Clusterwall, the future of visitor management for any establishment

Clusterwall is an internal or external social network, for sharing content (blog, articles, PDF files, videos, photos, white papers, notices, twitter…), and that allows the creation, management and optimization of tailored content experiences, in an easy and very intuitive way.

In an increasingly technological and digital age, internal social networks can emerge as a solution that promotes company-wide engagement.

In this sense, PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS has created the Clusterwall software for visit management. With different functionalities, this interactive software is adaptable to different sectors and industries in order to control entries and manage all visits.

Clusterwall’s Visitor Management System allows you to streamline and manage the visitor registration process and provide a professional, secure and intuitive process.

The entire visit management process is digital and the system ensures that the visitor is willing to comply with entry agreements that are unique to your company or facility.
Visitor & Access Management System

Complete Visitor Management System Process

Clusterwall gathers all the necessary information from your company’s visitors to help you organize and prepare your visits.
Thus, Clusterwall works in a very practical way, presenting a simple solution in the Visitor Management process.

  1. Invitation to Visit
    Send a personalized invitation to pre-register and schedule your visit.
    Este é um software baseado em técnicas inovadoras e análise de imagem, usando uma webcam padrão, câmara IP, ou sistemas de análise de vídeo especiais.
  2. Pre-Registration
    Pre-registration of the visitor’s data with date and time of visit and digital signature of documents and confidentiality terms.
  3. Check-in
    The visitor can check-in at the facilities from a tablet/iPad or at a self-service kiosk.
  4. During the visit
    Prepare the visit and welcome the visitor with a unique experience in your facilities.
  5. Check-out
    The visitor checks-out (tablet/iPad orkiosk) or the employee/visitor checks-out directly at the backoffice.

The main benefits of Clusterwall in visitor management

For effective and efficient visit management, clusterwall combines a good first impression with a secure environment and provides your visitors with an unforgettable experience.

The Clusterwall platform brings together numerous benefits for all users:

1. Modernization of the reception of all visits

As soon as the visitor transmits to the company that he wants to make a visit, an email is sent to him with a link to pre-register and schedule the visit in Clusterwall;

  • Notifies the employee;
  • Reception without waiting;
  • Customized registration layout;
  • Digital signature of terms and conditions;
  • Keeps the lobby free.
    Clusterwall: Visitor and Access Management System

2. Entry and exit control of employees

The use of self-service kiosks combined with ClusterWall software allows you to access a resource to register the entry and exit of your company’s employees.

3. Comunicação com os visitantes por videochamada

With a simple click on ClusterWall’s video call option, your visitors can make a video call with any department in your company at any time.

This solution can be used to solve problems or have simple and quick conversations with your visitors or employees, without the need for physical contact and unnecessary travel.

Besides all these advantages, ClusterWall’s Visitor Management system also allows you to streamline and manage the visitor registration process, providing a professional, safe and intuitive process.

How does it work with self-service kiosks?

Clusterwall, combined with the use of a self-service kiosk, allows visitors to announce their arrival to your facility by logging into the kiosk using the data filled in the pre-registration.
After check-in, a QR-Code is sent to the visitor’s email address to serve as identification.

At the site of the visit, the visitor must check-in on site before entering, so the employee in charge of receiving him/her will be notified via email or SMS without the need for third party intervention.

  • Card Printing
    Print the ID card when visitors check-in
  • Notifications
    Automatically notifies the employee of the visitor’s arrival. Notification can be done via email or SMS.
    Visitor & Access Management System

Management of incoming and outgoing transports

With the use of self-service kiosks, speed up the entry and exit of transports where drivers can enter their personal data, vehicle license plate number, company and type of cargo.

After check-in, the data is sent to the loading dock and the driver is notified at the kiosk which dock he has to go to.

If the dock is not ready or there are no available docks, an email or SMS will be sent to the driver at a later date indicating the number of the available dock for unloading.

  • Transport check-in
    Check-in personalizado para transportes de cargas e descargas com indicação de nome da empresa e matrícula do veículo.
  • Loading dock
    Notificação via email ou SMS enviada para o motorista, qual o cais a que o motorista se deve dirigir e, caso o cais de carga ainda não esteja pronto para o receber, será também notificado.