Digital signage, a powerful tool for any business

Digital signage has evolved over the past two decades from being used mainly by larger companies and government facilities to a common way to communicate with visitors and customers.

Today, digital signage can be found everywhere and in a wide range of industries.
From public spaces, transport systems, museums, stadiums, retail shops, hotels, restaurants and corporate buildings, among many others, in order to provide orientation, exposure, marketing and outdoor advertising.
Interactive digital billboard promotes tourism in Switzerland

We can consider digital signage as a form of communication that uses dynamic electronic display as opposed to traditional billboards that are mostly static on paper or canvas.

Enhance your brand communication!

Adapting to context and audience

Advertising and entertainment

Dissemination of Content

Centralized content management

Return on investment

Statistical data collection

Advantages of digital signage

  • Reduction of printing and logistics costs for changing promotional posters and leaflets;
  • Instant presentation of news and promotional and loyalty campaigns;
  • Centralized management of contents and terminals;
  • Dissemination of messages in an appealing manner, transmitting an image of modernity and innovation;
  • Decrease in the sense of waiting felt by the customer;
  • Possibility of connection with the existing queuing system;
  • Segmentation of the broadcast according to the local or regional specificities of each space.

Digital signage in the most diverse formats

Menu boards
Menu Boards work as a digital menu that continues to transform the communication of restaurants, bars, cafes, shops, among other commercial spaces.
Digital displays are a unique opportunity for owners, as they allow products and services to be displayed in different supports, in a more attractive and interactive way than traditional ones.
Digital menu board for Shikan Restaurant

The Videowall is nothing more than two or more displays positioned close together, to give the impression of being just one large display and which will show a part of the content in a synchronized manner.
This digital signage system can be composed of rear projection cubes, professional LCD or LED monitors, stacked in a modular manner, forming a single video matrix.

One of the fundamental components of a digital signage project is the display.
It is through this that different contents are presented. A display is a device which presents information, in visual or tactile form, acquired, stored or transmitted in various forms.

Digital LED
The integration of LED technology is a growing trend in retailing and commerce.
Lightweight and transportable, the Digital LED is the most appropriate communication tool to communicate and attract the attention of customers and visitors.
The Digital LED is a high definition digital signage solution, which aims to boost pharmacies, shops or commercial spaces.

Digital billboards (indoor and/or outdoor)
The appearance of digital billboards made communication more interactive and dynamic.
The digital billboards integrate a digital signage solution that allows brands and companies to display their information and contents in specific locations.
In this way, the digital billboards capture the attention of the target audience with attractive and involving images.
Vilar Formoso installs iteractive digital billboard with free Wi-Fi

Why use digital signage?

  1. Influence Your Customers
    According to expert studies, around 30% of customers who frequent restaurants have stated that they are influenced and prefer digital menus over traditional menus and leaflets.
  2. Increase Sales Volume
    Digital signage, in addition to attracting attention and supporting customers in their purchases through, for example, product demonstrations, the latest sales or even exclusive campaigns, can lead to an increase in sales volume of around 32% according to statistical data.
  3. Reduce the Perception of Waiting Time
    Engage your customers while they wait. Using digital signage solutions at a payment counter, with or without an integrated queue management system reduces the feeling of waiting by up to 40%.

Opting for digital signage means creating new interactive experiences and involving the target audience even more in what you are communicating.

With Qmagine digital signage solutions from PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS, you can capture your target audience’s attention with engaging images, highlight a product on sale and provide the consumer with a more detailed information query.