Referral Program

Your chance to win ... just making references

If you are able to provide our solutions to your customers, or have a business where potential customers buy our products, but you don't have the ability to carry out a complete commercial work, install the kiosk or give technical support, you can win with our company in the Referral Program.

Our Referral Program is a partnership that will financially compensate (or your business) by showing us business opportunities, if they materialize, and with the advantage that we do all the work ... for you.

If you refer a customer to us and we make business, your company will receive from 5% up to 15% of the sale *

You only have to register with the referral program, and send to our company the potential business opportunities that you might receive from your clients portfolio.

* the commission amount will depend on the type of customer (partner / end customer) and business.