Production and Development of Specific Kiosks

With an unmatched ability to develop multimedia kiosks projects, OemKiosks assures customers the development and production of Specific projects for any multimedia kiosks, with the required functionality without sacrificing creativity, whose final result will certainly guarantee the success of the project.

OEMKIOSKS & PARTTEAM GROUP is proudly one of the few manufacturers of multimedia kiosks in Portugal. The company uses advanced technologically systems that enable the production of small to large quantity of kiosks, guaranteeing a high quality final product.

This capability allows the development of kiosks with the requirements of the clients and projects, whether creation / design of entirely new models or making adjustments to existing standard models.

From initial customer consultation, the OEMKIOSKS follows a process to create the necessary design to achieve all aspects of the kiosk and get the expected results. These design criteria call for a comprehensive evaluation, from design criteria, component requirements, installation and expansion, among other important aspects of the project.

Based on this criteria to all employees of the project are through the process of development. These criteria are an important tool that the company uses to ensure OEMKIOSKS will anticipate all issues of design, functionality, ergonomics, etc... taking advantage of the gained experience in hundreds of previous projects.

At all stages of the project, since the study of electronic components to be used, design and 3D renderization for approval of the client, technical production, assembly and even the packaging are made by experimet technical staff that respect the procedures and standards defined providing a unique quality of the final product.

OEMKIOSKS follows a methodology with well-defined developmental steps for the production of the kiosk:

• Project Knowledge

• Criteria and Requirements

• Evaluation of Components

• 3D Design and drafts

• Review of Key Points (ergonomics, safety, access to components, aesthetics, etc.)

• Component Assembly

• Quality Tests

• Certification

• Delivery and Installation

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