The befenits of self-checkout solutions for different business sectors

Self-checkout solutions have achieved great prominence in recent years.

Payments that used to be made only at the counter can now also be made in a more practical way and by the customers themselves.

This digitalisation of operational processes has helped to increase the number of orders, turnover and also to generate savings.

Self check-in kiosks for Eva Senses Hotel

Advantages offered by self-checkout solutions

With customer satisfaction in mind, these solutions aim to make the process simpler. In this sense, the associated advantages are several:

1. Decrease in costs and increase in sales

It is possible to readjust the functions of the cashiers to other activities. Contributes to the decrease in costs with operations and increases the flow of use of the self-checkout kiosks available.

2. Competitive Advantage

Today, customers demand the convenience of self-checkout.
Adopting new technologies is a way to innovate your services and give all customers the best possible experiences. This competitive advantage can be something decisive when it comes to choosing between various establishments.

3. Consumer purchasing experience

The shopping experience is an important variable since people are looking for practicality and connectivity. Self-checkout represents a new experience, whether for speed, autonomy or privacy.

4. Faster queues

In times of large crowds, self-checkout kiosks contribute to monitoring processes and reducing waiting time in long queues.

WOW, World of Wine with Interactive self-service kiosks

Solutions for any business sector and market

Transactional or payment kiosks today allow anyone to make payments autonomously.
So customers can easily pay their bills and top up their balance.

Energy companies can offer their customers a payment service at any time.

Banks can provide their customers with self-service kiosks as an alternative for payments and transfers.

Public Entities
Self-service kiosks for public entities, are interactive and display information or streamline processes, allowing the payment of taxes, fees and other invoices.

Services & Health
Quality service is one of the main factors in patient satisfaction and loyalty, so it is important to seek innovative ways to improve these activities.
With this self-checkout solution, it is possible for your patients, guests or students to make payments on the spot.

Supermarkets and retail
With the use of self-service kiosks, supermarkets can reduce human resources and all associated costs, providing customers, above all, with a quality service that is effective, reliable, secure and much faster.

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Simple and quick self-checkout process

Due to the large affluence of customers in various commercial surfaces, self-service kiosks have proven to be a very important and positive tool for each consumer’s experience.

Self-checkout kiosks help to monitor the affluence of visitors in the various commercial spaces, ensuring that customers enjoy a positive experience, giving up little time for the execution of payment of their orders.

The self-checkout process occurs in a very simple and fast way:

1. Through a kiosk with an interactive display, the customer interacts with it to start the checkout process;

2. The customer places the products to be purchased on the scale and then passes them through the barcode reader. The self-checkout kiosk will read the barcode of the products you wish to buy, adding them to each customer’s list;

3. The customer should choose the most convenient payment method, insert the invoicing data and the customer card if this is the case of the establishment in question, and proceed to pay his order;

4. After the whole purchasing process, the customer completes the checkout of his order and receives a receipt for his purchase. With this receipt the customer can check their purchases and make possible exchanges.

Why invest in self checkout solutions?

These kiosks encourage larger orders, give more autonomy to customers and the payment part, which is usually more time consuming, is shortened.

Investing in automation and in technologies that translate into more convenience for customers and more profitability for your business is a strategic bet.

We must also remember that the purchase and consumption experience is one of the points that can also make a new consumer loyal to your brand.

Motel Sideway com Quiosque Self-Checkin e Self-Checkout

SELFCASHY kiosk, a self-checkout solution by PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS

With customer satisfaction in mind, the SELFCASHY multimedia kiosk developed by PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS is designed for indoor use and to function as a self-service and self-checkout kiosk.

SELFCASHY self-checkout kiosks can be customised to suit each customer’s needs, from the paintwork, display size and the type of material used.

SELFCASHY can also include: bar code reader, card reader, pin pad, NFC reader, coin and notepad, printer, webcam, handset phone, anti-vandalism keyboard and other peripherals.

PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS recommends its SELFCASHY self-checkout kiosks to all consumers in order to facilitate communication between the brand/ establishment and visitors.