How to improve the customer experience in the restaurant – Self-service kiosks for QSR (Quick Service Restaurants)

The excellence in serving a restaurant is crucial to the success of the business. In an increasingly connected and autonomous world, we can observe that the consumption behavior of customers has changed. As such, it is important to understand the need of this industry – especially in fast-food restaurants – to purchase quick service kiosks (QSR).

Nobody likes to face long lines, so the experience of service in restaurants is also undergoing major changes and transformations. In this way, the self-service kiosks and, consequently, the QSR increase the speed of service for restaurants and improve the accuracy of orders. In addition, this equipment avoids long queues, which also benefits employees, who can pay attention to more important tasks, especially during busy hours.

Entrepreneurs understand that good communication with customers can bring benefits to their business, so these self-service solutions improve service – making it more organized and faster – and also allow an analysis of tables and customer turnover.

QSR increase the speed of service for restaurants and improve the accuracy of orders

QSR kiosks have advantages for both customers and restaurants. It is an unavoidable solution to the modernization of these services, which constantly provide new functionalities, evolving with society and economy.

These self-service kiosks for restaurants thus have a very positive impact on restaurant revenues and profits, hence their importance for the future. As for the advantages of these kiosks, we can list several:

  • Reduce the likelihood of orders being wrong, as part of the process is done by the customer;
  • The client has more options to choose from, being able to choose the traditional method or the autonomous use of the kiosk;
  • They allow an improved visualization of the menu images and what each one represents, as well as more information and details about them;
  • Ensure faster, autonomous and effective service;
  • Reduce costs in hiring more employees;
  • Reduce waiting time;
  • Improve customer experience;
  • Promote sustainability as they avoid the use of paper brochures or menus;
  • Enable employees to work more focused and on more important tasks, enabling faster service;
  • Unconsciously, they make the customer spend more money when using this method since, to register the order, the customer goes through the entire digital menu and views available products, enabling the purchase of items that he had not even thought of before;
  • Increase sales volume (cross-selling and up-selling);
  • Increase order accuracy;
  • With the implementation of the QSR, the success rate of restaurants has gone up;
  • They adapt to the individuality of each business;
  • Allow communication in several languages;
  • Enable changing the display of menus quickly and without associated costs.
Self-service kiosks have a very positive impact on restaurant revenues and profits

In view of the benefits listed above, there is an increase in interest and use of kiosks in recent years, both by restaurant chains and consumers. In fact, about 42% of customers admitted that they prefer to use self-service kiosks in restaurants. In fact, in the era of fast food, the only way to guarantee fast service is through adaptation, more specifically to new equipment.

How do they work?

Self-service restaurant solutions and kiosks (QSR) work in a very simple way. The customer selects what he wants, chooses the desired dish (which he can customize), pays with the desired payment method and receives the invoice with an order number.

At all points of sale there is a monitor with the order numbers in process or ready for delivery, through a Digital Signage solution.

With regard to the restaurant, and after accepting the order, it goes into “preparation” mode, making this information available to the customer. As soon as the order is completed, the restaurant operator presses the “ready” button on the tablet or smartphone, and the customer is automatically notified through the monitor that his meal can be collected. Optionally, when the order is “ready” and if the customer has chosen to be notified via SMS, the PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS system sends an SMS directly to the customer so that he can go to the restaurant and pick up the order.

About 42% of customers admitted that they prefer to use self-service kiosks in restaurants

Shortly, and in a generalized way, we can say that the use of these kiosks provides an increase in sales, cost reduction, greater precision in the orders placed, reduction of waiting lines, focus on production, increased speed of dispatch of meals, increased profit margin and better service.

Thus, the restaurant is able to offer a different, agile and practical experience to the customer, which may be the differentiation it needs in relation to the competition.

Cut the long lines. Be precise when processing orders. Update your efficiency with intuitive software solutions that won’t leave you with your hands on your head!

PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS has several solutions and develops equipment customized to the needs of each client and project.