What to know before installing an outdoor digital billboard

The installation of a network of digital billboards goes beyond the cost of purchasing equipment, especially when they are designed for the outdoors. But it is necessary to pay attention to the variety of options, costs and knowledge needed to plan and implement a digital signage solution, as there is a whole monitoring to be done over time, which can be more expensive over the years if there is no weighted investment.

This means that we have to think about the global process, which includes installation, content development, service and updates. However, with PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS knowledge and experience, everything becomes easier and more comfortable for the customer. So, instead of opting for the cheaper one, perhaps one can think about the advantages of purchasing quality products. We can even say that the installation of digital billboards outdoors goes through four stages, the following being:

  • Analysis of the project (more specifically the needs inherent to it and the place where the equipment is planned to be installed);
  • Solution development;
  • Deployment planning;
  • The installation itself.
Digital Billboard promotes tourism in Serbia
Digital Billboard promotes tourism in Serbia

In addition, the equipment is becoming more and more complex, since, outside, they are subjected to extreme conditions, such as the weather or human action.

Nevertheless, there is a growing adoption of digital signage products. Outdoor digital billboards are powerful brand building platforms for a number of companies, and are expected to play an even more dominant role in advertising in the future. In fact, the value of the global outdoor advertising market is expected to reach $ 54.13 billion by 2024. A 2018 WARC report also found that DOOH advertising is expected to grow 10% each year between 2018 and 2021. More than ever, companies are now investing in outdoor digital advertising. The focus is, therefore, on possible customer involvement, thanks to interactive technologies.

The purposes of a digital billboard for outdoor

A digital billboard has as its main objective advertising. However, it also turns out to be public service equipment, contributing to the development of the concept of smart cities. Nowadays, we can also see digital billboards for outdoor that also motivate the interaction with the user.

DOOH for Casa do Professor in Braga
DOOH for Casa do Professor in Braga

In this sense, and in addition to the advertising function inherent in a digital billboard for outdoor, when we talk about the movement of smart cities, we can say that this equipment aims to provide people with the best solutions for their daily needs, without forgetting the focus on sustainability and guaranteeing a better future.

Regarding the advertising issue and the PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS services, we can refer to the QMAGINE SIGN software, which allows you to capture the attention of your target audience with engaging images, in addition to highlighting a product on sale and enabling consumers to consult more detailed information about this product. This turns out to be a new way of communicating with customers (or potential customers) and, at the same time, creating creative and innovative experiences, replacing magazines, pamphlets and posters and making communication more dynamic and active.

However, technology is constantly evolving and, today, a digital billboard has multiple purposes. The interaction with the user, for example, is an increasingly frequent investment by companies. However, if this is the purpose chosen for the digital billboard, it must be taken into account that there is a need to develop specific software, if it does not already exists. PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS YPortal software serves precisely this purpose. Through it, users can consult the weather, see photo galleries, download, check local public transport lines and schedules, locate service pharmacies, among other features.

Another example of interaction is the QMAGINE Wayfinder software, which provides a set of indications consisting of visual, auditory, tactile elements, among others, which allows people to find their way inside large surfaces.

The QMAGINE Wayfinder software provides a set of directions to guide people to find their way within large surfaces
The QMAGINE Wayfinder software provides a set of directions to guide people to find their way within large surfaces

In short, digital billboards end up serving three purposes:

  • Publicity;
  • Interaction;
  • Providing useful information (which contributes to the development of the concept of smart cities).

Installation of equipment

First, and even before the installation of digital outdoor billboards, factors such as climatic conditions, human interactions, exposure to machines and automobiles must be taken into account. Then, there is also the need to choose the type of materials to be used, the size and the hardware and software of the equipment. There must also be a concern with the location itself, with transport solutions and the lighting of the place.

In addition, and although access to electricity and the internet is not a problem indoors, outdoors is not so. Ensuring access to both before installing outdoor equipment can prevent further complications.

However, these factors are not exclusive. They complement each other. Thus, improving the experience of citizens and generating revenue for the company ends up being the main objectives, for which there must be a prior reflection. At PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS we take all these factors into account, not least because the visual impact of dynamic information is fundamental in tourism and hotels and, increasingly, what is happening is the development of cities (smart cities) more autonomous, intelligent and technological.

 The installations of digital billboards must be properly studied and planned
The installations of digital billboards must be properly studied and planned

How to take into account installation restrictions

When installing a digital billboard outdoors, there are a number of conditions to be taken into account. First, the installation location must be the most appropriate for the equipment in question. For example, cable entry and plague management must be managed on site. Then, the security system must be adapted to potential human interactions. Also the size and weight must be adapted so that they can support the internal devices. The transportation systems and the availability of spare parts, in turn, must be previously thought issues.

The design

Outdoor digital billboards are more than advertising screens in public places, so you need to have that idea in mind even before starting any project. Citizens are “tired” of advertising, so you must also pay attention to the design of the equipment. Thus, at PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS we excel for a design with modern and ergonomic lines.

At PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS we stand out for a modern and ergonomic design
At PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS we stand out for a modern and ergonomic design

Fundamental principles for installing equipment outdoors

In order to ensure that the equipment does not deteriorate prematurely, 11 fundamental rules must be observed:

  • Collect as much information as possible about the installation site and its environment;
  • Take into account the requirements for the installation of digital signage for outdoor;
  • Make a detailed inventory of the hardware found inside the digital billboard;
  • Determine the correct size of the equipment;
  • Take into account the specific equipment required;
  • Pay attention to the weight of the digital billboard;
  • Consider temperature management;
  • Choose the appropriate material for the installation;
  • Do not neglect the cable entries, which can be a source of humidity and corrosion;
  • Think about the access to the equipment;
  • Protect the installation.

After all, the installation of digital billboards outdoors must respond to three key parameters:

  • Meteorological conditions;
  • Installation conditions;
  • Human interactions.

The importance of brightness

There are, however, two major issues when installing digital billboards outdoors: their performance on sunny days and the temperature management of the equipment. For a quality image, it is necessary to increase the brightness and have a good contrast ratio. In this sense, displays located outdoors should have a higher brightness than those placed indoors, hence the fact that LED monitors are used more outdoors. In addition, as it gets dark, the brightness is automatically adjusted.

One of the points that should be given more importance is the temperature. It’s just that if a display gets too hot, its liquid crystals can be permanently damaged it’s called the isotropic blackening effect. There are, however, some general ways to control the temperature on external displays. One hypothesis is to use the outside air to cool the display components, which prevents the indoor temperature from becoming too hot. Another option for temperature management is to use the advanced thermal management of the display to prevent the internal temperature from becoming too high. Another way is to use the air conditioning inside the digital billboard itself, which also works automatically with regard to temperature. At PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS, this effect is controlled, since, in all outdoor projects, the location and position of the digital billboard is studied, in order to analyze the position of the sun during the day and understand if it will harm the use of the digital billboard.

Digital Billboard PLASMV for the Platform of Arts and Creativity
Digital Billboard PLASMV for the Platform of Arts and Creativity

In fact, we must be aware that the temperatures in the equipment depend on several factors:

  • The amount of heat that is generated by the components of the digital billboard;
  • The amount of heat generated by auxiliary and cooling equipment (such as fans);
  • Environmental conditions (such as temperature, solar radiation and wind speed);
  • Objects naturally present at the installation site (such as shade, buildings, trees, cars);
  • The design of the equipment.

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Temperature management is central

In view of the conditions inherent to digital outdoor billboards, it can be said that the key element of this system is temperature control. In fact, PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS has a proprietary system – CROXTHERM® – for thermal management and display cooling. In this way, stains are prevented, particularly when the temperature on the screen surface is high; good levels of performance are guaranteed and long life of the integrated components is ensured.

Thus, the thermal management of the equipment is strongly recommended, since:

  • Prevents interruptions and malfunctions caused by overheating or cooling of electronic devices;
  • Reduces costs related to the installation and maintenance of equipment;
  • It increases the duration of the internal components.

The use of suitable materials

Digital outdoor billboards are constantly exposed to climate change, so rainy days or days with higher temperatures can even damage the equipment. In this way, and guaranteeing the proper functioning of all equipment, there are several materials that PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS uses to verify this:

  • Compression and design locks with strategic curves so that, in the event of rain, water can drain;
  • An integrated air conditioning unit, cooling systems and UV protection materials suitable for high temperatures;
  • Sufficiently bright displays, so that there is visibility at any time of the day, even with great sun exposure;
  • Systems that prevent the entry of smoke, dust or water, ensuring IP65 protection;
  • Tempered and/or laminated glass that can withstand large temperature differences and other impacts.
Finding the highest temperature points
Finding the highest temperature points

In addition, at PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS all digital billboards are designed with intensive quality tests. End-of-line testing equipment, for example, is used to check all connections (assembly) of the electrical panel present inside the digital billboards. These tests, thus, ensure that all guidelines regarding electrical protection of components are complied with. Consequently, it is ensured that the assembly is well executed, without compromising the operation of the equipment, as well as the safety of the user. Another test that is put into practice at PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS is the verification of the highest temperature points, with a view to properly ventilating the digital billboards, guaranteeing maximum performance and safety, in any situation and even with adverse atmospheric temperatures.

The safety of operations, of people and goods, of the environment and at work is an asset to be preserved as a guarantee of the provision of services to customers and as a defense of the employees’ working conditions.

In addition to complying with the established safety rules, it is necessary to value all the contributions of improvement that are presented by customers, partners, suppliers and employees.

Success in the market, therefore, depends on the ability to provide products and services that meet and/or exceed expectations. Quality excellence is achieved through the identification, documentation, visualization and continuous improvement of processes.

The installation location

Local preparation is essential for installing outdoor equipment. As is the practice of PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS, the installation of digital billboards must be properly studied and planned, depending on the location where the product will be installed. Actually, these must be places with a level and stable floor, avoiding vibrations and other impacts. Subsequently, the equipment is positioned according to the sun exposure.

Local preparation is central to installing outdoor equipment
Local preparation is central to installing outdoor equipment

Outdoor installation: difficulties and consequences

Regardless of the type of area in which the equipment is installed, several aspects must be taken into account, as the consequences can be serious and cost more:

  • Atmospheric conditions: extreme temperatures, temperature variations, rain, snow, humidity and ultraviolet radiation can cause corrosion, overheating of devices, equipment malfunction and damage to more sensitive materials;
  • Installation restrictions: with regard to the installed equipment, it is necessary to pay attention to the location of the exhibition (and, consequently, the air quality and exposure to chemical substances) and maintenance operations, which, in addition to the consequences referred to in paragraph above, may cause the installation time to increase;
  • Human interactions: equipment installed in public areas must be specially protected, since they are exposed to vandalism, noise pollution, theft and to electrical and fire risks;
  • Mechanical shocks: the fall of trees and/or branches, vegetation and industrial machinery can cause damage that could weaken the protection of the equipment;
  • Urban attacks: animal waste and vehicles for cleaning roads can, in turn, cause corrosion and humidity;
  • Poor choices when installing: errors in material, in sizes, in the heating/cooling systems and in the architecture itself, which can cause a lack of mechanical resistance, a lack of resistance to ultraviolet rays, a lack of security, a lack of thermal balance and, even, a lack of technical evaluation.


In order for the quality of the images to be high in bright environments, all equipment and as we do at PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS must have:

  • Anti-reflective glass, which substantially reduces the reflection of light caused by the sun’s rays;
  • Anti-glare glass, which offers a better touch experience, filtering and reducing the inconvenient elements caused by the glare and reflections of the sun;
  • Extra clear glass, which offers a more optimized rendering of colors and, therefore, sharper, brighter and more real colors;
  • Tempered glass, which has more resistance than ordinary glass, ideal to withstand large temperature differences;
  • Laminated glass composed by two or more glass plates, which make the digital billboard more resistant to impacts.
PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS digital billboards are equipped with high quality glass
PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS digital billboards are equipped with high quality glass


Bearing in mind that outdoor digital billboards usually work as an autonomous solution, they must be designed to prevent access to hackers and other cybercriminals. Due to the public nature of the exhibitions, these devices are able to reach a wide audience. Thus, equipping digital billboards with security features is essential to avoid possible problems. At PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS we ensure a secure internet system, in order to avoid problems related to cybersecurity.

How to take human interactions into account

When installing a digital billboard in outdoor environments, there are also a number of factors related to the places to be considered: theft, vandalism, design and noise pollution. Effectively, it is important to protect people from the installation in order to avoid health risks:

  • Electrical and fire risks;
  • Noise pollution;
  • Visual pollution.

Regarding the security of the equipment itself – to protect the digital billboard from human action and to allow continuity of service – it is necessary to pay attention to:

  • A discrete integration of the equipment in the public space;
  • Anti-theft systems;
  • Anti-vandalism systems.

Remote control systems

One of the most innovative features that digital billboards can have is THE BRAIN remote control system, designed and used by PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS. This web portal manages and monitors operations, allowing functions to control the status of all components installed in the equipment.

There are several pieces of information that can be obtained from the equipment’s sensors, as well as statistical data, which guarantee the good maintenance of digital billboards:

  • Status of the components;
  • Sensor values;
  • Turn components on/off;
  • Set up email sending;
  • Temperatures;
  • Location of the kiosk.
With THE BRAIN system it is possible to receive information on the status of devices via SMS
With THE BRAIN system it is possible to receive information on the status of devices via SMS

It is also possible to receive information about the status of the devices via SMS. This allows authorized users (such as technical staff) to receive alerts on the phone or smartphone and operate on devices installed on their digital billboard via SMS. For example, an SMS with the text “Display Off” will disable the display of a particular device’s image.

Standards and certifications

As there are several certification marks, here are some that stand out for their importance:

  • IEC 62.208: Following this standard, the resistance of the equipment is tested in extreme conditions, in order to guarantee resistance to weather and corrosion;
  • IEC 60.529: According to this standard, the degrees of IP protection related to the levels of protection of people and in order to contain the entry of solids are defined;
  • IEC 62.262: This standard defines the degrees of protection for electrical equipment against external mechanical impacts;
  • ISO12944: Corrosion resistance certificate;
  • IEC 60.950: Electrical protection;
  • IEC 61.439: Under this standard, low voltage control panels are tested to verify that there is no fault that could cause an electric shock;
  • Anti-vandalism solutions (IEC 61.439-5, IEC 60.297 and IEC 61.696-3) include resistance to shock load, resistance to objects with sharp edges, definition of basic dimensions of the front panels, climate tests, biological tests, resistance to chemical substances and mechanical tests;
  • Anti-theft solutions include an “anti-theft kit”, which means that the equipment is capable of resisting an attack with tools (such as hammers and screwdrivers).

The content

The messages and information that appear on the displays of digital billboards are the most neglected area when creating the equipment. However, this is essential for achieving the goals of digital signage. Good content boosts business and, consequently, holds the attention of the target audience. In fact, when used effectively, the content has surprising and appealing results to the population, as digital advertising allows to extend the limits of the imagination.

The advantages of a digital billboard for outdoor

Despite the various processes that must be taken into account when installing equipment in outdoor environments, there are many advantages that it offers, in an increasingly digital world:

  • Ability to provide advertising during the day;
  • Great visibility;
  • Flexibility to change messages and to make people reflect on prices and promotions;
  • Advertisers can display multiple messages throughout the day;
  • High quality content displayed;
  • Promotion of ads in different formats;
  • Integration with mobile devices, internet, social networks and other technologies available on the market;
  • Less maintenance, taking into account the modernity of the equipment;
  • The fact that the equipment has bright LED displays attracts public attention;
  • Public reach, with campaigns and ads targeting specific market niches;
  • Space for creativity.
Digital Billboard promotes tourism in Serbia
Digital Billboard promotes tourism in Serbia

Thus, we can conclude that external digital signage is an excellent form of communication and a potential investment opportunity. Allied to this is the fact that digital billboards – due to the strong interactivity they provide and because they are different and technological structures – increase the visibility of brands and create notoriety among consumers through the customer experience. However, the purchase process requires research and knowledge – something easily solved with the services of PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS, given the experience it has acquired over the years. Choosing quality products (instead of choosing the cheapest one) can make a difference, namely due to the specificities inherent to the installation of a digital outdoor billboard.

PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS is a world reference in the development and manufacture of digital solutions, capable of enhancing the success of any event.