ClusterWall: How to improve communication in the workplace

Internal social networks – or corporate social networks – are tools increasingly used in the workplace as a way to improve communication and help employees develop connections. For this purpose, PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS has created ClusterWall, an interactive platform that allows the creation, management and optimization of custom content in an easy and intuitive way.

In an increasingly technological world, internal social networks can stimulate collaboration and innovation in the workplace. Focused on the relationship between people with the same business interests and duties, corporate social networks are ways for an organization to use a network to cover a wide range of activities and operations.

V.N. Famalicão City Council With Interactive Kiosks
V.N. Famalicão City Council With Interactive Kiosks

The corporate social network also has a positive impact on the company’s own culture, as in addition to creating better relationships, there is an increase in employee well-being and productivity.

According to a study made by Tower Watson with more than 300 organizations, companies and successful organizations are concerned with improving internal communication, adopting new tools and investing in means to communicate better with their teams. This is where corporate social networks emerge, helping teams make decisions faster, develop more innovative ideas and get more involved with work and the company. As these platforms are strictly internal, there is also no concern with privacy related to sharing excess information.

The ClusterWall

Developed by PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS, ClusterWall is precisely an internal (or external) social network for sharing content (blog, articles, PDF files, videos, photos, white papers, notices, tweets, among many others), which allows the creation, management and optimization of customized content experiences, in an easy and very intuitive way.

With different functionalities, this interactive software is adaptable to different sectors and industries. Moreover, it allows the sharing of all types of content; it is interactive, as it is available on touch screen displays or multimedia kiosks; and it is responsive, allowing its users to access on any device.

CENFIM invests on PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS interactive kiosks
CENFIM invests on PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS interactive kiosks

Accessible anywhere, ClusterWall allows centralized management, i.e. the administrator has access to all the internal network customization tools. Whatever the structure of the company, ClusterWall offers the possibility to centralize its contents and promote engagement throughout the company.

With simple click, scroll and zoom actions, employees and customers will have immediate access to all the information that is published. Also the possibility of creating categories and themes, as well as an advanced search engine, make all content easily searchable and accessible. ClusterWall also allows the publication of an unlimited number of information, since the user chooses the content he wants to consume. This content, in turn, is organized by cluster, which makes navigation easier for users.

This internal social network is, therefore, ideal for the modern working area. With a fully integrated design and the possibility of flexible configurations, the platform allows easy connection and collaboration between people, groups and organizations.

The functionalities of ClusterWall

ClusterWall offers numerous features that make this platform a complete content management solution, providing several customization and management options. Each feature can be customized to the user environment in a unique way. Here are some functionalities of this platform:

1 – Internal Social Network

As already mentioned, ClusterWall can be used as the internal social network of a given institution, where all employees can communicate and share all kinds of content among themselves. ClusterWall can be integrated in a website, a blog or it can even replace the traditional notice boards or bulletin boards of a company.

2 – Digital Signature

ClusterWall is more than a social network, in the sense that it allows employees to sign important documents digitally. In this way, unnecessary paper waste is avoided, which ends up bringing modernity, technology and efficiency to the institution.

Technology in the Town Councils
Technology in the Town Councils

3 – Creation of Profiles

On this platform, all users have a profile, which they can edit. In addition, they can add photos and associate the user’s email, as well as the cell phone number.

4 – Documents

ClusterWall provides, in a simple and automated way, the dematerialization of current paper solutions, revolutionizing the way institutions communicate. In this sense, we can highlight some advantages of document management, such as document digitalization, ease of information search, reduction of paper documents, backup recovery of documents and digital signature of documents already mentioned.

5 – Events

Alerting the institution’s employees to future corporate events has never been easier. ClusterWall allows informative or multimedia content to be disseminated, with the possibility of advertising integration. Through this feature, the events receive the deserved highlight.

6 – News and Announcements

This platform also allows the dissemination of news, not only to employees, but also to all visitors of the institution, leaving them aware of all the news. It is also possible to spread communications among its partners and collaborators.

7 – Newsletter

Communication management through the sending of newsletters can also be done in ClusterWall. With personalized newsletters, users are always up to date, being possible to import and export contacts, as well as manage e-mail campaigns.

PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS awarded with Seal of Excellence - Famalicão Visão’25 through the ClusterWall software
PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS awarded with Seal of Excellence – Famalicão Visão’25 through the ClusterWall software

8 – Backoffice

ClusterWall has a backoffice where the administrator(s) can configure the software according to the identity of the institution and access all information about its use. In addition, it is possible to manage and monitor content available to the public such as campaigns, datasheets, FAQs, among others.

9 – Digital Complaint Book

With the functionality of the digital complaint book, users can alert to an eventual suggestion or complaint.

10 – Customization

The ClusterWall environment can be customized as desired, with the characteristics of the institution’s identity. Customization options include, among others, ClusterWall color, menus, logo and notification configuration.

11 – Registration of Visits

ClusterWall allows to streamline and manage the visitor registration process. This feature presents a set of functionalities, such as the scheduling of visits and the digital signature.

 ClusterWall is adaptable to different sectors and industries
ClusterWall is adaptable to different sectors and industries

12 – Screensaver

The screensaver is especially useful when ClusterWall is not in use, as it allows messages to be displayed, such as personalized images, entertainment, advertising, among others. While the screensaver is active, one click on the screen is enough to access ClusterWall.

13 – E-Learning

The investment in user learning is already possible through online training on this internal platform. ClusterWall, therefore, also serves as an innovative online training platform.

14 – Digital Curator

ClusterWall is also an innovative digital curator system, which allows the administrator to search, maintain, collect and archive a wide range of digital content. With this system, the administrator can make content more appealing and create a unique user experience.

The applications of ClusterWall

ClusterWall is available for the most varied sectors of activity, providing features and applications customized for each one. It is also possible to fully customize ClusterWall to meet the needs of the institution that uses it.


Through the ClusterWall platform, municipalities can replace the current papar notices, modernizing the communication of the municipality or parish council.


ClusterWall can also be used as the internal social network of sports clubs, which gives athletes quick access to all kinds of information and content, such as training plans, summons (with digital signature), match schedule and results.

ClusterWall can be used as the internal social network of sports clubs
ClusterWall can be used as the internal social network of sports clubs


The use of this platform in a cemetery allows visitors to have access to various information, such as the grave search, information on the deceased, locations of graves, among others.


ClusterWall can be integrated in interactive kiosks and digital billboards, which allows its use in events, parties and celebrations in parishes or even inside churches. Visitors can, thus, have access to content, advertising, calendars of festivities, among other features.


Technologically modernizing educational institutions is now easier with ClusterWall, replacing traditional forms of content provision. It is also possible to enjoy features such as content sharing between teachers and students, interactive classes (e-learning) and digital library.


This content sharing platform can also be used in condominiums, facilitating their management and administration. It is especially useful in sharing news, notices, minutes and appointments of meetings.


Banks can also take advantage of ClusterWall, namely through a multimedia kiosk, which allows bank visitors to access their account information, news and announcements of new campaigns, and can even share documents with account managers.


One of the possibilities of ClusterWall integration is in interactive kiosks and digital billboards, allowing its use in events, exhibitions or fairs. The goal is the dissemination of informative or multimedia content, with the possibility of advertising integration.


ClusterWall can also be integrated into digital tables, allowing it to be used by visitors. This way, it is possible to make available all vehicle information, such as prices, extras, campaigns and discounts.


ClusterWall makes any restaurant more modern, improving the customer experience and increasing interactivity. In addition, it denotes easy access to menus and prices, week menus and dishes of the day.


With this internal social network, boosting communication between employees is simpler. The possibility of sharing content and making documents available has replaced the use of paper, promoting sustainability.

With ClusterWall, boosting communication between employees is simpler
With ClusterWall, boosting communication between employees is simpler


The ClusterWall Edital allows the substitution of the current edicts or informative notices on paper, modernizing the communication of any parish council.

The main benefits of ClusterWall

To grow and maintain efficiency and productivity, organizations must work on the continuous updating of the entire team, investing in training, acquiring new skills and developing problem solving strategies. In this sense, the use of a corporate social network like ClusterWall brings several advantages:

  • Easy and intuitive content management;
  • Corporate divulgation;
  • Synchronization and responsiveness;
  • Customization;
  • Greater employee involvement;
  • Improved communication;
  • Transparency;
  • Sharing of ideas and knowledge;
  • Development of relationships;
  • Well-being;
  • Productivity;
  • Promotion of collaboration and innovation;
  • Development of a flexible corporate culture;
  • Sustainability.
ClusterWall is ideal for the modern working area
ClusterWall is ideal for the modern working area

With ClusterWall, we can effectively prove that social networks have brought great improvements to internal communications.

Technology is an instrument for opening institutions to the world, since it enables the formation of increasingly connected citizens. PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS, therefore, continues to develop technological solutions for companies and institutions in order to promote well-being and communication among all.