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Contemporaneity in
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Developed and produced by PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS

Robustness and flexibility in a single piece of equipment

The CUPERTINO Digital Billboard, developed to be used anywhere, is produced with a robust structure with powerful ventilation systems, and is available with air conditioning and/or heating system.

With an advanced climate control system and with filters that guarantee the protection of the electronic components, the CUPERTINO can work in environments with extreme temperatures and adverse weather conditions.

Considering its versatility, imponence and elegance, the CUPERTINO is ideal for any market or sector.

Cupertino - Paper by PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS

Modern and exquisite

The elegance of technology that surprises!

Cupertino - Contemporaneity in physical state
Cupertino - Contemporaneity in physical state

Incredible brightness, high contrast!

The displays (high brightness and contrast) used in CUPERTINO are capable of producing images with good readability, even in sunlight exposure conditions.

Different external lighting conditions require different brightness levels. A light sensor (optional) can be installed, measuring the ambient light at the installation site and automatically adjusting the image according to the lighting conditions.

Wireless and Wi-Fi

The CUPERTINO's Wireless system is designed for high distance wireless data transfer and with the possibility of an external antenna for longer distance wireless coverage.

This system can also function as an access point. The AP (access point) software allows the Digital Billboard to be used as a means of access to the Internet by its users.

Design and Innovation

Double-sided option

CUPERTINO was developed and designed to present multimedia information and to serve as an interactive system that allows users to search for information.

As it was designed for spaces with a large affluence of public, the option for two displays is an effective way to allow the simultaneous use of several users, further increasing the effectiveness of the Digital Billboard.

Cupertino - Contemporaneity in physical state
Cupertino - Contemporaneity in physical state

Multiple Functionalities!

CUPERTINO can have a 100% glass finish on the front and back, which gives it a greater degree of elegance and sobriety.

Cupertino - Contemporaneity in physical state

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A new concept of urban communication network

The new concept of urban communication network is equipped with broadband and super fast Wi-Fi technology. The main intention is to offer equal opportunities, allowing access to multiple functionalities of these new emerging digital platforms.

For the implementation of these projects, funding can be obtained through commercial consortium, advertising and Hot SMS and Geo SMS campaigns. This equipment is, therefore, a complete solution that improves the population's daily life and establishes a two-way communication.

Interactive technology

Instant multimedia content update through a single click!

CUPERTINO was developed to allow the integration of any type of touch screen, creating an interactive device for indoor or outdoor.

The ProCap technology can be integrated into the CUPERTINO, allowing the touch to be performed on the glass surface, guaranteeing the Digital Billboard extreme security against vandalism.

Cupertino - Contemporaneity in physical state

Technical characteristics and optional functionalities

Any operative system  - icons | CUPERTINO

Any operative system

Display sizes - icons | CUPERTINO

Display sizes from 32” to 75”

High brightness and contrast displays  - icons | CUPERTINO

High brightness and contrast displays

Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, Bluetooth e LORA  - icons | CUPERTINO

Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, Bluetooth and LORA

YPortal or other softwares  - icons | CUPERTINO

YPortal or other software

Protection from IP54 to IP65 - icons | CUPERTINO

Protection from IP54 to IP65

Anti-vandalism protection - icons | CUPERTINO

Anti-vandalism protection

Double-sided display - icons | CUPERTINO

Double-sided display

Electric vehicle charging - icons | CUPERTINO

Electric vehicle charging

Remote content management - icons | CUPERTINO

Remote content management

Cupertino - Contemporaneity in physical state

Versions for all tastes and applications

Innovation is the key word for any successful product. Therefore, once again, PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS decided to challenge itself and create a Digital Billboard with minimalist and sober lines that give an incredibly modern and light look to the kiosk.

Available in three versions, CUPERTINO can be entirely made of steel; it can be entirely designed in glass or it can have only the front protection glass for the display.

Citio - Contemporaneity in physical state

Digital Signage, the face of the machine!

All that matters in one place.

News, maps, information, virtual assistance, emergencies, Internet and much more. CUPERTINO's latest addition can be managed remotely and adapted to the most varied circumstances.

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