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Parrtteam is a company with National Capital, but it already has an international dimension, consisting on a set of employees with advanced technological profile and especially dynamic and constantly renewing its knowledge.

We improve every day our human resources, with the ultimate goal of providing our customers and partners, excellence services and products. Only with motivated employees and career goals, we can consolidate our position in national and international markets.

Obviously that the service provided by each employee is rewarded and, above all, they have a vital and active role in company growth and consequently his professional career growth.

If you think that you can be an asset to the Partteam Company and you are identified with our values, our vision and our products and services, send us your curriculum vitae.

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Rua Nova de Nespereira, Pavilhão 10
4770-287 Lagoa VN Famalicão • Portugal

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phone: (+351) 252 378 589

phone: (+351) 252 327 185