DOOH and OOH Communication through PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS Digital Billboards

Digital kiosks and billboards, such as those produced by PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS, have revolutionized the advertising and communication landscape, offering dynamic and engaging platforms to present products and services, digital marketing is also constantly evolving and programmatic advertising is becoming one of the best ways to reach customers and target audiences in Digital-Out-Of-Home (DOOH) advertising.

With this digitalization and technological evolution, there has been a marked growth in DOOH, particularly through digital billboards such as PLASMV and the ZYTEC billboard. However, it is important to understand the differences between DOOH and OOH (Out-Of-Home) and their application through kiosks and digital billboards, which will be explained in this article.

The Purpose of Communication with Digital Billboards

As a rule, digital billboards, such as PLASMV and ZYTEC, developed and produced by PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS, which are billboards for outdoor or indoor applications, seek to attract the attention of the target audience, which results in a certain response from them. . The main objective of digital communication with these billboards is to inform and make the business, brand, services and products known to citizens. There is the intention of transmitting a message for quick and clear observation.

Furthermore, these digital communication equipments are a way to attract tourists and provide important information to them, which makes them feel more connected while traveling.

The ZYTEC and PLASMV interactive kiosks end up functioning as an alternative to brochures and maps, providing real-time information to visitors and contributing not only to communication and interaction, but also to sustainability.

As the digital signage trend grows, the tourism and travel industry is beginning to use this digital information to encourage tourists to better explore the destinations they visit. These interactive kiosks provide a virtual tour of the various tourist attractions, which ends up giving the place even more charm.

The Role of DOOH and OOH

Physical presence is the strong point of this communication, which has always managed to create a totally immersive experience for the public.

In an increasingly urbanized world, where a lot of information circulates quickly, keeping people’s attention has become an arduous task. With the introduction of new technologies, the use of PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS’ ZYTEC and PLASMV digital billboards, in different locations, became even more interesting. And so DOOH communication was born.

Digital-Out-Of-Home (DOOH), is a means of digital communication, which can very efficiently measure consumer behaviors, among other very interesting features that we will continue to cover in this article.

Digital signage, combined with interactive kiosks and PLASMV digital billboards and ZYTEC interactive billboards, provides several advantages for any type of business.

With several years of experience in the market, PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS knows that DOOH communication offers many benefits for citizens, services, companies and markets.

Check out some of the benefits below:

  • Stopping Power – Great potential to attract public attention;
  • Content displayed in high quality;
  • Promotion of advertisements in different formats;
  • Integration with mobile devices, internet, social networks and other technologies on the market;
  • Audience reach, with campaigns and advertisements targeted at specific market niches;
  • Allows you to make updates remotely;
  • Among other benefits adapted to different media.

On the other hand, the main objective of OOH, Out-Of-Home communication, is to reach people when they walk through streets, avenues, highways or public spaces, such as squares, shopping centers, parks and exhibitions. This type of advertising has become more popular as people also spend more time outside the home.

Although this concept is related to massification, it is possible to use it locally, with the implementation of interactive PLASMV and ZYTEC billboards in strategic locations.

The main differences between these two forms of advertising lie, above all, in the messages they intend to transmit, the ease of purchase, the interactivity and the benefits of each one. Given the fact that everyone can access news in real time, it is important to emphasize, from the beginning, that OOH communication cannot be updated as easily as DOOH communication. Therefore, the OOH message must, nowadays, be designed in such a way that it does not become obsolete and uninteresting for those who see it.

The Advantage of ZYTEC and PLASMV Interactive Billboards

Digital Billboards are, therefore, an alternative to traditional forms of disseminating information, contributing to the reduction of production and distribution costs of information, as well as the environment.

In addition to contributing to the development of digital signage and communication, Digital Billboards and Interactive Kiosks have several benefits:

  • Increased citizen satisfaction;
  • Promotion of municipalities as preferred tourist destinations;
  • Increased revenue and visibility;
  • Promotion of sustainable development;
  • Connection between citizens and the city.

The ZYTEC model, developed and produced by PARTTEM & OEMKIOSKS, with simple and modern lines, the versatility of the ZYTEC model, as well as the ease of adaptation to any environment, is one of its great assets.

Ergonomic and sustainable, ZYTEC can be segmented for any market or sector, responding to customer needs.

With a solid and compact constitution, with a glass frame that makes it more elegant, the mupi was designed to remain in external or internal spaces, withstanding different climatic conditions. With simple and modern lines, the versatility of this model, as well as the ease of adapting to any environment, is one of its assets.

In addition to being an information point for citizens, PLASMV digital billboards allow users to take selfies and send them by email, through the integration of an optional webcam.

The PLASMV model relies on interactive technology and was developed to be used anywhere – indoor or outdoor – and for any type of application. Modern and versatile, this Digital Billboard is ideal for displaying interactive maps or a wayfinding system solution.

Can be used as a support for commercial communication or to disseminate information to visitors, Digital Signage covers the creation and management of multimedia content. It concerns dynamic and interactive solutions, capable of adapting to any space, making it more modern and attractive.

Given the digital era in which we live, PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS has been developing technological solutions that aim to meet the needs of different sectors of activity.

With the best image quality on the market, PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS digital signage displays offer innovative content that informs, engages and entertains.