Smart Bus Shelters

The future of Smart Citiesinvolves the development of Urban Support for Information!

The guarantee of a better tomorrow!

Technology as a lever for the development of Smart Cities.

As cities develop and grow, public transport options evolve and citizens and tourists may face some difficulties when moving from one point to another.

However, with PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS solutions, this situation is no longer a problem. With smart bus stops and shelters, information can reach citizens more quickly and efficiently.

The construction of new urban development paradigms, focusing on the smart cities model, marks a strategic intervention in several areas related to mobility, environment, energy, entrepreneurship, creativity and social innovation.

Smart Bus Shelters - Paper by PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS

The Importance of Smart Bus Shelters

The need for assistance in carrying out tasks related to urban planning has led to the development of urban information systems and, consequently, of Urban Information Support (UIS), which in many cases are also digital and therefore called Urban Information Support Digital (UIS-D).

The Importance of Smart Bus Shelters for Smart Cities

Contributions to sustainable mobility

It is necessary to create conditions for this transition to take place. In this sense, Urban Information Support (UIS) and, in particular, smart stops, centralize and mediate distinct information extracted from urban data.

This information can help the population to become aware of relevant communications and facilitate decision-making.

Sustainable mobility

It is in this context of Smart Cities that Urban Information Supports (UIS) emerge. An example of this are PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS Smart Stops and Self-Service Bus Ticketing Kiosks, which connect carriers with the public administration, providing statistical and detailed information, while reducing financial costs and focusing human attention on areas of greater relevance.

Smart Bus Shelters

The integration of new technologies is making bus stops smarter and therefore more important for Urban Communication.

Smart bus stops and shelters, in addition to improving the public transport experience for passengers, contribute to creating smarter and greener cities.

Smart Bus Shelter

Represented by Digital Billboards, Self-Service Kiosks and/or Digital Signage, the smart stops are distinguished by their accessibility and diversity. Thus, they can act as an aid point in accessing urban services, that is, as a tourist spot. In addition, they can integrate air quality sensors, which measure air quality.

Also serving as access points, PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS smart stops include LED lights, Wi-Fi and an emergency button (SOS signal).

However, other features can and should be mentioned:

Possibility of customization

USB Charges

USB Charges

E-Paper Displays

E-Paper displays

Remote Control

Remote control

Air monitoring

Air monitoring

Solar panels

Solar panels

The benefits of smart bus stops

With the sharp growth of urban areas, smart stops are a key contribution to sustainable mobility, in addition to having other advantages.

The benefits of smart bus stops
Improved quality of life

Improved quality of life

Smart stops contribute to improving the image of cities and their operational efficiency.

Energy and environment

Energy and environment

In addition to improving mobility and transport flow, smart stops provide citizens with dynamic communications.



Smart bus stops are key to ensuring safety in cities, as they allow citizens to connect to emergency services and have access to relevant public information.

Smart Bus Stop for Smart Cities

YPortal: The global information software

YPortal is a software for interactive Digital Billboards, extremely advantageous for smart stops and for the development of Smart Cities.

YPortal aims to simplify communication, providing useful information that allows people to get to know the Municipalities better.

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