What you need to know about self-service kiosks for hotels

Due to their components and functionalities, self-service kiosks for hotels have been playing a key role in the Tourism and Hotel sector, and are even on the rise in this industry.

The evolution of technologies and the change in consumer behavior have revolutionized the way this sector looks at communication with its customers – which is increasingly targeted, simple and autonomous. Customer demand for convenience is also one of the most important factors in the desire for self-service equipment.

In general, and taking into account that nobody likes to be waiting in boring lines, guests appreciate the fact that there is a more efficient and autonomous way to check in, for example. Moreover, nowadays, self-service kiosks for hotels end up being the preferred option for customers to make transactions and payments.

Self-service technology easily responds to guests' individual needs
Self-service technology easily responds to guests’ individual needs

These self-service facilities are also a way for tourism offices to differentiate themselves from the competition, in addition to offering attractive, comfortable and safe solutions for hotel guests. Self-service technology is thus an opportunity for this sector to respond to individual guest needs with ease. Allied to these assets is the fact that this self-service movement brings revenue potential.

The self-service kiosks for hotels have come to stay, which makes guests feel they control the whole process related to their stay. Allowing guests to avoid the long waits at the reception and proceed directly to the room after a long trip can be a welcome surprise upon arrival.

If we carefully analyze the whole process involving this sector, we understand that, thanks to new technologies, it’s easier to maximize the information capacity that can be transmitted through self-service kiosks, contributing to greater productivity, speed and quality in services.

In fact, PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS self-service kiosks offer a multitude of additional options that aim precisely at improving services and processes in the hotel sector. They have thus been developed to allow the integration of any type of touch screen, allowing all customers to easily and quickly choose and view the hotel’s occupation map. Checking in and out of the hotel without the need for human intervention, consulting tourist routes and making reservations has never been easier!

Self-service kiosks for hotels are here to stay
Self-service kiosks for hotels are here to stay

The features of self-service kiosks for hotels

PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS kiosks allow anyone to purchase tickets (with payments through note readers, coin purse or payment by ATM card). As most people are used to dealing with the technologies on a daily basis, these self-service devices allow them to control their operations and movements.

  • Automatic payments and check-in

The self-service kiosks are especially useful in the hours and/or peaks of higher affluence, working as an alternative to the queues at the reception and allowing the check-in in an autonomous and efficient way. The self check-in system will then allow a fast and automated reception. It will also guide guests through a safe and simple to use check-in – from payment to filling in the registration data and the emission of the hotel room keys.

To register, you only need to insert your identification card or passport into the scanner. These kiosks can be integrated with touchscreen displays that offer greater efficiency in navigation. The kiosks can also be integrated with software developed by PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS interconnected with professional software dedicated to Hotel Management.

With FLYCOIN, for example, customers can even pay with digital money. If they have a Paypal account, bitcoins or other digital electronic money, it will be easy to make a payment without any complications. FLYCOIN is a combination of several devices in one (kiosk, point of sale, etc.) that can allow you to trade physical money in digital money (bitcoins and paypal, for example), make a payment or simply send money (Transferwise, MoneyGram, etc.) in a safe and efficient way.

With FLYCOIN, customers can pay with digital money
With FLYCOIN, customers can pay with digital money
  • Access to content

Through self-service kiosks for hotels, you can disseminate and make multimedia content and useful information available to customers. You can also, through PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS YPortal, provide maps, event calendars, among many other contents.

These contents can also be changed with just one click. A hotel may suggest sightseeing spots in the morning and, in the afternoon, may want to promote a theme party. This modification can be done automatically, with a simple click on the back office of the device, or even remotely, with an application incorporated in the smartphone or tablet. This possibility eliminates the constant general cost of printing new banners and the daily work of replacing them.

  • QMAGINE Sign Channel software

The QMAGINE Sign Channel, from PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS, offers an entertainment, connectivity and communication experience that goes beyond what a normal internal channel offers. These digital displays are an opportunity for any hotel owner to improve their image, promoting more sophisticated offers.

The QMAGINE Channel transmits relevant and useful information to the guest, allowing it to be personalized in groups or individuals, in a more attractive format through animated layouts. This solution also allows the creation of a configurable internal channel.

Hotel Technology: Digital Billboard informs guests
Hotel Technology: Digital Billboard informs guests

But what are the benefits of self-service kiosks for hotels?

Self-service kiosks for hotels allow people to maintain the lifestyle that is currently provided by information technologies, that is, the autonomy to perform functions that previously required the presence of another person.

So, there are several benefits of these facilities both for a hotel and for guests:

1 – Elimination of long queues at check-in

Avoiding long and boring queues is one of the main advantages of using self-service kiosks for hotels. Some guests are tired of the trip upon arrival at the hotel, so the self-service equipment ends up allowing your vacation to start earlier and without worries and waits.

2 – Guests choose how they want to check-in

Customers tend to appreciate the fact that they can choose the option that best meets their personal needs. Thus, some people prefer the traditional method of checking-in at reception and others prefer to use self-service kiosks for this.

Self-service kiosks for hotels avoid long and boring waiting lines
Self-service kiosks for hotels avoid long and boring waiting lines

3 – Personalized experience

As soon as the customer uses the hotel’s self-service kiosk, they will have access to a personalized experience. In addition to the guest being able to choose the language he wants, he can also control aspects of his stay, such as check-in, payments and other additional services.

4 – Reduction of errors in the process

Self-service kiosks for hotels reduce the possibility of human errors, such as a mistake in entering the guest’s name or some type of difficulty in finding the guest’s reservation. With these technologies, there is thus an increase in the accuracy of the check-in process.

5 – Quickness

The registration of guests at these kiosks is incredibly fast. As each step is automated, the process takes place in seconds.

6 – Intuitive process

The actions required to check into the hotel are so simple and familiar that guests don’t even have to think about what they are doing.

Digital kiosk improves Guest Experience in Cyprus
Digital kiosk improves Guest Experience in Cyprus

7 – Precision

Accuracy is one of the most important features of self-service kiosks for hotels, as all actions (registration and payment) are synchronized.

8 – Employees can dedicate themselves to more important tasks

The self-service equipment for hotels makes it possible for the staff to carry out other more important activities and/or help guests at the reception if they have any questions.

9 – Profit

When guests use the self-service kiosks for hotels, they have access to extra services. This is an attractive option as they can add these services immediately to their account. It is also an added value for the hotel, which sees a return on investment (ROI).

10 – Accessible communication

As far as information and communication systems are concerned, society is making less use of traditional media, requiring new systems in which technology can disseminate the necessary information in real time – and in an accessible and organized way.

Self-service kiosks increase guest satisfaction
Self-service kiosks increase guest satisfaction

11 – Modernization of space

With self-service kiosks, the hotel sees its space as more modern – simultaneously reducing costs and providing greater harmony on the spot. It is also an attractive, effective and intuitive system when transmitting information to users, in addition to allowing quick and sensitive navigation through the entire system.

12 – Customized hardware

Self-service kiosks for hotels are a powerful marketing and advertising tool and an advantage when purchasing this type of services/products.

13 – Useful and informative software

Besides presenting the location map of all rooms of the hotel, these kiosks allow a wide consultation of information (promotions, tourist routes, campaigns) and can be used for advertising the hotel, through digital signage software.

14 – Possibility to get to know your customers better

With self-service kiosks for hotels, it is possible to identify the content that attracts the most attention to guests. For example, when a person selects a restaurant floor, information, promotions and news related to that sector are quickly projected.

How can self-service kiosks help hotels have a competitive advantage?

The technological evolution that we are witnessing today has affected the experience of users and, consequently, of hotels, which can benefit from self-service kiosks. This equipment improves customer service, reduces costs with salaries and employee bills and ends up making the most of the hotel’s resources.

If self-service kiosks are well designed and implemented, they can increase guest satisfaction as well as the efficiency of the hotel. The use of self-service kiosks in hotels can automate everyday tasks, personalize offers and, above all, offer convenience to customers.

Self-Service Kiosk in Cyprus
Self-Service Kiosk in Cyprus

Thus, the competitive advantages that self-service kiosks bring to hotels can be reduced to five essential aspects:

  1. Reduction of waiting lines;
  2. Increase in revenue;
  3. Reduced labor cost (although not dispensable);
  4. Reduction of manual errors;
  5. More effective use of hotel resources.

With the new consumer behaviors and with the constant technological evolution, hotels must also have the capacity to adapt and to provide modern and competitive services. As such, and taking into account all the features and benefits already mentioned, the self-service kiosks for hotels are ideal for responding to new market needs.

With PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS self-service kiosks, your business will be able to offer a different, agile and practical experience to your customers and this could be the differentiation you need in relation to your competition.