IK standard guidelines for equipment with increased safety and strength

Nowadays, the equipment represents an innovation, present in all types of spaces belonging to large retailers, and the equipment presented outdoors is the most likely to be damaged or to be the target of deliberate vandalism.

It is therefore important to invest in outdoor equipment equipped with technology and protection capable of ensuring resistance to the most diverse environments.

Higher risk areas

In several establishments, due to the large number of users, it is evident that wear and tear is inevitable in several situations such as:

  • Banking Kiosks;
  • Ticketing machines;
  • Information terminals in public areas or in museums;
  • Smart payments;
  • Hyper and supermarkets;
  • Health;

Besides the areas present inside the stores, we can also find equipment located outside, such as digital billboards, ticketing and payment kiosks, digital signage displays, information displays, among many others.

In equipment located outdoors, the damage and vandalism is even more evident in these situations, taking into account that the deterioration of the equipment occurs several times on purpose.

On the other hand, wear and tear due to inevitable reasons such as environmental issues and constant use of the equipment is something that cannot be avoided.

PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS invests in the production of resistant equipment

What does IK protection consist of?

In order to avoid as much as possible the need for future repairs and with the objective of increasing the resistance of the equipment, it is important to invest in companies that focus on the production of equipment with the highest resistance, with the main objective of guaranteeing that the clients enjoy the best experience possible for as long as possible.

What is protection and the IK standard

Protection by the IK code takes into account several degrees of protection. These degrees of protection against extreme shocks are defined taking into account the degree of resistance of the equipment.

This protection corresponds to an internationally standardised model in accordance with the EN 62262 standard, and equipment with this type of protection can be officially certified.

IK protection can be measured using various codes numbered from IK00 to IK10, each code representing a different degree of protection. The IK00 degree of protection corresponds to devices that have no protection at all against strong impacts, while a device with an IK10 degree of protection corresponds to a device with the highest degree of protection, which is almost completely free of damage.

With an IK10 protection code, dropping a weight equivalent to 5 kg from a height of 40 cm on the surface in question will not cause any damage due to the presence of high and resistant protection.

Equipment with officially certified IK protection

The value of protection in outdoor Digital Kiosks and Mupis

As outdoor digital kiosks and mupis are the most vulnerable to damage due to climatic contrasts, irregular weather and even physical damage, it is important that they have the highest degree of resistance and are able to operate taking into account these specific situations.

Advantages of IK protection

With IK protection ranging from IK00 (unprotected) to IK10 (maximum protection), the higher the IK rating, the more advantages are presented:

  • Reduces the probability of physical damage;
  • Avoids repair costs;
  • Reduces the need for maintenance;
  • Increases protection against wear and tear in the long term;
  • Increases lifetime;
  • Makes devices more resistant to impacts;
  • Increases protection against moisture, ice, hail, extremely high and low temperatures;

Therefore, when purchasing outdoor equipment, it is important to take into consideration the protection level of each device and to opt for equipment which complies with higher IK protection levels, in order to guarantee the highest security and resistance of the equipment.

Experience and technical knowledge in manufacturing and digital innovations

In order to follow the clients’ needs and invest in top technology, PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS uses its high experience and technical knowledge in manufacturing and selling through its digital innovations among which multimedia kiosks, digital mupis and interactive tables for different market sectors.

PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS can produce equipment with the most different degrees of IK protection, with robust glass thicknesses, metallic, aluminium, acrylic, stainless steel and anti-vandal structures with security locks and ventilation and heating systems.

In order to guarantee the highest quality and safety of all equipment, the brand provides its customers with the best solutions, focusing on sustainability, ensuring a better tomorrow and protecting equipment in order to avoid the need for future repairs.