The importance of investing in self-service solutions for caravanning and camping

Caravans, motor-caravans or camping tents are more and more options to be considered by many people, since it allows a more economical stay and makes each person feel “at home”.

This sector must follow technological evolutions, in order to meet what the new generations are looking for.


Self-Service Kiosks

In this age of independence, self-confidence, and entrepreneurship, self-service has been changing the industry and business. 

The industry continues to adapt and, at the same time, reinvent itself. It has become urgent to implement these new technologies in various business sectors.

PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS self-service kiosks for camping/caravanning parks provide a more personalized service, making the customer experience more visual, pleasant and functional with self-service kiosks.

PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS develops several self-service solutions, which aim to provide a more effective attendance, and in this way, provide several advantages:

  • Increase in sales;
  • Decreased waiting time;
  • Customer satisfaction;
  • Personalization.

The self-service kiosks for campsites are a solution that aggregates several indispensable characteristics for a quality service.

Yticket Campground software automates the registration of vehicle on campsites


  • Access Control and Management;
  • Stay Management;
  • Control of entrances and exits from the park;
  • Management of reservations;
  • Control of Tools and Accessories;
  • Control of Employees;
  • Integration with Physical Accessibility Systems.

PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS offers a wide range of self-service kiosks that can be adapted to the most diverse scenarios and market sectors.

Among several models, we highlight the Galla Transact Exo self-service kiosk and the Galla Transact self-service kiosk.

1. Galla Transact self-service kiosk

Modern and versatile, the Galla Transact is a self-service kiosk that offers a complete range of services.

This kiosk provides autonomy to users at check-in, being a multifunctional terminal with a document reader.

With minimalist and sober lines that give it an incredibly modern and light look, the Galla Transact conveys an image of simplicity, style, and robustness.

2. Quiosque self-service Exoz

The EXOZ model is an interactive kiosk with several possibilities of use, such as self-service for ticketing or for use as a service system.

This model can be fixed to a wall, on the ground, or placed on top of a table or counter.

The sober and rounded lines of this equipment, combined with technology, give the kiosks an unusual capacity to provide information / functions autonomously to all users and customers.

Yticket Campground

PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS has created a solution that aims to monitor the presence of guests on campsites.

Yticket Campground software automates the registration of vehicle on campsites


Named as Yticket Campground software, this software monitors the access to the campsites, controlling the number of visitors, the type of vehicles and the number of nights they will stay at the campsite.

  • Indication of the number of people that will be part of the Campground;
  • Indication of the number of nights of the stay in the park;
  • Choice of the type of vehicle to be used;
  • Indication of the summary of the reservation and amount to pay;
  • Preferred payment method (cash or card);
  • Reservation completed.

With this software, there are numerous features that can be simplified and offered to all customers.

Self-service kiosks integrated with Yticket Campground

The self-service kiosks from PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS complement the experience provided by the Yticket Campground software.

It is possible for the guest himself to make the reservation, pay for it and purchase the tickets in a much more autonomous and therefore faster way.

By combining the Yticket Campground software with the self-service kiosks, the booking process at the campsite becomes much easier, providing several advantages to visitors:

  • Computerization of the operationalization processes of the park;
  • Automation of the invoicing associated with the stays and their conditions;
  • Easy and fast management of campsite parks;
  • Autonomy in the registration process.


Simple and fast self-checkout process

Every company needs to manage and control the day-to-day management and operation tasks of the campsite by computer.

These self-service solutions, combined with the Yticket Campground Software for campsite Parks, facilitate the management of parking and accommodation.

This system is designed to automate the management of campsite parks 24 hours a day.

We highlight some advantages that guarantee this service the highest effectiveness, and consequently, the preference by the clients.

  • Easy and fast management of campsite parking lots;
  • Controls vehicle access individually;
  • Idealized to automate management 24 hours a day;
  • Allows faster payments;
  • Easy access for customers to enjoy a comfortable stay.