Videocall assistant, the technology that will revolutionize and customize every customer’s experience

Physical stores are in a constant struggle against online competition.

Adoption of online channels started long before the Covid-19 pandemic, but now, after the Covid-19 crisis has ended, consumers expect to change and adapt their shopping habits, increasingly going online.

Although some changes in customer behavior had already been developing before the pandemic, the crisis has affected customer behavior.

In this changing environment, and aiming to create value in offline physical stores, technologies present an opportunity to connect customers with each company’s values and brand in an engaging and humanized way.

Videocalls, remote attendance and live shopping for retail stores with clusterwall

Videocall Assistant

The Videocall Assistant is a communication channel and a medium that offers dynamism and a sense of human connection.

Remote attendance through videocall in the multimedia kiosks installed in the store (speeding up and improving the attendance experience).

Remote attendance anywhere, since by reading the QR Code (which can be in the store window, on social networks or inside the store), you can make the video call whenever and wherever you want.

Video call attendance at home, where the customer simply stores the QR Code and accesses ClusterWall when he wants to be attended to.

What are the benefits?

  • Self-service saves time by reducing the total number of employees needed to resolve customer issues;
  • Having the entire support team in one place simplifies quality management and agent training;
  • Co-browsing helps resolve application-related issues faster;
  • Video and collaboration capabilities improve company image and customer loyalty;
  • Video enables support for hearing-impaired passengers at any train station;
  • The implementation of several kiosks in large stations helps to reduce passenger queues.

Clusterwall increases communication between stores and clients

Through Clusterwall from PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS, it is possible to share messages, news, updates, notices, events, announcements, promotions, etc.

  • Information point with associated QR Code;
  • Scan the QR Code with your smartphone;
  • Choose the desired service;
  • Remote attendance by video call.

With Clusterwall’s videocall functionality, the stores, through an employee, can offer a more personal and personalized service, called “one to one” service.
Clusterwall videocalls for retail

Prioritize customer support solutions!

The ZEMYU kiosk can function as a Helping Point, to support customers in the most diverse commercial surfaces.
This kiosk can be installed in strategic points of malls or stores, for easy access by customers.

As soon as a customer approaches the ZEMYU, a proximity sensor is activated and, on an optionally interactive display, a video call is initiated with a store employee to support the customer.

The kiosk is equipped with a webcam, speakers and microphone for quick and intuitive interaction with store employees.

Everything you need in one place!

ZEMYU was thought to be implemented in large commercial spaces where there are large crowds of customers.
This way, it will be possible to serve all customers, helping them with any information they need.

Videocalls and remote assistance in the different sectors

In the hospitality sector, many hotels have several distinct areas where questions and the need for customer support may arise.
In this sense, the clusterwall for videocalls appears as an ideal solution for these situations, providing remote assistance via video call in various areas such as, for example, in the restaurant area, pool, gym, etc.

As the use of technologies that support remote consultations by video call is increasing, Clusterwall is  video call is increasing, Clusterwall is an essential platform for the pharmaceutical sector to be able to respond in a practical and effective way to users.

  • Videocall consultations;
  • Plan prescriptions;
  • Order medications.
Connect pharmacies and patients through videocalls with Clusterwall

Technological developments are transforming the retail and commercial sector.
As the use of fulfillment support technologies is increasing, remote fulfillment for the retail sector is ideal for stores to respond effectively and conveniently to customers and provide them with all the information they need to know about products.

In hyper and supermarkets, doubts arise regularly when it comes to the different products that the brand offers to all customers.
Clusterwall comes to solve this problem by providing support to all customers through video calls. Thus, in the presence of a doubt, the customer can access the software, and will be directed to a call with an assistant that will help him.

PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS‘ main mission is to help its clients grow through our dedication and attention to all the interventions we make.
It is with this attitude and commitment that we conquer the trust of our partners and clients.