The Amélia Project

The Amélia Project

In an effort to save lives, PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS decided to regularly embrace and contribute a monthly donation to the Amelia Project*, a nonprofit organization that helps transport children with cancer to the only pediatric hospital in Myanmar that is twelve hours away from hundreds of sick children.

Sensitized by this project, PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS supports the Amelia Project and believes that more people can help and contribute to this cause. We have therefore decided to release the Amelia Project so that more money can be raised for those people who urgently need help in Myanmar.

In this sense, we call for the collaboration and solidarity of all our visitors, partners and clients who are willing to help this cause. It is everyone's contribution that this project can really make a difference to these children and families in Myanmar.

About the Project

The Amélia Project helps families struggling with serious illness. Many families live days away from the nearest hospital and do not have the financial means to pay for travel. The Amélia Project, with your support, offers free transportation to these children and families, allowing them to have access to health care and giving them hope of healing.

In addition, Project Amelia transports children and adults in advanced stages of disease to the place of their dreams or to visit family residing abroad. In this way, we contribute to the creation of important moments and memories for these people, no matter what the future brings them.

When transporting vulnerable people to hospitals, the place of their dreams or to their families, The Amélia Project offers hope, access to treatments, and unforgettable moments for children and adults in need.

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Help the Amélia Project transport children with cancer to receive treatment

The reality of children living in Myanmar (Burma)

In a country with more than 50 million people, there is only one hospital than can effectively treat children with cancer. For the majority of families, this hospital is located hundreds of miles away; the journey can take up to three days. Parents earn an average of £2 per day; not enough to pay the travel costs.

Some parents are forced to sell all they have to pay for the journey, including their houses and the cattle they use to feed their families.

Without help, hundreds of children in Myanmar die of cancer each year without receiving specialist medical treatment or adequate palliative care.

With your help and together with World Child Cancer, we can provide free transport and ensure that children will receive specialist medical treatment, giving them the opportunity to survive.

We believe in a world where everyone has access to education, healthcare and opportunities. Every journey begins with a single step. But what happens next? It is down to you. Please donate now and help us to transport children with cancer giving them a real chance to survive.


Projeto Amélia
Projeto Amélia

* PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS does not have any commercial or legal connection to the project. This is an independent action and only disclosure of a project which we also decided to help.

Projeto Amélia