BOPIS: Experience is a relevant factor for Online Purchase

Have you ever heard of the term BOPIS? Maybe not, because it’s still a little known term but it has benefits for companies and consumers.

Imagine you are in a supermarket with your children. After filling the cart with all the items you need at home and after hours of walking from section to section, it would be ideal to get to the box and be taken care of right away.

But in fact, and most of the time, this is not the case. It is at this moment that despair arises, the restless hands of his children touching everything that is available to take, the “take your hand away” that expresses already anxious, the scowling man behind you and who looks at you aside because the line does not advance, the lack of time we all live daily.


In a scenario of increasing confidence, speed and recovery of consumption, PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS has been seeing a greater demand for technological solutions that offer a higher quality of life and more time for leisure activities.

PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS self-service kiosks like DROPuP allow customers to physically collect their orders from self-service lockers / lockers at no cost or complication.

A complete and convenient solution for stores, malls, universities, businesses, gyms and restaurants. With this interactive locker, your customers can place orders in the online store or mobile application (use of QR Code) and pick them up at a certain predetermined address.


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Economics comes with a new approach focused on experience, which is why companies are increasingly looking to associate memorable experiences with their products and services.

BOPIS, or Buy Online Pickup in Store means “Buy Online and Store Pickup,” is a solution increasingly used by companies looking to provide their customers with a faster, simpler, and more consistent shopping experience.

What does BOPIS consist of?

Within the omnichannel ecosystem, BOPIS is one of the strands that underpin the pillars provided by the integration of online and offline channels.

For consumers this solution only brings benefits. After all, combining the convenience of buying a product online and picking it up at the physical store is more convenient because you don’t have to pay postage, face queues, depend on delivery times and have the complete assurance that the product is available at stock.

In recent years, the development of the e-commerce ecosystem in Portugal is notorious, 94% of Portuguese with internet access have made at least one online purchase within a wide range of categories, according to a report developed by Nielsen.

And BOPIS seems to come hand in hand with this rapid growth, enabling all forms of interaction and convenience for consumers.

If we wanted to choose two words to summarize this solution, it would be “convenience and practicality.”

BOPIS also generates other processes such as inventory management, pricing and promotion management, ticket issuance and returns. And more:

  • they are within easy reach;
  • increase the flow of consumers in physical stores;
  • generate additional sales;
  • optimize stores as distribution centers;
  • lower online shopping costs such as postage, fees, etc.

Given this innovation, there is no apparent reason for your e-commerce or your store to stay out of this trend. In particular, BOPIS solves many of the problems related to product delivery, exchanges and returns.

Strategies that involve the integration of online channels, turning physical stores into mini distribution centers appear as a solution for companies to offer more flexible, fast and free delivery.

And in this age of independence, self-confidence and entrepreneurship, self-service has been changing industry and business. The Millennials generation has been the number one supporter of personalized and autonomous care.

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By giving the customer the option to physically collect the product, a new consumer opportunity is created. Although the chances of the company winning a new sale grow, it all depends on the product mix it offers.

When the consumer arrives at the store and is surprised by a differentiated experience, the likelihood that this will generate a new sale increases.

PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS believes that self-service kiosks provide customers with differentiating experiences and that’s what they keep working on daily.

By choosing to make BOPIS PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS, you can be sure that the most suitable process will be chosen to meet the solutions you are looking for. The entire design process developed with the right technology and production will make your self-service kiosk a success for your business and the satisfaction of your customers.