The technological evolution of pharmacies through drive-thru medication dispenser kiosks

Taking into account the evolution of society, pharmacies also face many challenges, which can be solved through technological innovation. The implementation of digital solutions – such as multimedia kiosks, Digital Billboards, interactive tables and Digital Signage – aims to provide new experiences for the modern consumer, facilitating his buying process and providing greater privacy.

Society has evolved, competition has grown and, as such, pharmacies should know how to innovate to keep up with the complex and challenging sector in which they operate. In fact, in many countries, the recent opening of the pharmaceutical market to multinational wholesale retailers has been accompanied by the need to review their business model.

One doesn’t have to enter a large pharmacy to realize that the sector is able to serve more effectively when it uses computerized and/or automated solutions to operate. This automation of processes also contributes to the assertiveness of activities, as no wrong orders are issued and there is no possibility of inaccuracies in calculations.

Optimized Service in the Farmácia nova de Árvore
Optimized Service in the Farmácia nova de Árvore

Technology, thus, plays an increasingly key role in the pharmaceutical industry, both for healthcare professionals and for users. In addition to meeting the complex needs of healthcare, the technology offers an autonomous and personalized user experience.

The digitalization of prescribing and dispensing medication has enormous potential when it comes to improving patient care and the efficiency of Serviço Nacional de Saúde (SNS). However, medication consumption has been increasing, which implies a better and greater use of new technologies in the transformation of pharmacies.

In fact, the use of technology in healthcare has been growing with the use of electronic records. The pharmaceutical industry is no exception, as technology enhances patient engagement, improves workflows, increases patient safety, reduces human error and simplifies communication.

More than reducing costs, new technologies should allow pharmacists to focus on tasks that really matter. As a result, there is an increase in the health and well-being of citizens, who are seen more quickly. Thus, pharmacies increase their efficiency overall.

The benefits of technology in the pharmaceutical industry

Technological investment is extremely important and advantageous for the pharmaceutical industry today. But we can summarize and list its benefits for this sector:

  • Optimized time management;
  • Lower probability of errors occurring;
  • Agile service;
  • Improved customer shopping experience;
  • Reduced queues and waiting time;
  • Improved organizational image of the pharmacy;
  • Transmission of confidence and quality by the pharmacy;
  • Cost reduction;
  • Way to stand out from the competition;
  • Focus on really important tasks;
  • Customer loyalty;
  • Automation of bureaucratic tasks.
PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS develops Self-Service medication Dispenser for Pharmacies
PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS develops Self-Service medication Dispenser for Pharmacies

PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS pharmacy solutions


Self-service solutions are increasingly essential in solving the problems of many businesses, such as pharmacies. In addition to satisfying customers, self-service equipment, such as multimedia kiosks, provide autonomy and efficiency.

The self-service multimedia kiosks allow an efficient and organized management of the service, with statistical analysis, which provides the operator with the necessary tools to optimize the service.


The implementation of digital and interactive solutions provides new experiences for the modern consumer, who sees his buying process made easier. An example of this is PHARMA COLLECT, PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS’ drive-thru medication dispensing kiosk.

PHARMA COLLECT enables patients to simply, quickly and efficiently collect – without human interaction and by drive-thru – the medications prescribed by their doctor.

Queue management

The QMAGINE system from PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS aims to optimize and requalify the service of attendance and queue management, especially useful in pharmacies.

This system includes ticket dispenser kiosks, which provide a personalized customer service with the printing of a ticket that includes the ticket number and estimated call time, as well as displays for information presentation and ticket call.

Improve your service flow with our QMAGINE solutions!

Digital Signage

Digital Signage provides dynamic and interactive solutions customized to each pharmacy. It can be used to support commercial communication or to transmit information or entertainment content to customers.

One of the solutions used for Digital Signage are LED panels. Ready for indoor or outdoor, these panels are an excellent tool to capture the attention of customers and increase the prominence of pharmacies against the competition.

The video wall is also advantageous in this aspect, since, being a modular solution, it combines several displays, with extra thin bezels, which together form a large format advertising panel.


ClusterWall from PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS aims to improve communication between pharmacies and patients. This, because through ClusterWall messages, news, updates, notices, events, announcements, promotions can be shared.

Connect pharmacies and patients through video calls with ClusterWall
Connect pharmacies and patients through video calls with ClusterWall

One of the main features of this platform is the possibility to make video calls, especially useful for pharmacies, taking into account the growing need to provide remote consultations.

With reduced travel needs and scheduling flexibility, video calls through ClusterWall allow users to perform a variety of actions:

  • Remote consultation through video call, which can be on-site, i.e. at the pharmacy’s multimedia kiosk;
  • Remote medical appointment at the place the user wants, taking into account that, by reading the QR Code (which can be in the pharmacy window, in the pharmacy’s social media or inside the establishment itself), he can make the video call whenever and wherever he wants;
  • Medical appointment by video call at home, where the user simply saves the QR Code and accesses the ClusterWall.


Casharmour is the cash payment technology that automates all cash management processes, quickly and efficiently simplifying cash handling.

Extremely advantageous in pharmacies, this automation system of payment and receipt processes allows safe, fast and time-saving payments.

Workflow efficiency is especially important in a pharmacy, where patients may have a limited wait time for service. Fortunately, technological advances are creating improvements in this industry.