The importance of investing in ultra high brightness LCDs

Turning waiting time into entertainment moments is something very important nowadays, leaving customers entertained and satisfied.

With all the technological development that we have been following, visual communication is one of the ways of communication that has had the greatest impact on users.

In areas of high exposure to sunlight, it is essential to choose ultra high brightness LCDs so that it is easily visible the content transmitted on the displays.

From the first LCD displays to the present day

The first steps in LCD technology began in 1897, when Karl Ferdinand Braun, a physicist and inventor, built the first cathode ray tube. This tiny tube would allow the first televisions to be built, creating an industry that has progressed quickly since its inception.

The second major advance in display technology came 10 years after Karl Ferdinand Braun, in 1907, with the discovery of electroluminescence by Henry Joseph Round.
This phenomenon would provide the first major step towards today’s LCD technology.

After several developments and various studies, the LCD display industry has expanded quickly and will continue to expand into new markets.
With the advances in technology, besides the creation of displays with different shapes and availability, ultra high brightness LCDs displays have emerged, an ideal solution developed for outdoor, semi-outdoor and window/glass applications.
Digital Billboard Model ZYTEC for Termas de Chaves

LCD Display Solutions

In order to cause impact and increase the visibility of a brand, company or business, the bet in digital signage solutions (displays, video walls and menu boards) has been an added value.

The display is an excellent tool for digital communication, which can be presented in shapes formats and its main objective is to attract the public’s attention.
With all the technological development that we have been following, visual communication is one of the forms of communication that has caused more impact on users.

The Video Wall consists of two or more displays placed close together to give the impression of being just one large display, showing part of the content in a synchronised manner.
This system can be composed of rear projection cubes, professional LCD monitors, stacked in a modular manner, forming a single video matrix.

This is a fantastic Digital Signage solution for your business and to make the visibility and notoriety of a brand a reality!

Menu Boards are a digital menu capable of transforming the communication of restaurants, bars, cafes, shops, among other commercial spaces. The digital displays are a unique opportunity for owners, because they allow displaying products and services in different supports, in a more attractive and interactive way than the traditional one.

New technologies have assumed an important role, allowing the use of the image in a more attractive way.
Digital Billboard PLASMV Model for Vila Nova de Famalicão

High brightness LCDs VS ultra brightness LCDs

Ultra high brightness LCDs are suitable for bright outdoor environments, even under direct sunlight, and these can be used 24/7, providing high contrast and excellent colour reproduction with a clear and visible image. This display offers a good solution for applications in environments with high sunlight exposure, ensuring that not only can its contents be seen, but also noticed, thus being a great competitive advantage.

Despite their merely similar characteristics, ultra brightness LCDs and high brightness LCDs are different when it comes to the intensity of their brightness.
The displays can be considered high brightness displays from 2500/ 3000 nits, and ultra brightness displays above 4000 nits.

Clear images and high contrast

PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS has a unique experience in the field of interactive technologies and digital signage solutions, being concerned with the quality of the multimedia kiosks and digital billboards it manufactures and commercialises.

Therefore, it is important to have special attention to all the components that integrate the technological equipments that it develops.
From the type of displays (high brightness and contrast) to the widest touch technologies.
Digital Billboard PLASMV Model for the Municipality of Reguengos de Monsaraz

1. Anti-reflective glass

The lass with “micro-etching” or anti-reflective treatment almost completely eliminates reflections and is suitable for use in ultra high brightness LCDs.

This glass with anti-reflective treatment is suitable whenever image quality requirements are high, allowing the installation of digital kiosks and mupis in environments susceptible to high luminosity and high reflections.

The excellent transparency of this glass allows you to have a perfect view through the glass, capable of adapting to multiple uses, making the image clearer and more sparkling.

2. Anti-glare glass

This type of glass offers an ultra-smooth experience, presenting a better touch experience. On sunny days, glare and reflections can be a huge problem obstructing vision.

The unique properties of anti-glare glass allow these annoying elements to be filtered out and reduced, enhancing the experience through a Ultra High Brightness LCD display.

3. Extra clear glass

The extra clear glass is usually used to obtain a real image quality. Compared to other glasses, extra clear glass is more transparent and offers a more optimized colour rendering.
Digital Billboard PLASMV Model for outdoor for the city of Petrovac, Serbia.

Why invest in high and ultra bright LCDs?

It is important to invest in ultra high brightness LCDs, a solution for high ambient light incidence applications for outdoor, semi-outdoor and window-facing applications.

  • Ultra high brightness LCDs can be easily viewed in direct sunlight, such as window displays or outdoor cases, without the interference of glare from glass and surrounding reflections;
  • All high and ultra bright LCDs produce a bright and vivid image;
  • The screen features a proprietary local dimming LED backlighting technique for a remarkably high contrast image.

For digital mupis located outdoors, due to the great sun exposure to which they are subject daily, it is important to ensure the existence of conditions that allow easy visibility of the content.

In this sense, investing in ultra high brightness LCDs is an added value for the projection of content since it ensures that no visitor will remain indifferent to the content that is being transmitted, facilitating and improving communication. All this will allow a great competitive advantage for the companies/brands which choose this kind of displays.

Therefore, PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS recommends ultra high brightness LCDs in order to improve the communication between the brand/ establishment and the visitors.