How self-service kiosks can improve the customer experience in the supermarket

Taking into account technological developments and changing consumer behavior, the presence of self-service kiosks in supermarkets is practically natural. These devices allow a more autonomous shopping experience, in addition to facilitating the payment process.

In this way, and bearing in mind that merchants are constantly looking for new technologies to maximize the customer experience, self-service kiosks for supermarkets can provide a simplified experience for both customers and employees.

Thus, investing in customer service is an undeniable way to ensure a competitive advantage in the market, in addition to ultimately stimulating consumer loyalty.

Self-service kiosk for Supermarkets - SelfCashy
Self-service kiosk for Supermarkets – SelfCashy

These self-service kiosks for supermarkets try to respond to the needs of the consumer, who wants to get everything in the “now”, in an automated way and without wasting time. Therefore, if a customer saves time at a particular supermarket, he is likely to return there at another opportunity.

In view of this, we can list some advantages that self-service kiosks bring to supermarkets:

1 – Reduction of operating costs

While self-service kiosks receive orders, serve customers, guide them in the most appropriate way and receive their payments, employees can dedicate themselves to other more relevant tasks.

2 – Increase in sales and consequent Return on Investment (ROI)

Customers do not have to waste more time in long queues. With self-service kiosks, they have a more positive experience in supermarkets and make the order quickly, automatically and efficiently.

Torre dos Clérigos: Heritage of Portugal with PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS Technology
Torre dos Clérigos: Heritage of Portugal with PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS Technology

This way, it is possible to provide the client with a personalized service and a more visual, pleasant and functional experience.

This situation attracts even more customers and makes those who have already experienced this technological solution want to come back – which translates into increased profits and a return on investment.

3 – Competitive advantage over the competition

Self-service kiosks are an excellent investment if supermarkets want to distinguish themselves from their competitors and have a certain advantage.

4 – Decrease of waiting time (and queues)

The self-service service has revolutionized the experience of customers in supermarkets, because the way these kiosks work is simple, functional and provides a more autonomous and comfortable service, in addition to avoiding long and boring queues.

 One of the advantages of self-service kiosks for supermarkets is the reduction of waiting lines
One of the advantages of self-service kiosks for supermarkets is the reduction of waiting lines

5 – Orientation inside the supermarket

Allowing customers to orient themselves inside the supermarket without having to walk from one side to the other looking for the products they need is fundamental. Even because it can cause frustration to the customer and cause him to waste time and, consequently, not return to the supermarket. It is in this sense that it is important to highlight the central role of the QMAGINE Wayfinder software, a set of clues made up of visual, auditive, tactile elements, among others, which allows people to find their way inside large surfaces.

6 – Simplification of payments

PARTEAM & OEMKIOSKS’ SELFCASHY kiosk aims to simplify the payment process in a shopping trip by providing a complete service for payments integrated with the supermarkets’ ERP and financial software solutions. This equipment can be customized to accept cash or ATM card payments and makes the service faster, reducing queues.

7 – Better organization of services and simplification of requests

With real quality and excellence in service, customers will feel more credibility. QMAGINE by PARTEAM & OEMKIOSKS queue management systems guarantee a better service organization, optimize service processes and end with the traditional queue.

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SELFCASHY: The PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS solution for any type of payment

PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS’ SELFCASHY digital kiosk was developed for indoor use and to function as a self-service kiosk. One of the great advantages of this equipment is the possibility of making the service faster, thus reducing the waiting lines.

Thinking about customer satisfaction and its experience in the supermarket, PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS has developed this innovative kiosk in order to make the user self-checkout process simpler, faster and more effective.

It can include a barcode reader, card reader, pin pad, NFC reader, coin and bill acceptor, notebook, printer, webcam, handset phone, anti-vandal keyboard and other peripherals. SELFCASHY also allows the integration of any kind of touch screen, creating an interactive device for interior.

Ensure better service organization with QMAGINE queue management systems

The main objectives of the service management are the ordering of queues in order to improve the quality of the service provided, the efficiency of the service and the image of the space. Ensuring excellence in service, customers will feel more credibility in going shopping.

This system guarantees, therefore, a better organization of services in the supermarket, optimizes service processes and ends queues, which translates into greater comfort in service, both for customers and employees. But other advantages can be listed:

  • Increased customer satisfaction;
  • Reduction in the perception of waiting time;
  • Service management and organization;
  • Optimization of employee productivity;
  • Reduction of the dropout rate.
 Ensure service excellence with QMAGINE queue management systems
Ensure service excellence with QMAGINE queue management systems

Find everything you need with Wayfinding

Faced with the difficulty of a customer not finding what he is looking for in a supermarket, there is the possibility of using an interactive virtual directory software – the QMAGINE Wayfinder software from PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS –, which allows to guide people within large supermarkets.

PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS self-service equipment is ideal for a wayfinding system solution. The use of large displays allows the contents to be presented in great detail, allowing the search of a place or a product, in this case, in an intuitive and precise way.

This software then translates into a new approach to the way we move and our relationship with the surrounding space, in addition to saving us time and saving us the frustration of not finding the desired product.

So, and with all the benefits of self-service kiosks, it is not surprising that many business sectors are now investing in new technologies to improve the customer experience in the establishments and to distinguish themselves from the competition. Supermarkets are no exception and can improve and facilitate customers’ weekly purchases as well as leverage business profits.

Advertising and Interactive Wayfinding for Nosso Shopping in Vila Real
Advertising and Interactive Wayfinding for Nosso Shopping in Vila Real

In short, and considering that shopping can be a boring weekly task, self-service kiosks can turn it into a quick and convenient experience.

PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS has several self-service solutions and develops equipment customized to the needs of each client and each project.