Flight Cases - Suitecases for kiosks transportation

For kiosks that will be transported to several locations (ex: exhibitions around the world) the Flight Cases are the best solutions. Lightweight and easy to transport, these suitases are also an excellent support for airplane transportation as they respect all the standards that the aviation industry requires.

OEMKIOSKS gives our clients the possibility to achieve this type of transport boxes (flight cases) managing with the whole process of packing and filling of the kiosks in the Flight Case. This Flight Cases are built only with high quality materials, ensuring the strength and durability that is required. With them you have the possibility to move the kiosk with extreme ease. Due to the 4 directional wheels that this cases have their movement is very simple.

In the making of the flight cases are used anti-slip plywood of 7 or 9 mm thickness. These lightweight plywood are extremely strong and durable. The ones with 9mm are black or dark brown and the outer face isin hexagonal anti-slip pattern. The 7mm ones are in dark brown and the outer surface is in anti-slip square mesh pattern.

The inside of the flight cases are lined with carpet or high-density foam with thicknesses between 10 to 50 mm as it is appropriate for each kiosk. All flight cases are equipped with metals from reputable brand PENN ELCOM, butterfly locks, embedded metal wings, corners and hybrid locks in aluminum, wheels with or without brakes, etc..


The fligth cases wheels may have brakes for higher security.

The outside of the box is in non-skid hexagonal surface.

Embedded metal wings for easy transportation of the flight case.

The butterfly locks are very easy to handle and extremely durable.


• 7 to 9 mm Plywood
• Colors: Dark Brown or Black
• Anti-slip external Face
• Standard square mesh
• Inside with carpet or coated foam with high density - 10 to 50mm as required
• Butterfly Locks
• Metal Wings embedded
• Angles and hybrid locks in aluminum
• Metal Corners and finishes
• Wheels with or without brake
• Dimensions may vary depending on the transported material

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