The importance of technology in cultural spaces

Nowadays, more than cultural experiences, museums and interpretive centers present themselves as places where technology allies with entertainment, giving people interactive and dynamic experience.

Taking into account that museums and interpretation centers need to combine culture and technology, multimedia kiosks, digital signage, digital billboards and interactive tables can make communication with visitors more efficient, also offering artists the opportunity to express their creativity more comprehensively.

In a constantly changing world, technology aims to stimulate the population to attend cultural spaces more regularly, especially because the options are endless and visitors should be able to make the most of the digital experience.

So, the cultural spaces should increase the involvement of visitors, ensuring the usability and responsiveness of the kiosks.

Studies have shown that providing multi-sensory learning experiences can increase information retention. This means that anyone interacting with a kiosk is more likely to remember the museum visit or interpretive center than someone who has experienced only a visual stimulus.

Permanent update

One of the main purposes of interactive equipment in museums and interpreting centers is the constant updating of content. Thus, the kiosks and multimedia equipment are the ideal investment to enrich the digital experience of visitors.

Furthermore, this technological equipment increases the diversity of perspectives available to visitors, which makes them feel motivated to come back and have more experiences of this kind.

Interactive Kiosks

PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS multimedia kiosks are customized, according to the needs of each client or project, with the care to improve the quality of service and maximize financial return.

Interactive Kiosks for Museo de la Natureza y el Hombre - Spain
Interactive Kiosks for Museo de la Natureza y el Hombre – Spain

PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS is, thus, able to provide the best solutions for museums and interpretation centers. More specifically, multimedia kiosks bring great benefits to cultural spaces:

1 – Attractivity

Multimedia kiosks are an excellent way to attract the attention of visitors, who experience a richer and more dynamic experience.

2 – Improved visitor experience

The satisfaction of the visitors is essential in the cultural spaces, since the intention is that people come back and recommend the space to friends and acquaintances. Therefore, it is important that multimedia kiosks are increasingly implemented in order to ensure visitor satisfaction and avoid frustrations and long queues.

3 – Modernization of cultural spaces

Besides bringing more dynamics to museums and interpretation centers, multimedia kiosks make any space more modern and more attractive.

4 – Interactivity

Interactive learning is very important for cultural spaces. Besides attracting more visitors, it provides immersive experiences for them.

PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS’ CORAL Interactive Table for Museum of Faia
PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS’ CORAL Interactive Table for Museum of Faia


  • Kiosks for 3D modeling solutions with video projection

At the vanguard of technology and seeking to meet all the needs and preferences of consumers, PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS has produced and developed kiosks for 3D modeling solutions with video projection.

These multimedia kiosks, ideal for museums and interpretation centers, allow users to browse the various content presented. Throughout this navigation, the projection on the model is being changed to correspond to the contents of the kiosk.

Besides involving the user even more, these solutions, which focus on innovation and modernity, provide dynamism and interaction while creating a sense of reality.

Digital Signage

Today, museums and interpretive centers receive more and more visitors, in part due to the use of digital signage, which is at the vanguard of digital narrative in these spaces.

The digital signage offer is very professional and effective, covering the creation and management of multimedia content (images, videos, news, web content) and its availability through one or several displays, extremely advantageous in cultural spaces.

Digital signage networks have several functionalities, the main objective being the dissemination and presentation of information/content, in this case for the cultural sector.

In addition to serving to transmit welcome messages, information, opening hours, guided tours, promotions, the digital signage is also essential in orientation. This way, and through the wayfinding system, visitors can have a better orientation within the cultural space.

Multimedia Kiosks for Gil Eannes Foundation Museum
Multimedia Kiosks for Gil Eannes Foundation Museum

PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS’ QMAGINE Wayfinder software is, thus, a set of clues made up of visual, auditory, tactile elements, among others, which allows people to find their way within large surfaces.

QMAGINE, by PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS, presents another solution to make an impact and increase the visibility of the objects on display in a given cultural space – the video wall.

The video wall is nothing more than two or more displays positioned together and very close together, to give the impression of being just a large display that will show a part of the content in a synchronized way.

Interactive Timeline

In order to provide more cohesion and temporal definition to the artefacts of museums and interpretive centers, PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS has developed interactive timelines, which allow the visitor to know more details about the past of these artefacts.

Through a display and touch, visitors can discover more information about the artefacts on display in the cultural spaces as content appears on the display, according to the map on the wall.

Easy to update and with a web-based content management system, an interactive timeline offers a richer experience.

Interactive tables

PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS interactive tables are extremely intuitive and can be guides that help to explore the exhibitions and navigate the stories told in the museums and interpretative centers. These, in turn, are characterized as spaces of preservation, dissemination, knowledge and memory.

The functioning of the interactive table is similar to a large tablet, but with the advantage that the contents provided can be manipulated by several people simultaneously. In addition to making it easier to view multimedia content, the interactive tables are very useful and easy to use.

The use of interactive virtual tables is increasing, especially in museums, which have followed the technological revolution.

This system can be complemented with the projection of contents on a wall.

Interactive wall projection

PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS, through specific kiosks with video projector, such as SHOWGLASS, which use a special quasi-holographic projection technique, projects any type of content – functionality that proves to be very effective and attractive in cultural spaces.

With these characteristics, it is easy to see that SHOWGLASS is especially effective in museums and interpretation centers, where the trinomial impact, dimension and interactivity are high to its maximum exponent.

Interactive floor projection

Interactive floor projection refers to the projection of multimedia content on the floor of an interior space, in this case a museum or interpretive center.

With countless content possibilities, dynamism is guaranteed!

Altice Labs: Image Projection and Innovation
Altice Labs: Image Projection and Innovation

Augmented Reality

With this solution, interaction is performed with the help of a 3D camera, which captures the gestures of visitors, transmitting them instantly to the virtual world.

Mobile application

PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS mobile applications allow visitors to rediscover and visit cultural spaces in a more convenient way and at a distance of one click or a scroll.

The goal is to enhance interactivity and interest in culture.

The concern to provide attractive, dynamic and interactive experiences to the visitors of the cultural spaces is, more and more, a reality and PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS interactive solutions help to provide these experiences to all visitors.