How to do a successful customer service management for all customers

The experience of each customer when it comes to service and the way it is done says a lot about the brand/company in question.

Since, in many cases, the experience carries more weight than the price itself, it is important to ensure the quality of each service, in order to monitor and analyze customer satisfaction.

Keep the customer busy and informed

When the customer is distracted while waiting their turn, it is important that time seems to pass more quickly.

During the waiting period, you should provide the customer with actions that make them distracted from the waiting time or the size of the line.

You can do this through visual distractions such as showing digital signage content, or simply by not “forcing” the customer to stay at the location, by providing interactive solutions such as letting them know by message how long it is until their appointment, or taking the ticket via the web, before they even go to the location.

Whenever there is a wait that goes beyond what normally occurs, pass this information to the customers, keep them informed.

PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS implements multi-store queue management solution at Vila Do Conde Porto Fashion Outlet

Start the service process as soon as possible

Any task that puts the customer at a transition point to the service will be efficient in their perception.

Self-service/check-in kiosks serve as an example and provide the customer with an autonomy that gives them more time and removes the need for them to go to the service counter, manually fill out information forms, among other tasks that make the whole service faster and possible.

Keep calm and present different solutions

Not all customers will be willing to wait for various reasons such as lack of time and boredom.

In these situations it is necessary to keep calm, and above all, to provide different solutions such as not “making” the customer wait on the spot, or even letting him know how long it will take to be attended to.

Be dynamic and proactive

Keep your customer entertained and distracted while they wait, either through kiosks or digital signage with diverse content. With this, in addition to reducing the feeling of waiting, you increase satisfaction and interaction with your customer.

Farmácia Oliveira and Farmácia Isabelinha requalify spaces with Queue Management systems Qmagine

Successful customer service management for all customers

For a successful customer service management, it is important to opt for solutions that aim to improve the experience of all those who go through the most diverse services.

Thus, PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS, among many other solutions, has developed QUARTZ ticket dispenser kiosks for a successful attendance management.

Gestão de atendimento de fila única

This system is ticket-free and is distinguished by its efficiency in queue management.
With one queue/service for several counters, the single queue system is one of the simplest models for managing queues.

Whenever a service counter is free, the operator presses the call button and the number of the counter available for service is shown on the display.
It is a perfect solution for retail stores, airports, and pharmacies.

Gestão de filas por senha

This is a queue management solution that responds to all configurations of attendance management, regardless of business areas.

This attendance system can comprise a basic or enterprise solution, and can involve different players.

We not only provide the service through ticket dispensers, but also through a mobile application that, in a quick and intuitive way, will facilitate and optimize the attendance/queue management.

Municipality of Lousada invests in PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS Interactive Kiosks

Gestão de atendimento multi-filas

This is a multi-queue management system, ideal for multiple service counters.
After the ticket is requested at the ticket dispenser kiosk, the customer will be alerted at his turn, indicating which counter he should go to.

Custom tickets

In order to make attendance management even more dynamic, the tickets issued by the PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS kiosks can be customized, according to the client’s brand or graphic identity.

The customization of the tickets helps to have a more effective and more interesting representation of the queue management system implemented in the establishment.

You can customize the logo to be displayed at the top of the ticket, display the service, the ticket number and the estimated waiting time, and even place one or several warning or thank you messages for the customers.

PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS implements multi-store queue management solution at Vila Do Conde Porto Fashion Outlet

Service Performance Evaluation

After a service has been provided, it is important to offer all customers the possibility to evaluate the performance of the service provided.Through these questionnaires, it is possible to improve organizational performance and customer and employee satisfaction with the service provided.

This evaluation system can be applied to all types of service operators, regardless of the business area they are in.

With our statistical data collection and analysis service you will be able to track and manage your performance by turning comments into data analysis.

We live in the age of technology, with more demanding and aware citizens, who want more quality, speed, and effectiveness in customer service.

An easy and practical customer service process improves efficiency and allows you to create credibility in your business.