The future of self-service kiosks

In the digitalization era, independence, self-confidence and entrepreneurship, self-service has been changing the industry and business. In this sense, self-service kiosks – now more robust and resistant – are being used more and more by the most varied sectors of activity.

Allowing customers to place orders autonomously, and often without the need for contact, self-service kiosks (SSK) come in different shapes and sizes, including a range of features – from touch screens to voice activation, ticket purchase, payments and receipts, among others.

SSK improve customer service and experience, in addition to offering versatile services, which brings benefits to both the customer and the companies, hence its importance for the future of business. Then, they not only allow up-selling, but also offer additional information about a particular brand and respective products.

The urgency of implementing self-service kiosks makes this equipment the future of many businesses, more specifically because they offer efficiency and better interaction with the customer.

Self-service digital kiosk for payments in Denmark
Self-service digital kiosk for payments in Denmark

With PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS SSK, your business will be able to offer a different, agile and practical experience to your customers and this could be a decisive factor in relation to your competition. In addition, they provide a more personalized service and make the customer experience more visual, pleasant and functional. Self-service kiosks for restaurants, for example, have a very positive impact on restaurant revenue and their profit, so it’s understandable the increase in interest and use of these kiosks in recent years. PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS self-service kiosks for hypermarkets and supermarkets are also an asset, as they manage to reduce costs and provide customers with quality, fast and effective service. Kiosks for access control and ticketing also end up being a versatile and an essential solution nowadays – safe, effective and quick.

In fact, SSK is an interesting phenomenon, as it changes the behavior of the customer, who ends up buying more if he has a self-service solution at his disposal that presents several possibilities and features.

The displays of these devices provide a playful, fun and engaging experience, in addition to bringing the possibility of personalization, convenience and privacy to the user – who does not feel embarrassed to ask for exactly what he wants and does not run the risk of feeling any kind of communication failure.

Self-service technology for french airports
Self-service technology for french airports

What is the future of SSK?

With the accelerated pace of technological evolution, greater investment will be made in self-service kiosks, which will have even more features. Mobile integration with SSK will be improved and expanded and advances in technology will also increase the availability and reliability of this equipment.

But we can expect more when it comes to self-service kiosks:

  1. These kiosks will boost local marketing, more precisely with the use of payment gateways;
  2. Self-service equipment will allow the physical world to be combined with the digital world. An example of this is the possibility to order, pay and collect products;
  3. Self-service kiosks will be able to respond to purchasing patterns in real time, which means that companies and/or brands will have more access to data and updates, in order to better understand customers’ needs;
  4. Self-service kiosks may display information from other brands, companies and/or partners;
  5. The global self-service kiosk market is expected to grow with a Compound Annual Growth Rate – CAGR of 10,16% between 2020 and 2023;
  6. Europe and North America are estimated to be the main users of self-service kiosks between 2018 and 2026.
Self-service digital kiosks for sale of tickets in shopping
Self-service digital kiosks for sale of tickets in shopping

Self-service kiosks are considered the latest elements in smart and responsive technology. Thanks to new platforms and new technologies, this type of equipment could be fundamental to the digital transformation for every type of company.

With SSK, users have a more integrated and connected experience when making a purchase. Brands, in turn, are able to market more effectively and achieve higher returns.

PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS has several solutions and develops equipment customized to the needs of each client and project.