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Contemporary elegance,
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Citio - Technology to dream about the future

Technology to dream
about the future!

The CITIO kiosk was designed from simple and modern lines for outdoor and indoor use. The versatility of this model is one of its greatest assets.

The CITIO kiosk is designed to be used anywhere, outdoors and indoors. It is an equipment that can be segmented to anymarket or sector. CITIO will stand out in the surroundings due to its total glass structure, responding to customer needs due to its unique characteristics.

Larger touch technologies can be used, each optimized for different operational characteristics and environments to meet the needs of customer applications, such as SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave), Capacitive, Infrared, Optical, Capacitated, Procap, etc.

The CITIO is available with a unique touch to 40 independent tones and with the possibility of interaction with finger, hand, gloves and pointer.


Citio - Technology to dream about the future
Citio - Technology to dream about the future
Citio - Technology to dream about the future

Digital Displays

PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS has a unique experience in the field of interactive technology, allowing it to be integrated into the kiosk in an efficient and professional way.

The CITIO kiosk in addition to the main digital screen, has the integration of two more screens, one in front and one on side, where it can contain additional information, such as: hours, weather, among others.

As optional, it can have solar powered, wireless and sunlight readable E-Paper Displays with information that perfectly integrates with the environment.

Performs like no other digital
billboard, because it's not like
no other digital billboard.

Citio - Technology to dream about the future
Citio - Technology to dream about the future

Design and innovation

Innovation is the key word for any successful product. PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS once again decided to challenge themselves and create a digital billboard with structure in metal and tempered glass or laminated + tempered glass. The minimalist and clean lines give na incredibly modern look to the kiosk. This in combination with compact and solid structure and a glass finish, conveys a image of style and robustness.

CITIO can be customized and developed in any color because tempered glass can receive drawings or colorsdepending on the desired customization.


  • E-Paper displays
  • Digital display in front
  • Digital displays on back
Citio - Technology to dream about the future


  • Backlit customization
  • Anti-reflex glass
  • Solar panel
Citio - Technology to dream about the future

Solar panel

PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS has always maintained a great concern for Nature and its future sustainability. CITIO can be equipped with the latest solar panel technology, which makes it possible to have USB plugs to charge mobile phones, etc.

Citio - Technology to dream about the future

A reference in sustainable technology!

Smart power consumption, less power consumption,
less maintenance, more savings. This features
reduces its ecological footprint.

Modular components to improve interaction
with the real world

The new concept of urban communication network is equipped with broadband and super fast Wi-Fi technology. The main objective is to offer equal opportunities, allowing access to the multiple functionalities of these new emerging digital platforms, in a totally free way for to the entire population of urban centers. For the implementation of these projects, funding can be obtained through business consortium, advertising and campaigns of Hot SMS and Geo SMS. This solution provides a secure, reliable and fast Internet (via wi-fi) access. This side display can also have a camera and headphones integrated for videoconferencing, VOIP connection, hyperlocal sensorization, USB-ports for smartphone charging, advertising and programmatic campaigns.

Citio - Technology to dream about the future
Citio - Technology to dream about the future

Side display

A new concept of urban communication network!

The CITIO's side display offers people-centered technology that transforms and unifies communities. This side display can work as a helppoint with acess to city emergency services, maps and directions.

Citio - Logo

The future
made simple!

A masterpiece of technology





Other characteristics

  • Solar Panels;
  • 65", 75" and 85" display sizes;
  • High brightness display;
  • Touch display;
  • VOIP;
  • Any RAL color;
  • Impact-resistant glass;
  • High-brightness technology;
  • High performance cooling;
  • Alerts;
  • Transit information;
  • Protective glass;
  • E-Paper Displays;
  • Mobile charging;
  • Wifi Hotspot;
  • Weather resistant;
  • Painted Steel, Aluminium or Stainless Steel;
  • Public transport information;
  • Remote management;
  • Local restaurants information;
  • Many other features...
Citio - Technology to dream about the future

Digital signage,
the face of the Machine!

All that really matters in one place.

News, maps, information, virtual assistance, emergencies, Internet and more. The last complement of CITIO can be managed remotely and adapted to the most varied circumstances.

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