterWall

The new consumer is more demanding, informed and aware. Likes to be participative throughout your experience of service and therefore, it may be important to have a digital kiosk that allows the publication of comments and reactions to a particular service, product, etc. ClusterWall allows this approach and creates a close relationship with the client, providing a more personalized and reliable service.

Explore, create content and share opinions. There is a huge amount of information that can be disseminated privately or publicly through ClusterWall.

Digital Signage ClusterWall

Image – Digital Billboard STYLO with ClusterWall

5 – Meet the Audience

Through the Real Catcher system it is possible to analyze the flow of images provided by the camera and measure the effectiveness of digital advertising by counting the number of people passing near the digital signage system.

This system is based on innovative image analysis techniques, which uses the standard webcam, IP camera, or special video analysis systems such as Kinect, PrimeSense and others to perform a facial analysis for users who observe the contents that pass on the displays.

Digital Signage NOS ALIVE

Image – Digital Signage NOS ALIVE 

The Best of Both Worlds

PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS experience in DOOH technology allows us to realize that many customers are still unaware of the benefits Digital Signage and Social Networks can offer. These two worlds, used together, produce positive results because they obligatorily encourage users to interact and explore products and services.

Communication is important for any business, but a positive involvement with your niche can significantly improve the reputation and reputation of your brand. Social networks are thus an excellent means to achieve this purpose, since they allow a free interaction of users.