Interactive self-service kiosks optimize the experience of all customers in the restaurant sector

In such a competitive market where new companies, new businesses, new projects, and above all new ideas emerge every day, it is important to know how to differentiate ourselves from other competitors and potential competitors in the market.

In the restaurant industry, and having as a starting point the needs of the target audience, it is very important to ensure that the quality of service meets the customers’ expectations, so that their presence becomes more and more frequent.

PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS gathers a series of solutions for several activity sectors, among which the restaurant industry.
Self-service checkout kiosks for the Burger King

Queue Management

In the restaurant industry, and especially at times of large crowds, it is important to ensure queue management in order to provide a pleasant service as quickly as possible.

Queue management by ticket

This attendance system, not only provides a better service through ticket dispensers, but also through a mobile application that, in a quick and intuitive way, will facilitate and optimize the attendance management/queues.

Single queue attendance management

This system is absent of ticket dispensers and is distinguished by its efficiency in queue management. With one queue/service for multiple counters, the single queue system is one of the simplest models for managing queues.
Whenever a service desk is free, the operator presses the call button and the number of the desk available for service is shown on the display

Multi-queue attendance management

This is a multi-queue management system, ideal for multiple service counters.
After the ticket is requested at the ticket dispenser kiosk, the customer will be alerted at his or her turn, indicating which counter he or she should go to.

Menu Board for restaurants
Commercial spaces work with various forms of communication to attract and provide new experiences to increasingly connected customers.
It is essential that restaurants also adhere to this new technological trend with dynamic content.

Menu Boards make communication more dynamic, modern and interactive. In the case of restaurants, these digital displays transform the images of food and dishes into an interesting and very attractive scenario for the customer, unconsciously inviting him to try them.
Barcarola allies itself to technology and stramlines its space with the menu boards from PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS

Self-service kiosks 

In an increasingly connected and autonomous world, we can observe that consumer behavior has changed.
With self-service kiosks, your restaurant will be able to offer a different, agile and practical experience to your customers.

Self-service kiosks reduce the probability of orders being wrong, since part of the process is done by the customer, helping to improve the overall service of the restaurant.

Possibility to change the display and menus quickly and without associated costs. Improved visualization of menu images and what each one represents, as well as more information and details about the menus.

The way PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKSQSR kiosks work is very simple:

  • The customer selects the desired dish, which can be fully customized;
  • He enters his loyalty program data (if applicable);
  • He pays with the desired payment method and receives the invoice with an order number.

In all points of sale there is a monitor with the numbers of the orders being processed or ready for delivery, through a Digital Signage solution.

Drive Thru

In the restaurant sector, it is possible to place an order without giving up the comfort of your vehicle. Through the drive-thru system, complemented by digital billboards equipped with digital signage, customers can see the menu options.

Drive Thru System – Restaurante Guloso

Next, they drive in their car to the place where they will place their order.
Through a motion sensor, the drive-thru system detects the presence of a car and warns the employee to be available to take note of the order.

After this warning and after the arrival of the employee, the customer will place his order through an audio communication system without the need to leave his car or go to the employee.

The customer waits in the comfort of his car for his order to be ready for delivery and is immediately delivered by the employee.

Casharmour – Payment Management

Cash is still the most convenient payment method these days and is therefore the most requested.

PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS has created Casharmour, a cash payment technology that automates all cash management processes, simplifying cash handling quickly and efficiently.

Designed primarily for markets and retail spaces, this system automates all cash management processes.
With Casharmour, an electronic record can be provided for every transaction made, which ensures accountability and security.
At the forefront of technology, Supermercado Amanhecer relies on Casharmour CH2, a PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS solution

Digital Signage 

Digital signage can be found a little everywhere and in the most diverse sectors of activity, from public spaces, retail stores, hotels, restaurants and corporate buildings, among many others, with the aim of providing exposure, marketing and advertising content.

The restaurant sector is no exception, since it is well present in the most diverse digital formats:

  • Digital Billboards (indoor and/or outdoor);
  • Digital LED;
  • Displays;
  • Videowall;
  • Menu boards.

We can consider digital signage as a form of communication that uses dynamic display in a digital way, as opposed to traditional billboards that are mostly static in paper or canvas.

Differentiation and loyalty

In an increasingly connected and autonomous world, we can observe that consumer behavior has changed. The monitoring of new technological trends by the restaurant sector is a giant competitive advantage, since it provides an immersive experience to all customers.

The bet in digital billboards and interactive kiosks by PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS gives its brand a differentiation from other competing brands.

Nowadays, a good experience is much more valued than the price factor. Thus, after a pleasant experience, consumers will hardly look for other brands/alternative restaurants.