The role of digital kiosks in the development of tourism

In the tourism sector, digital kiosks have played an increasingly relevant role, taking into account their components and functionality.

Technological evolution and changing consumer behavior have also revolutionized the way we look at communication, which is now more direct, simple, autonomous and, above all, interactive.

In tourism, it is possible to maximize information capacity and contribute to greater productivity, quickness and quality of services, thanks to new technologies and digital kiosks.

Digital Billboard NOMYU for outdoor promotes tourism in Budva, Montenegro
Digital Billboard NOMYU for outdoor promotes tourism in Budva, Montenegro

In addition, these digital signage equipment are a way to attract tourists and provide them with important information, which makes them feel more connected while travelling.

The interactive kiosks end up working as an alternative to leaflets and maps, providing visitors with real-time information and contributing not only to communication and interaction, but also to sustainability.

As the digital signage trend grows, the tourism and travel industry begins to use this digital information to encourage tourists to better explore the destinations they visit. These interactive kiosks provide a kind of virtual “tour” through the various tourist spots, which ends up giving even more charm to the place.

Digital Billboard promotes tourism in Serbia
Digital Billboard promotes tourism in Serbia

Digital kiosks functionalities for tourism

Digital signage kiosks have proven to be the best marketing tools, especially for tourist attractions, as they provide up-to-date information at all times. But other features stand out, such as:

  • Information with city maps, tourist attractions, public transportation and contacts;
  • Interactive experiences for tourists, trips and tours;
  • Purchase of tickets;
  • Wireless hotspot for hotels;
  • Check-in and check-out at hotels;
  • Information about the hotel, services, spas, among others.

Queue management

PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS queue management systems are also fundamental in tourism. These systems ensure a better organization of services, optimize service processes and end the traditional queue, which translates into greater comfort in service, both for customers and employees. In tourism, and taking into account that people may be on vacation, it is important to ensure that they do not have to wait too long for their turn. In addition, there is better organization and management of the flow of visitors.

Service Management for Porto Tourism Office
Service Management for Porto Tourism Office

Thus, queue management with ticket dispensers responds to all service configurations, from a basic system to a sophisticated business solution. On the other hand, single queue management is distinguished by its efficiency in queue management and is based on the logic of service: “first to arrive, first to be attended”. Multi-queue attendance management, in turn, is ideal for multiple service counters. Also the issuing of online tickets is very useful in the tourism sector, taking into account that it avoids crowds and allows tourists to even be absent during the waiting period.


PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS’ QMAGINE Wayfinder software is essential in digital kiosks as it can help in guiding tourists. Through the touch screen, visitors can locate where they want to go as well as the best way to get there.

This software is nothing more than a set of tracks made up of visual, auditory, tactile elements, among others, which allows people to find their way on large surfaces. With this software, users and tourists have at their disposal an extremely useful tool for searching for places of interest.

With great precision and detail, this software is ideal for the tourism sector, taking into account that:

  • It is easy to use;
  • Indicates points of interest, paths and shortcuts;
  • Allows visitors to upload maps and routes on their cell phones by reading a QR Code;
  • Provide accessible routes for visitors with reduced mobility.
Self Check-In Kiosks for Eva Senses Hotel
Self Check-In Kiosks for Eva Senses Hotel

10 benefits of digital kiosks for tourism

Whether at the airport, bus stops or train stations, on the street or in a local park, multimedia kiosks are important tools for tourists, as well as bringing several benefits, such as:

1 – Improving the visitor experience

In addition to providing up-to-date information to tourists (which may include prices, opening hours, maps and other crucial information), digital kiosks also display photographs and videos. This quick and easy to use system, by providing important information about the destination in question, allows the visitor to feel more involved.

2 – Elimination of language barriers

By offering the tourist the option of choosing the desired language, the kiosk makes it even easier to find information – without the language barriers.

Tourism digital billboards for Tróia Peninsula
Tourism digital billboards for Tróia Peninsula

3 – Provision of a permanently updated service

The access to constantly updated information, anywhere and anytime, turns out to be a novelty for tourists.

4 – Increased revenue for local companies

Through digital kiosks and their ability to promote tourist attractions, many local companies are able to increase their revenue.

5 – Interactive tourism

The fact that the kiosks are interactive promotes the curiosity of visitors. As far as information and communication systems are concerned, society is making less and less use of traditional information media, thus requiring new systems in which technology disseminates the necessary information in real time and in a more attractive, accessible and organized way.

NOMYU INLITE for Tourism in Belgrade
NOMYU INLITE for Tourism in Belgrade

6 – Advertising

PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS digital kiosks allow companies and organizations to promote their products, events, attractions and offers through the exhibition of interactive information.

7 – Accessibility

Taking into account all the features of digital kiosks, it is important to highlight the usefulness they have for people with some kind of disability. They are, in fact, a great tool to provide information to people with visual or hearing problems as they display images and produce sounds.

8 – Multimedia

With the digital kiosks, it is possible to take pictures, which allows, therefore, the impression of experiences.

9 – Easy and intuitive use

PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS digital kiosks, produced to enhance visitor involvement and experience, are easy and intuitive to use.

Interactive digital billboard promotes tourism in Switzerland
Interactive digital billboard promotes tourism in Switzerland

10 – Elegant and modern kiosks

With a contemporary and ergonomic design, PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS digital kiosks stand out for innovation.

Besides the outdoor digital kiosks, most commonly used in tourist destinations, PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS has other solutions for the tourism sector, namely for hotels.

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Through self check-in kiosks and transactional and payment kiosks (such as FLYCOIN, SELFCASHY or CASHARMOUR), for example, guests have a better experience when travelling, as well as a fast and improved reception service. More than that, visitors have access to automated services and have the possibility to pay in various ways for their stay at the hotel.

PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS Technology helps develop Tourism in Cyprus
PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS Technology helps develop Tourism in Cyprus

Digital kiosks are universal and are increasingly used all over the world, allowing everyone to enjoy the places they visit. They are also, in a way, simplifying different aspects of the travel and tourism industry.

PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS has several solutions for the tourism sector and develops equipment customized to the needs of each client and each project.