SSBK Self Service Banking Kiosks

Self-Service Banking Kiosks

Banking automation

The innovation of financial services goes through the virtualization of customer service.

PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS develops tailor-made solutions for banking and the improvement of their financial services.

With the development of technology and the progressive virtualisation of banking, the need arose to evolve the traditional ATM to SSBK, providing many more services, in a single terminal.

SSBK enables the presentation of a much more complete and user-friendly virtual platform, while providing numerous components that significantly expand the range of services.

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Main advantages

SSBK Self Service Banking Kiosks uninterrupted service

Uninterrupted service

SSBK kiosks provide uninterrupted, ongoing service.

SSBK Self Service Banking Kiosks proximity to the client

Proximity to the client

All services can now be installed in a single kiosk and anywhere.

SSBK Self Service Banking reduction of costs

Reduction of costs

Self-service solution significantly reduces operating costs and captures more customers.

Closer to the customer

Provide your customers with a complete banking service accessible anywhere.

SSBK kiosks are an unavoidable reality to the evolution of banking and its proximity to customers. For this to be possible, it is critical that this technology must be simplified and cost-effective.

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SSBK Self Service Banking Kiosks


Compact, but complete.

The new generation of ATMs, with more functionalities and all the services of virtual banking.

SSBK Self Service Banking Kiosks
  • More

    Video Call / Video Surveillance.

  • More

    Touchscreen Display
    Accuracy of 2mm and up to 40 taps.
    Anti-glare glass, Capacitive, etc.

  • More

    Pin Pad
    Vandal-proof numeric keypad.

  • More

    Card Reader or Contactless

  • More

    Cash out
    Insert or remove your cash.

  • More

    Speakers and Microphone

  • More

    Infrared Reader
    Barcodes, QR Code and others.



Unparalleled performance, with more features!

For a complete service and full of new features, we present the SSBK M1.2.

In addition to all the components presented, it also provides:

SSBK Self Service Banking Kiosks
SSBK Self Service Banking Kiosks


  • Cheque deposit;
  • Deposit of banknotes/ coins;
  • USB input, SD memory cards;
  • Wireless, Bluetooth;
  • Input Headphones (AudioJack);
  • Telephone.


Fast, secure and intuitive cheque deposit

For depositing cheques, but also for cash, we present the SSBK IM1 kiosk.

This kiosk made to think about the experience of use, provides:

  • Cheque deposit;
  • Money deposit (notes);
  • Card reader and contacless;
  • Citizen Card Reader;
  • Interactive display.
SSBK Quiosques Bancários Self-Service


Efficiency and simplicity

This cheque deposit kiosk allows customers to deposit multiple cheques quickly and intuitively.

The use of kiosks minimizes queues at bank branches and allows customers to access the service more conveniently.

SSBK Quiosques Bancários Self-Service


The MINDELO SSBK self-service kiosk was designed for depositing checks and can be installed in indoor spaces.

Due to its versatility and the possibility of integration with various components, this model is easily adaptable to any location, offering a more comfortable and intuitive user experience.

SSBK Quiosques Bancários Self-Service

Main services

SSBK Quiosques Bancários Self-Service - serviço ininterrupto

Cheque Deposit

Deposit cheques in a quick and simple way.

SSBK Quiosques Bancários Self-Service próximo do cliente

Complete Integration

Fully integrated with multiple cheque payment systems.

SSBK Quiosques Bancários Self-Service redução de custos

Secure Transactions

The payment kiosk allows for a secure transaction.

Unlimited software

Self service with remote assistance.

The SSBK kiosks provide a unique experience with all the possibilities adapted to the context of each banking institution.

The software of this platform allows the client to be assisted or to contact remotely with a bank assistant. In this way, any financial service is available and supported by professionals.

How far can you get?

You decide! Configure SSBK S1 with more components.

SSBK Document reader


SSBK Envelope reader


SSBK Digital signature

Digital signature
of documents

SSBK Receipt printer

Document /
Receipt Printer

SSBK Fingerprint reader


SSBK Contactless NFC reader

Contactless /
NFC reader

SSBK Self Service Banking Kiosks

How it works

SSBK Self Service Banking Kiosks


Self-Service Banking Kiosk

Interactive kiosk where the customer independently performs all banking operations.

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SSBK Virtual Teller Center


Virtual Teller Center

Digital control unit that manages all data and processes in a safe and immediate way.

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SSBK Virtual Teller Agent


Virtual Teller Agent

Remote banking agent, which by video call provides instant customer support on SSBK.