The Future of Banks is Digital

In view of technological development, the progressive virtualization of banking and, consequently, the change in customer expectations, the pace of change in the banking sector needs to accelerate. In order to obtain lower costs and provide better customer experience, the banking sector has surrendered to the digitalization capabilities of services.

Until recently, banks wanted to automate customer transactions to reduce costs. However, and taking into account the current situation, automation has proved to be an essential tool in the customer’s own experience. In fact, in many banks – all over the world – there is already the possibility of increasing the economy of this sector by 50% through the migration to digital.

After all, this is a slow process, so banks should try to make this a progressive change. Firstly, this sector must design tools and digital channels that are easy to use and must show to customers how they are used. Then, banks must combine the areas of digital education, self-service, transactions, and advice, so that everything can work effectively. Thirdly and lastly, the banking sector must make employees aware of this new reality and make it possible for them to begin to perform functions more related to the digital.

Taking into account this digital transformation – which is increasingly felt in the banking sector –, the SSBK (Self-Service Banking Kiosks) concept emerged, which far exceeds the functionalities of common ATM’s. The digitalization of banking represents a benefit for institutions and their customers, especially because, through self-service, the customer is able to make payments and make transfers without having to go to the bank. In addition, this system turns out to be more efficient for both the bank and its employees.

PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS, with SSBK, presents customers with a virtual platform that autonomously performs all banking operations while managing all data and processes in a safe and immediate way. Among other functions, the software on this platform allows the customer to be assisted or to contact a bank assistant remotely. Thus, any financial service is available and assisted by professionals. In addition to this functionality, PARTTEAM’s SSBK M1.2 provides a deposit of checks; deposit of notes and coins; USB port and SD memory cards; wireless, Bluetooth; headphone jack (audio-jack) and telephone.

The importance of banking virtualization

It is possible to automate all areas of a financial institution, which includes internal processes and customer service. In the banking sector, too, the benefits for consumers are many. Queues at banks and calls to managers cease to exist. This facility improves customer satisfaction rates and ends up bringing new business opportunities.

What are the advantages?

Investing in bank digitization is crucial to improve the customer experience. In this sense, there are several benefits that digital brings to the population:

  • Efficiency: SSBK kiosks provide uninterrupted service, in constant operation;
  • Pragmatism: All services can now be installed in a single kiosk and anywhere;
  • Cost reduction: SSBK’s self-service solution significantly reduces operating costs and attracts more customers;
  • Increased productivity: With the help of technology, employees are more productive, as they carry out their duties in less time and dedicate themselves to more important and strategic services;
  • Improved service: Once satisfied customers generate new business opportunities, technology is central to the search for excellent service;
  • Reduction of errors: The probability of a machine making a mistake is less than that of a human being, so there is a decrease in mistakes and, therefore, in losses for the customer and the bank;
  • Standardization of services and processes: For the bank, this means keeping the operation running smoothly, while optimizing team productivity;
  • Database integration: Bank digitization ends with archaic systems and integrates all databases, which allows more agility and efficiency in information sharing;
  • Obtaining reports: The software is able to capture, store and tabulate all the data it obtains, turning them into reports;
  • Agility: With the elimination of manual work, which starts to be carried out automatically, there is agility in the processes;
  • Identifying fraud: Banking automation allows fraud to be identified with greater accuracy and agility.

Bank digitization is essential for the development of an institution. This new bet is revolutionizing customer service and creating solutions that make life easier. It also generates greater satisfaction and a more practical routine for everyone.

PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS is a world reference in the development and manufacture of digital solutions, capable of enhancing the success of any event.