10 advantages of interactive tables you won’t want to miss

Interactive tables are increasingly in vogue, taking into account their numerous benefits for the most diverse sectors of activity. These devices, by allowing a multitude of integrated resources, bring an innovative approach to any business, which translates into a more stimulating experience for customers.

Taking into account technological development and changes in consumer behavior and preferences, it is estimated that this market may grow with a Compound Annual Growth Rate – CAGR of 7,2% in the next seven years.

Also, the fact that these products are a sustainable option – more specifically for restaurants, which don’t need to resort to traditional paper menus – attracts users even more. In addition, they save space on the table surface and imply less disorganization, which translates into functionality.

PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS’ CORAL Interactive Table for Museum of Faia
PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS’ CORAL Interactive Table for Museum of Faia

Whether used in restaurants or used in tourist offices, in a more corporate environment or in the education and teaching sector, interactive tables bring new ideas and new concepts to life, providing information directly to the user. The fact that they invite users to be “immersed” in what the equipment presents allows better communication and interaction. If the user has to wait for some reason, these products also end up being interesting ways to pass the time.

Suitable for any situation, interactive tables can convey an image of simplicity, style, robustness and contemporaneity.

But what are the advantages of interactive tables?

In view of the features already mentioned in interactive tables, there are several advantages and benefits that we can list regarding this equipment.

1 – Interaction

In any business, you have to communicate in the best possible way with the customer. Now, with interactive tables, this concern ceases to exist, as these technologically advanced solutions facilitate customer involvement.

2 – Durability

These PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS solutions are designed to offer greater durability. In addition to having an elegant design, the interactive tables are reinforced with impact glass for total protection.

3 – Comprehensive content

Interactive tables are also innovative because they provide the presentation of comprehensive content. Information can be transmitted in multiple ways, in a format that can be changed over time. At the same time, it can serve several purposes.

4 – Portability

Interactive tables stand out for being easily transportable from one place to another. Unlike a digital wall billboard, for example, it is easy to lift the interactive table and transport it to another place without any complications.

5 – Customization

Bearing in mind that the interactive tables are customizable, all content can be adapted to the needs of each project and each business, in order to meet the real needs of customers. The degree of inclination of the interactive tables can also be defined by the customer during the equipment acquisition process.

Interactive table for the largest Education and Training Fair in Portugal
Interactive table for the largest Education and Training Fair in Portugal

6 – Easy to use

Interactive tables are increasingly important thanks to the fact that they are intuitive and the ease with which they can be used – sometimes by more than one person at the same time.

7 – Versatility and modernity

Interactive tables can be used in various places, from museums to airports, restaurants, shopping malls, galleries, among others. The versatility that is characteristic of it is also one of its assets, since it can easily be added components such as printer, keyboards, among others.

8 – Precision

The precise touch sensor of these kiosks allows the user to be able to control and access the content in an intuitive way, as if it was a kind of tablet in giant size.

Interactive Tables Developed for Compagnie Générale Immobilière in Morocco
Interactive Tables Developed for Compagnie Générale Immobilière in Morocco

9 – Efficiency

The fact that interactive tables are capable of transmitting any type of content means that users are able to improve their experience with more convenience and efficiency.

10 – Accessibility

The accessibility of interactive tables is essential for this solution to be even more recognized in the market and, consequently, for more people to use it. Accessibility, therefore, aims to encourage personalized interaction.

In this sense, the Strong or Coral model, by PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS, were developed with people with reduced mobility in mind, and can be produced in such a way as to guarantee and increase the level of accessibility to all users who have any type of motor disability or other limiting mobility. The size of the kiosk, the height of the display to the ground and the inclination of the display can be adapted so that this equipment can be used by people with reduced mobility.

Accessibility, mobility and interactivity for all!
Accessibility, mobility and interactivity for all!

PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS develops customized technological solutions, making the digital equipment in ideal stages to invest in a truly experimental dimension.