ClusterWall is the future of remote work

For organizations that have had to adapt their routines to the fact that employees work from home, there are some challenges that have to be overcome to make this an equally productive period. PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS ClusterWall not only shortens distances, but also promotes connection and interactivity (on one platform) from home.

As companies experience the need to implement remote work, it is realized that the value of technology is undeniable when it comes to connection and productivity. However, many companies are taking the first steps when it comes to remote work, so they need some help and encouragement – especially in terms of digital tools and platforms.

ClusterWall, ideal for remote work, is a platform that allows you to aggregate content (blog, articles, documents, videos, photographs, white papers, notices, tweets, etc.). Besides allowing the creation, management and optimization of customized content experiences – in an easy and intuitive way – ClusterWall allows the remote communication between all the company’s employees. This way, and with ClusterWall, you will no longer have problems working or managing a team remotely.

Given the remote working mode, it is important to have access to tools that not only help to shorten the distances between teams, but also allow easier and more efficient management of each other’s tasks.

PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS ClusterWall promotes connection and interactivity
PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS ClusterWall promotes connection and interactivity

With simple click, scroll and zoom actions, everyone will have immediate access to documents and published information from home. The possibility of creating categories and themes, as well as an advanced search engine, make the contents easily searchable.

ClusterWall is synonymous of productivity

ClusterWall allows the publication of an unlimited number of information, as the user chooses the content he wants to consume. This content, in turn, is organized by cluster, making user navigation easier.

Nevertheless, working from home can be a challenge, especially in aspects such as team management. However, ClusterWall aims to simplify communication between teams and administration, so that working time at home is well used.

Thus, here are some advantages of ClusterWall that can be highlighted:

  • Communication;
  • Accessibility;
  • Productivity;
  • Organization;
  • Content sharing.

Shortening distances has never been easier!

Whatever the structure of the company, and taking into account that employees should be able to perform their remote work efficiently, ClusterWall can gather the most important functionalities within an organization:

  • Social Media;
  • Interaction;
  • Democratization of information;
  • Digital signature;
  • Document management;
  • Reduced search time;
  • Screensaver;
  • Customization;
  • Prevention of information loss;
  • Responsive system;
  • Increase of reliable content.
ClusterWall allows the publication of an unlimited number of information
ClusterWall allows the publication of an unlimited number of information

Share without limits

ClusterWall makes it easier to share multimedia content – in a platform that is customized to your needs. Besides being able to explore the social networks of your interest, you can add content that you want to share with your customers or employees, so that there is interaction even in remote work.

Accessible anywhere, this platform has several sharing options:

  • Sharing your own content;
  • Private sharing of contents;
  • Public content sharing;
  • Obtaining information about content performance;
  • Information on the most viewed and most shared contents;
  • Increased engagement.

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Enabling the creation of administrator profiles, ClusterWall also allows:

  • Creation of profiles;
  • Multimedia contents;
  • Online;
  • Several terminals.
ClusterWall makes it easier to share multimedia content
ClusterWall makes it easier to share multimedia content

Corporate mobility and digital transformation have transformed workspaces. In a technologically advanced age, many office tasks can be performed at home, more specifically through ClusterWall. This brings positive results for both employees and companies, who can overcome the main obstacles related to remote work.

Technology is an instrument for opening institutions to the world, since it enables the formation of increasingly connected citizens. PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS, therefore, continues to develop technological solutions for companies and institutions in order to promote well-being and communication among all.