Rugged and commercial tablets

Robust Tablets

Rugged and Commercial Tablets for maximum productivity

Designed as a complete self-service kiosk. These tablets combine commercial-grade reliability with the powerful ROCKCHIP 3288 processor and an optional POE.

They offer a wide range of optional peripherals such as magnetic card swiping, RFID / NFC reader and barcode readers that allow flexibility for rigorous use in public, fitness machines, system terminals, retail, access control, check-in, and more.

Not only does this solution offer a level of customization that allow customers to integrate tablets, as well as touch screen with multiple features.

Rugged Tablet

Rugged Tablets can be used in the most derivative sectors, providing an attractive and user-friendly design.

They offer sophisticated technology that can withstand harsh handling conditions, making it the perfect match for commercial use.

Rugged and commercial tablets
Rugged and commercial tablets
Rugged and commercial tablets
Rugged and commercial tablets
Rugged and commercial tablets
Rugged and commercial tablets

Commercial Tablets

The Commercial Tablet is a commercial grade fixed multipurpose tablet. It is designed to facilitate the integration of major peripherals and display systems for diverse self-service.

It has durable metal form and a corporate infrastructure of a powerful windows-based platform. With table, wall and floor stand mounting options.

Rugged and commercial tablets

Windows 10 IOT Enterprise

This Tablets are preinstalled with the IoT version of Windows 10 (optional). Also offered Windows 7 / 8.1 or no OS.

  • Desktop shell;
  • Window32 apps;
  • Apps and universal drivers;
  • Available at 32/64bits
Rugged and commercial tablets Windows 10

Selectable CPU

You can select the Intel's processing power (CPU):

Intel Celeron - Ideal for business applications.

Intel Core i3 - Ideal for intermediate business applications.

Intel Core i5 - Ideal for intense business applications.

Rugged and commercial tablets CPU

Comercial Class

Offering low power consumption and fanless design, unlike consumer tablets, the product is designed for long-term commercial use, with rigorous temperature testing from 0 to 60 degrees and vibration testing.

  • Temperature and vibration test;
  • 24 hour stress test;
  • Display life 10.000 hours;

Rugged and commercial tablets

Fanless Design

Uses a passive heat removal system. Fanless design brings total silence to the desktop.

Rugged and commercial tablets

Self-Service Tablets All in One

I / O Ports

  • 6 x USB (4 x on-board USB2.0);
  • RS232 COMs;
  • LAN (PoE output);
  • Mic in;
  • Audio out;
  • SPDIF;
  • SATA2.0

Rugged and commercial tablets I / O

Barcode Reader

The barcode scanner is equipped with a high performance reading mechanism. This module offers flexibility for deploying any sector such as data collectors, kiosk and price checker. Just one plug and screw it in, no more external brackets and accessories.

Rugged and commercial tablets - codebar reader

RFID Reader

The RFID reader automatically tracks and identified the device. This feature can be easily installed by the end user.

This module offers easy installation just like the previous module.

Rugged and commercial tablets - rfid reader

Magnetic Reader

The magnetic reader is read when passing through a magnetic read head. Magnetic strike cards are commonly used on credit cards, ID cards and transportation tickets.

This module offers easy installation.

Rugged and commercial tablets - magnetic reader

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