Metal Production Technology

The term Production Technology is mainly used for the last stage of the manufacturing process, and refers to the industrial production with the aid of machines and tools necessary for the execution of a project.

The machining processes alter the geometry of the material through forces applied by suitable tools, which consequently changes the composition of the initial products known as finished products.

Another discipline related to production technology, which complements the whole process, is the science of material. The production is made with innovative welding assemblies of sheet metal, and the importance and knowledge of them in the field of manufacturing technology has to be very careful. The science of materials studies all their properties and behavior under different circumstances and environments, ensuring the quality of products.

PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS integrates innovative sheet metal welding systems with high quality and precision for the multimedia kiosks produced. It ensures the greatest care in the process of bending and cutting of sheet, with all the assistance and monitoring of the production of the project.

The investment in continuous improvements that converge with the needs of the current market, create processes that facilitate and benefit the daily life of the client, contributing to the scientific and technological evolution in general.

To ensure the quality of the multimedia kiosks and digital billboards , it’s important to invest in the latest production technology, valuing the product for its quality and competitiveness in the global market.

The commitment to provide quality products and components (premium metal sheets), with competitive prices and constant project monitoring, is fundamental for continuous improvement of the whole process.


The theme of Production Technology is vast and includes various types of machines and tools necessary for the manufacture of finished products. Each project is unique and therefore involves different production techniques that should be discussed by the engineering team of each company. The process of cutting and bending sheet to develop an interactive table, for example, requires a mastery of the tools and material, so that everything looks similar to what is designed by the team of engineers.

The process of forming the metal requires extreme rigor. In order for the design of a digital billboard to meet the expectations of the customer, knowledge and prior study of the whole process is essential in order to avoid divergences between its design and the final result.

Efficiency and production of high quality components by metal molding and drilling, are processes tested and certified by the company’s mechanical engineers. PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS has years of experience working with different metals and metallurgical processes, which guarantee the quality and excellence of any kiosk or digital billboard.

The organization is prepared to solve all eventualities and specifications of each project, from a fully customized interactive table to a digital billboard, guaranteeing high technical and aesthetic quality, and ensuring the support of more detailed electronic projects, as well as the development of software in all multimedia kiosks.

By choosing our solution, you can be sure that the process best suited to your expectations will be chosen with the best technologies and production methods, which will make your interactive kiosk a success case.