Passenger Information Displays

LED Technology for Urban Mobility

LED Technology for Urban Mobility

LED information displays are essential when it comes to informing passengers on public transport, ensuring a pleasant and worry-free journey.

These displays are regularly used to exhibit stop names, transport timetables, traffic messages, announcements and other important communications.

PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS designs and installs LED displays for Intelligent Transportation Systems, which are customized for each client and/or each project.

Passenger Information Displays | Displays LED

LED Technology

LED displays, in addition to having higher brightness, longer life span and energy efficiency, provide total freedom to display content.

Designed for both indoor and outdoor environments, LED displays are distinguished by their great visibility, regardless of lighting conditions.

Real-time updates

Providing real-time information decreases perceived waiting times, improving passenger satisfaction.

In addition to allowing adjustments to be made as needed, LED displays convey more accurate information to passengers.

Real-time updates | Displays LED
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    Name of the transport company.

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    Indication of next destinations.

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    Time of departure
    Transportation departure time.

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    Number of the line.

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    Logo of the represented company.

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    News feed
    Broadcasting news and/or important communications.

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    Current time
    Real-time clock.



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Low energy consumption | Displays LED

Low energy

Reduced perceived waiting time | Displays LED

Reduced perceived
waiting time

Transmission of accurate information

The lack of information regarding transportation and its timetables makes many passengers uncomfortable. Therefore, with information displays, timetables can be easily updated to minimize this inconvenience.

In addition to making transportation increasingly intelligent, LED displays eliminate the need for paper signs, contributing to sustainability.

Transmission of accurate information | Displays LED

Never lose your way with our LED Passenger Information Displays!

Instant communication

Real-time information is crucial for citizens, especially when it comes to transportation schedules. Thus, LED information displays inform passengers on a regular basis.

Besides improving the citizens' experience, this technology facilitates access, even over long distances, to all kinds of communications.

Instant communication | Displays LED

Contributing to the development of Smart Cities

PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS has been developing solutions that contribute to the development of Smart Cities, either through smart bus stops or through equipments that aim to improve the life of citizens.

Also, LED passenger information displays meet all the conditions for innovation in cities.

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