QSR Kiosks (Quick Service Restaurant), an attraction for the Millennial generation and an innovation for restaurants

In an increasingly connected, independent and autonomous world, it is important to observe and monitor consumer behavior and its changes over time.
Given today’s society and the Millennial generation, some services became obsolete and traditional solutions give way to technology and innovation.

Since the search for digital and practical solutions is something that increasingly pleases consumers, especially the Millennial generation, QSR Kiosks in the restaurant area are emerging as a new concept today.

QSR self-service kiosks appear as an autonomous option to place an order in the restaurant area without the need for help from any employee. In this way, the customer can customize their order according to their preferences and pay at the same place after placing their order, facilitating the experience of consumers.

So that each QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) Kiosk can be adapted to different situations, it is currently possible to choose to customize each kiosk, adding accessories so that it fits perfectly into your space.
This personalization makes the purchase process smoother, providing the necessary tools for a more efficient, fast and uninterrupted service.

Quiosques Digitais Self-Service Melhoram Experiência do cliente
Self-Service digital kiosks improve customer experience

How should QSR Kiosks be used?

The way QSR Kiosks work is simple.
The customer selects what he wants, chooses what he wants for his meal, which can be customized by himself and enters the details of the loyalty program, if applicable in the restaurant in question. Once the order has been placed, you make the payment using the most relevant method and receive the invoice with the order number that corresponds to you.
In all points of sale, in addition to the QSR Kiosks, there is a monitor with the numbers of orders in process or ready for delivery that complete the experience.

The point of sale receives orders, already invoiced and paid for, on a tablet or mobile phone.

After accepting the order, it enters “preparation” mode, making this information available to the customer. Once the order is completed, the restaurant operator presses the “ready” button on the tablet or mobile phone, and the customer is automatically notified through the monitor that their meal can be collected.
Optionally, when the order is ready, and if the customer chooses to be notified via SMS, the PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS system sends an SMS directly to the customer so that he can go to the restaurant and collect his order.

When the number corresponding to the order of the customer is ready for delivery, the customer must go to the counter, collect their order and enjoy the best possible experience.

Advantages of QSR Kiosks

According to the restaurant owners, this is a solution that has numerous advantages:

  • Reduce the probability of orders being wrong, since part of the process is done by the customer;
  • Possibility to change the visualization and menus quickly and without associated costs;
  • Improved visualization of menu images and what each one represents, as well as more information and details about the menus;
  • Reduce queues and waiting time;
  • It is 75% more ecological as it avoids wasting paper when printing menus and brochures;
  • 99% more organized because QSR helps customers manage their time and avoid queues;

The statistics speak for themselves

According to recent statistics, the implementation of QSR Kiosks has become very important in the restaurant area:

  • 15% of sales increased significantly through QSR Kiosks;
  • 42% of customers prefer to use self-service kiosks in restaurants;
  • 37% of restaurant owners consider the customer ordering process to be an important area of ​​development;
  • 20% of consumers consume more when they use self-service kiosks;
  • 72% of consumers like to personalize their orders;

QSR kiosks today

Currently, a lot of international restaurant giants prefer QSR solutions in order to streamline spaces and improve the consumer experience.


There are big renowned brands such as, for example, KFC.
The American fast-food restaurant chain KFC, headquartered in Louisville, is present in more than 30 restaurants in Portugal, and internationally it has 14,000 restaurants located in more than 80 countries. KFC, in order to innovate, bets on technological solutions such as QSR Kiosks. This is a solution that has brought unexpected results and has led KFC to increase its presence in all countries around the world.

 Aeroporto Internacional do Bahrain investe em quiosques self-service da PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS
Bahrain internacional airport invests in Self-Service kiosks by PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS


In addition to KFC, we cannot overlook the example of McDonald’s, the world’s largest chain of fast food restaurants, serving around 68 million customers a day in 119 countries through 37,000 points of sale.
Based in the United States and spread all over the world, the brand is positioned as a reference restaurant for its irreverence and constant innovation and technological monitoring.
Thus, McDonald’s invests in QSR digital kiosks in order to streamline its services and provide the best experience to those who visit the space.
With the implementation of this technology, McDonald’s continues to grow and bring to its consumers a unique and peerless experience, giving customers the possibility of personalization and autonomy.

Burger King

Another brand with great weight in the restaurant and fast-food restaurants area is Burger King, a restaurant chain founded in the United States, which opened its first unit in Miami.
Currently, the brand goes far beyond expectations, being present in the four corners of the world and now counting on a network of more than 101 restaurants in Portugal.
Burger King relies on QSR Kiosks in order to boost its market performance.

For this task, Burger King had the help of PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS, a globalized national company, with suppliers and partners spread across the four corners of the world. With the support of PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS, Burguer King implemented QSR Kiosks in Cyprus, with the quality of the kiosks made in Portugal.
These are suspended checkout kiosks, with 32” monitors, with an integrated payment and receipt printing system, with a functional and minimalist design, adding ergonomics and practicality to the equipment.

Through this technology, the customer places his order, being able to customize each menu, and also having the possibility to choose different means of payment.

Aeroporto Internacional do Bahrain investe em quiosques self-service da PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS
Bahrain internacional airport invests in Self-Service kiosks by PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS

QSR Kiosks are increasingly a system to be adopted in the restaurant sector, providing all customers with an unparalleled experience.
In this way, companies reduce human resources costs, making the process easier and more autonomous for the consumer.
With the help of PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS, the customizable experience smoothes the purchase act, providing the necessary tools for an effective, fast and uninterrupted service in the sales process.