How to improve the customer experience in coffee shops

In view of technological development and taking into account changes in consumer behavior and preferences, there are many technological solutions that a coffee shop can adopt to improve the customer’s experience at the establishment. These solutions have been revolutionizing services in different areas and sectors, which provide better conditions for customers.

Bearing in mind the autonomy and involvement that they offer to customers while making purchasing decisions, these technological solutions can (and should) be used in coffee shops, taking into account that excellence in service is central to the success of the business. Thus, it is necessary, on the coffee shops side, an adaptation to the consumption behavior of customers, which goes a lot through digital.

With the needs of consumers in mind, PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS has developed a series of technological solutions that offer peace of mind for operators, not only in terms of service, but also in terms of invoicing.

Self-service kiosks

Self-service kiosks are emerging quickly in various spaces, so they can be an asset to coffee shops. With self-service kiosks, coffee shops can offer a different, agile and practical experience to customers.

Not only do they reduce the likelihood of incorrect orders, but they also improve the overall service of coffee shops.

Quiosques self-service
With self-service kiosks, coffee shops can offer a more complete experience to customers

Thinking of consumer needs, PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS self-service kiosks work in a very simple way. The customer selects what he wants, chooses the products at the kiosk, pays with the desired payment method and receives the invoice with an order number. At all points of sale there is a monitor with the order numbers in process or ready for delivery, through a Digital Signage solution. As far as the establishment itself is concerned, and once the order has been accepted, it goes into “preparation” mode, and the information is available to the customer. As soon as the order is completed, the coffee shop operator presses the “ready” button on the tablet or smartphone, and the customer is automatically notified through the monitor that his meal can be collected. Optionally, when the order is “ready” and the customer has chosen to be notified via SMS, the system sends an SMS directly to the customer so he can go to the coffee shop and pick up the order.

CASHARMOUR – The automation system of payment processes and receipt

CASHARMOUR is an automatic payment management system designed by PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS. One of the features of this system is the automation of all money management processes without allowing access to unauthorized people. Ideal for coffee shops, this solution aims to improve business efficiency, staff productivity and customer service.

This solution also allows several payment methods (MB Way, mobile, cards, cash, among others) and integration with any POS or platform is possible.

CASHARMOUR is an automatic payment management system designed by PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS

At the vanguard of automation, CASHARMOUR not only receives and collects customer payments, but also gives change and automatically balances cash at the end of the day and/or shift. CASHARMOUR Dash can also be fulcral for coffee shops, as it enables the analysis of statistical data and transactions that are being made in real time.

Trestle – Portable Kiosk

But other digital and dynamic solutions exist, such as the Trestle – Portable Kiosk, from PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS, through which digital content can be disseminated in a versatile, fast and mobile way.

This is a platform whose main function is the spread of multimedia content (from advertising to institutional information and entertainment) and that can be used as an information point or digital signage in a coffee shop.

This solution, in addition to being portable and easily transportable by one person, was developed with cutting edge technologies (with the possibility of the upper surface being entirely in glass); can be used with SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave), infrared or even ProCap (Projected Capacitive Technology) displays; and it can use high-brightness screens to produce a readable image even in sunlight.

Trestle – Quiosque Portátil
Trestle disseminates menus and other useful information in a more attractive and interactive way

In the case of coffee shops, this turns out to be the perfect solution, as it disseminates menus and other useful information in a more attractive and interactive way than the traditional one, improving communication with clients (or potential clients). At the same time, it creates innovative experiences and replaces pamphlets and posters (also investing on sustainability), making communication more dynamic.

But what are, after all, the advantages of these solutions for coffee shops?

In view of the solutions already presented, we can list the many benefits of these for coffee shops:

 1 – Dynamic experiences for the client

These equipments provide a more dynamic and interactive experience for the customer, who doesn’t need to wait in lines and ends up feeling more in control of the order.

2 – New paradigm for coffee shops

These solutions reduce the probability of orders being wrong, since part of the process is done by the customer, improving the overall service of the establishment.

3 – Interactivity and customization

With the use of this technological equipment, and with regard to self-service kiosks more specifically, there is the possibility of changing the display and menus quickly and without associated costs. In addition, there is an improved visualization of the menu images and what each one represents, as well as more information and details about the menus.

4 – Decrease of waiting time

There is nothing worse than walking into a coffee shop and seeing a long line of people waiting. This way, having any of the equipment mentioned in the establishment is the best way to get around this problem and attract more customers. Also, the waiting time for the order is reduced, since everything works faster and more efficiently.

Queue Management
With these technological solutions, no more waiting lines

5 – Greater order accuracy

When customers insert their choices in the kiosks, they arrive more immediately to the employees, which increases the speed in their preparation and, consequently, in the delivery of the order. This ultimately helps the owners of the establishment by saving energy and money, while at the same time reduces the number of forgotten orders or orders that have been wrongly noted, for example.

6 – Increase of sales volume

The client unconsciously ends up spending more money when using this method, since, to register the order, he scrolls through the entire digital menu and visualizes available products, boosting the purchase of items that he had not even thought of before.

7 – It’s more sustainable

These solutions are very important with regard to sustainability as they reduce (or eliminate) the need to print leaflets or menus.

8 – Customer Experience

With increased speed when processing orders, customers feel more satisfied, which leads to their loyalty to the coffee shop.

9 – Increase of daily orders

The automation of processes has made everything faster. Thus, the faster the transaction, the more people can pass through the coffee shop in a certain period of time.

10 – Optimization of staff time and service

Although some believe that these technologies can threaten jobs, this is not a reality. Many coffee shops are looking for qualified employees who want to stay. By using these services, shop owners can even speed up the process of receiving applications and optimize the presence of staff so that they can carry out more important tasks – which they probably couldn’t do at peak times.

11 – Faster self-service payments

Solutions with self-service payments, such as CASHARMOUR, allow differentiation between competitors and bring benefits to both the customer and the service provider, particularly in terms of flexibility and control and time reduction. Furthermore, they make the process easier and more autonomous for the user. These customisable experiences soften the buying act, providing the necessary tools for an effective, fast and uninterrupted service in the selling process.

CASHARMOUR brings benefits to the customer and to the service provider

Thus, despite the initial investment that this equipment can bring, there is an excellent return on investment. As the reputation for fast and effective service grows, so does the customer base, which generates more revenue.

Reduce queues in service. Offer more commodity to the customer. Upgrade your coffee shop!

PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS has several solutions and develops customized equipment to the needs of each client and project.