Quiosques e mupis digitais para smart cities

Smart Cities

The new hubs of Digital out of Home

The population continues to grow along with the percentage increase of the urban population. Cities consume 80% of the world's resources, and occupy only 2% of the global territories resources.

The movement of smart cities aims to provide people with the best solutions for their daily needs. This concept focuses on sustainability and on ensuring a better tomorrow.

The construction of new paradigms of urban development, focusing on the model of intelligent cities, marks a strategic intervention in several areas related to mobility, environment, eneergy, entrepreneurship, creativiy and social innovation.

Smart Cities seta
Smart cities paper


Main advantages

Smart cities qualidade de vida

Quality of Life

Provide free Wi-fi, while improving the image as a place to visit, work and live.

Smart cities transportes e mobilidade

Transport & Mobility

Improve mobility and traffic flow in your city by providing public transportation schedules and information on local tourist attractions

Smart cities energia e ambiente


Create a healthier environment by simplifying and increasing the use of public transport while improving air quality

Smart cities segurança


Alert the incidents so that immediate action can be taken. Emergency transmissions and access to critical pubic information.

Smart cities publicidade


Increase cash flow by promoting the growth of local businesses through advertising and sponsorship opportunities.

Smart cities acesso digital

Digital Access

Help more people easily connect to the digital world.


Smart Cities are sustainable cities for people to think about, where social progress and well-being are the motto for incorporating urban projects and solutions.

The aim is to build efficient and useful solutions in the fields of education, health, the environment and the management of our resources.

A challenge that compels us to reinvent cities, making them more competitive and with services of excellence.

Smart cities the new hubs of digital out of home


The World is becoming more Urbanized!









Percentage of population in large cities

The power of DOOH in digital era

DOOH refers to digital media, which are in public places, for advertising or informational purposes. They are generally inserted in places of great traffic or intense urban movement, with high capacity to capture the vattention and persuasion of the surrounding public.

For the success of this type of communication is used to digital devices such as:

  • Digital billboards;
  • Multimedia kiosks;
  • Interactive tables;
  • Others...
Smart Cities o poder do dooh na era digital


Wi-fi Hotspot

The Wi-Fi system of our devices can also function as an access point. The AP software allows the equipment to be used as a means of accessing the internet by the users.

Smart cities wi-fi
Smart cities wi-fi

USB Charging

The charging of equipment via USB is an unquestionably useful advantage in the most diverse circumstances for the user.

Smart cities usb
Smart cities usb


Updating content in real time

Aumtomatically change content through a click.

Ads need to be interesting, and what's interesting rarely ever stays static for long.

Changing digital content can be done automatically with a click on the backoffice of the device, or even remotely with an application built into your smartphone or tablet.

Smart cities conteúdos em tempo real

The innovation of urban communication

The iconic telephone booth, whichonce dominated the main streets and avenues around the world, now seems to have its days ticking.

The combination of the traditional cabins, combined with the most contemporary, results in the design of an innovative and revolutionary product, NOMYU CityLink.

Smart cities nomyu citylink

The future is technological!

Growing and technologically active population.

Urban furniture is now an important step for the future, allowing companies and institutions to have an advertising space in high places.

Smart bus stop

Smart cities paragens de autocarros

PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS, promotes through its products, development systems and production of innovative urban solutions for intelligent cities.

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Smart cities paragens de autocarros

Bicycle rental

Smart cities aluguer de bicicletas

Multimedia kiosks benefit people's daily lives

Interactive kiosks automatically match the user via RFID or bar code identification card, and it is possible to manage the updates of each card with regard to the bicycles used, as well as the routes made.

In addition it is possible to make payments / uploads, view map, definition of routes, general information of the city, and others.

Smart cities aluguer de bicicletas

Power to charge the world

With the EV market flourishing, consumers need a convenient, reliable and affordable way to safely and easily carry their electric vehicle away from home.

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Smart cities power to charge the world
Smart cities power to charge the world
Smart cities power to charge the world
Smart cities power to charge the world

Market Ready Solutions

Ready-to-market Intel® IOT solutions are commercially available solutions for the business solution that streamline operations, automate tasks, reduce risk, provide insights for actionable data, and reduce costs

Intel® processors and technologies are a key part of the computing infrastructure.

Smart cities market ready solutions

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