We seek customer satisfaction through the implementation of technical assistance processes, that allow a quick and effective repair or replace of the equipment.


The warranty of multimedia kiosks manufactured / sold, is different from structure to components.

Please be advised that the structure of the kiosks has two years of warranty against manufacturing defects and if there is no indication in the contracts, all other equipment / components that are part of the kiosks have 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects. In some cases this period is longer.

The warranty only covers any equipment defects that occur during the same period (1 year) and is closely limited to the free replacement of parts with manufacturing defects.

These substitutions can only be made when the pieces with manufacturing defect are returned to Partteam Group | OEMKIOSKS facilities.

The warranty of any equipment does not cover normal wear caused by its use over time, and the following points:

- Repair of damage caused by any accident or caused by majeur forces;

- Improper wiring or misuse by the CUSTOMER;

- Weaknesses in the electrical installation supply;

- Intervention by persons outside PARTTEAM GROUP;

- Any other action of the responsibility of the CUSTOMER;

- Supply and installation of toners;

- Correction of errors caused by the use of operating supplies not conforming to those who are specified by the manufacturer;

Still left an explanation, that the warranty of the equipment is only against manufacturing defects, begining on the sales date (invoice date) and not considered the anomalies caused by mishandling or wear the equipment. All periods presented are for consumers guarantees, while business customers (companies) under the warranty provided by each manufacturers.

In some specific cases the warranty of the equipment begins from the date of manufacture of the equipment (example: air conditioning).

Any damage, in the warranty period, which was from the responsibility of the CUSTOMER, will be charged upon budget to the customer.

All transportation costs involved in travel / transportation equipment to Partteam Group facilities are charged to the customer.

Repairs, RTA and RMA

In case of a failure or suspected failure, the client must make a request for assistance through a RTA form (Request Techical assistance) that can be filled by clicking the following link:

Fill the RTA Form

In the case of a damage detected, and after indications of PARTTEAM GROUP, should start a process of RMA (see below) so that the equipment can be sent to Partteam.

The equipment will be repaired or will be replace (in case of defective component) free of charge (in case of guarantee) or after approval of the budget.

If it is possible the replacement of the damaged product, it will apply only during the 1st year warranty. In the remaining years the repair of the product will be made.

It should be noted that whenever the product is in stock, the exchange is immediately made.

If the product is discontinued, and the customer does not wish to wait for repair, we can consider the return of that equipment, with a small fee to purchase the same equivalent product.

In either case our Customer shall deliver the defective equipment at Partteam company.

This delivery can be made in person or through a transport company. The equipment must be delivered together with the packaging or shipping box (if sent). In all cases the equipment must have the RMA printed attached.

The Requests for RMA must filled by clicking the following link:

Fill the RMA Form

RMA Request

The INVOICE is always the proof of the equipment purchase in our company, and therefore must always be given a copy when a malfunction happened.

The delivery of goods (costs) in warranty period in Partteam Company | OEMKIOSKS is always from the responsibility of the customers. Partteam is not responsible for damages or other anomalies caused to the the equipment received or taken into, by deficiencies in packaging or unpackaging.

The return of repaired equipment to the customer is Partteam responsibility , which will reach its destination, at its own expense.

Terms and Conditions

1. Material can only be returned when technical service issued a valid RMA number.

2. An RMA number is valid for 15 days after its issue by our service; consequently the concerned products must be returned to OEMKIOSKS within that period of time.

3. Only material purchased at OEMKIOSKS can be returned. Verification is done based on the serial numbers or invoice number and date.

4. Returned goods must be in original manufacturers shipping cartons complete with all packing materials. All goods for return shall be returned freight prepaid or in the manner specified in the RMA.

5. Do not write on the product box. The RMA number should be visible on the shipping label and outer box.

6. Product will be refused in the following circumstances:

- If a product is returned missing any components sent with the original order.

- If the condition of the returned product is in any way misrepresented.

- If the received product is damaged in any way.

- If there is not a valid and visible RMA number.

- If a product returned is tested as a full functioning product.

- If product is received over 20 days after the date the RMA number is issued.

- If a product is not returned in the original packaging and/or box.

7. Final Customer and Partners are ultimately responsible for the condition of the returned items. These policies should be communicated by partners to their final customers.

8. Product that is discontinued or obsolete from the supplier does not qualify for a return.

9.In cases where replacement units need to be issued, this will be actioned using the standard delivery terms.

* This informations and conditions can be change without previous warning.