CASHARMOUR: The system that automates all payment and receipt processes

With advances in technology and, consequently, in consumer preferences, kiosks are used as self-service payment solutions – used in a variety of sectors, from public service providers to governments and universities. For example, CASHARMOUR of PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS is an automatic payment management system, which adapts to any type of business.

Taking into account that companies and organizations continue to implement and utilize the kiosk as a self-service payment solution, this system is increasingly a priority. According to the Kiosk Marketplace Census Report 2020, bill payment updates were the main software updates made by kiosk manufacturers in 2019. Thus, with CASHARMOUR, the aim of PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS is to automate all money management processes, without allowing the access by non-authorized people. It is, therefore, a system that compromises the improvement of business performance, employee’s performance and customer service.

CASHARMOUR: The system that automates all payment and receipt processes

The CASHARMOUR payment solution can be used at any point of sale to the public, it allows different methods of payment (MB Way, mobile, cards, cash, etc.) and can be integrated with any POS or platform. In addition, it has three major advantages. About efficiency, CASHARMOUR decreases the waiting time per transaction, allows automatic closing of the boxes, automatically calculates the necessary availability of change and monitors all information in real-time. As for ergonomics, this PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS system seeks to adapt to the client’s needs, being easily integrated into the company’s management system. Finally, when it comes to security, it eliminates human errors related to handling money and change while verifying and authenticating notes and coins.

In addition to facing a new consumer experience (present in any sector of activity), CASHARMOUR is a dynamic and versatile system that adapts to the market and presents different configuration possibilities that meet the needs of its clients.

But what is, after all, a bill payment kiosk?

Bill payment kiosks offer a secure transactional solution through which users can make payments for various products and services with specified payment methods, some of which include cash, coins, credit and debit cards, and even checks. While the concept of a payment kiosk is seemingly straightforward, the functionalities of payment kiosks can vary based on the businesses and organizations deploying them and their unique use cases.

CASHARMOUR: The system that automates all payment and receipt processes

How are they used?

Designed to simplify the payment process across numerous businesses, some of the most common applications for bill payment kiosks include college tuition payment, utility bill payment and rent payment. Due to their unattended nature, bill payment kiosks provide a flexible platform that benefits both kiosk users and the organizations deploying them. Users are able to make payments at the time and with the payment method that is most convenient for them, while the organizations responsible for actually deploying the payment kiosks are able to utilize the selfservice solutions to effectively extend their reach and the locations of their services.

How do they work?

Bill payment kiosks can be designed to incorporate a variety of different hardware components — from pin pads and bill and coin acceptors to card dispensers, printers and scanners. Equipped with customized reports, these kiosks are able to support several different payment methods, such as PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS CASHARMOUR.