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The transTVM is a payment kiosk with high reliability and quality, besides a modern design and adaptable to any environment and situation, it can be adapted to vehicles, trucks or people.

Besides the magnetic ticket or barcode based technology, the system also supports congress tickets, parking for events and parties, visitor tickets, limited or time-limited number of registrations, membership card, among others.

It is also possible to use traditional credit card, RFID technology, cash (notes and coins) and number plate recognition.

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Easy to use

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TransTVM runs any payment, ticketing and third-party software

The modular design of TransTVM offers a high level of flexibility for automatic ticketing, control access of the payment machine to car parks or tolls, etc.

Adapts to any sector and market

Transport and parking, retail, supermarkets, shops, restaurants and other customer service businesses can enjoy the benefits of a ticket vending machine. It can function as a point of sale for tickets and tickets for public transport, event tickets and car parks.

The TransTVM system makes it easy to keep a weatherproof structure, resistant to natural occurrences such as snow, extreme heat or cold and rain.

Transact TVM - Adapts to any sector and market
Transact TVM - Easy to use for any type of vehicle

Easy to use for any type of vehicle

The TransTVM is designed to be used by people on foot and inside vehicles, either heavy or light vehicles. To meet these needs, TransTVM has been designed in modules, the single module for walkers and light vehicles and the module with top for heavy vehicles.

  • Automatic pay station with acceptance of coins, notes and credit, debit and prepaid cards;

  • Available for magnetic bar or cards with chip and PIN;

  • Pay-in-Lane version for payment at the exit.

Transact TVM - Easy to use for any type of vehicle

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Perfect finishes and style

Minimalist and sober lines give an incredibly modern and light look. This, in combination with the compact and solid stainless steel structure, transmits an image of simplicity, style and robustness. Every detail has been through in terms of design and personalisation. The vast RAL colours available can be used for this model to best suit your space.

The best ticketing solution

TranTVM can be available 24 hours a day at train stations, bus stops or at any self-service / payment point for transport or other services and products. Customers can buy one-way or return tickets with recharge or monthly passes for public transport. TransTVM can accept any kind of payment such as coins, notes and debit cards. TransTVM can accept any kind of payment such as coins, notes and debit cards.

  • Ticket reading/writing (magnetic; bar code; QR-Code; RIFD; Mifare);

  • Protection systems with lock for cash box;

  • Various sized boxes for placing tickets.
Transact TVM - The best ticketing solution

Automated payments anywhere for any sector

In line with the modernisation of public transport stations and improvement of transport services, TransTVM offers the latest generation automated ticketing system.

Parking lots - Icons | Transact TVM

Parking lots

Stadiums and events - Icons | Transact TVM

Stadiums and events

Public transports - Icons | Transact TVM

Public transports

Cinemas and theaters - Icons | Transact TVM

Cinemas and theaters

Tematic parks and tourism - Icons | Transact TVM

Tematic parks and tourism

Shoppings and commerce - Icons | Transact TVM

Shoppings and commerce

For self-service customers

This self-service automated payment system is simple to use and easy to access. The system can have a hardware customisation, but also an interactive environment customised to the requirements of each sector or market.

The system can have a hardware customization, but also an interactive environment customized to the requirements of each sector or market.

  • Possibility of front panels made of stainless steel

  • Charging mobile phone balance

  • Payment of public utility bills

Transact TVM - For self-service customers

User ID or transaction:

  • ID Entry

  • Barcode Scanning


  • Identification Cards


  • Accepts card payments

  • Cash payments (notes and coins)

  • Change system

  • Reads barcode coupons

  • Invoices

Ticket delivery:

  • Tickets and passes

  • Magnetic bar


Features that adapt to any situation

It is a complete automated payment system, easy to use for customers and operators, as it can be highly customized. With TransTVM, operators can access history, export specific point-of-sale data, define and schedule business hours and allow third-party software. For customers the menu layouts can be customised and available in multiple languages.

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